July 2014

Stop Press News…….. dit-dit-da-dit

etruria-hall-with-text-2-300Hey, everybody, listen up! The Annual Gathering of lovers of CW and CWW members takes place at Etruria Hall, part of the Moat House Hotel, in Stoke-on-Trent on Sunday 4th October 2014. Everybody is welcome. Etruria Hall was originally the house of Josiah Wedgewood and our meeting is held in what was originally his large bedroom!!! Feel the history oozing out of the brickwork. Stand where the great man stood. Look out of his window at his view. The programme on the day will include an external speaker, lunch and of course, refreshments are also provided throughout the day.

Have you ever wondered what kind of people your fellow collectors are, or maybe even who they are? This is your chance to find out.

Need to ask that burning question about CW? You will find an expert on hand to answer it.

Want to buy a piece or two of CW? Members bring pieces to sell on the day.


Want to talk to some of the original Copeland St factory workers? Some will be attending. On the left is a picture of Carlton Ware’s ‘Golden Girls’ who decorated our pots


You can book your place by clicking here or read more on our Meetings page. There is a fee to attend , but it is WELL worth it.

Rumour has it that if you turn round really quickly, or look under the table at the back of the room you may even see the suave, sofistikated, debonair, handsome, eBay masterspy!!!!!!!!!!!!

01-jun-14-300Mad Item of the Month

Some of the strangest items I have featured have been photographs. In my experience people take photos (except the cops of course) to remind themselves of happy times, or of children, parents, places visited, wonderful scenery etc. Why would anybody buy a picture like this?


Over Optimistic EBayer of the Month


English(?) seller the..china..man has been trying to sell a single saucer in SPIDER’S WEB 4244 for £30.00 for a couple of years (yup, I did say years) and still persists. Mind you, if you want a cup to match…. Yup, another £30.00. Go for it I say. For comparison, a single saucer in Floral Comets 3387 recently sold for £23.11…. say no more.

Bargain of the Month

Carlton Ware SKETCHING BIRD 3891 vase


This is a wonderful vase. No doubt about it. A 10+”er in SKETCHING BIRD 3891. The wide-swept shape is gorgeous. The colours, a lovely pale lemon ground with a delicate pale orange interior, are superb. A real statement piece. Pity seller hester.2010 did not mention the chip to the base rim until asked. I would have loved a pair, but mine is perfect, so I sat on my hands. Nevertheless, £101.99 for such beauty has got to be a bargain, readers.



The Main Bits

Well readers. There was great excitement this month with several blockbusters being listed. So, without further ado, let’s get on with it.

Carlton Ware GENOA 2591 fern pot.
GENOA 2591 fern pot.

 The first item I want to tell you about is a lovely 6” jardinière in GENOA 2591. The gilt only patterns seem to have been less sought after in the last few years, but “what-a mistake-a to make-a” as Captain Alberto Bertorelli said (look him up on Wiki). I think the gilt against the powder blue works so well. This pattern is pretty rare too. Can you imagine trying to put the gilding on straight on this 3 dimensional curving shape? What skill. It was a close up finisher in the Bargain of the Month part of this blog.

I bet crockspotsandprettythings was not at all amused by a finishing price of only £32.00. You folk are odd. Must have been worth more than £32.00 surely.

Carlton Ware GARDEN 3413 napkin holder.

GARDEN 3413 napkin holder.

Readers of last month’s effort will remember the set of boxed napkin holders in GARDEN 3413 which were sold for £251.00. I had hoped the set would be kept together (especially since it was boxed), but it seems it may not have been, as one came onto eBay shortly thereafter, all lonely like. If it is part of the set, a price of £18.50 won’t make the seller much return, will it? Please keep full sets together, sellers.


Carlton Ware Mandarin Tree 3719 vase S443.

Mandarin Tree 3719 vase S443.



I love 443 shape vases because it shows off most patterns exceptionally well. Sadly, I have none myself, but who knows, one day….sigh. Anyway, the Queen of Cleveland sold a 6” example in Mandarin Tree 3719 which despite a little crazing and gilt loss on the top rim, made £160.00.




Midlander akmrjb listed 2 nice pieces in FOREST TREE 3244, an 8” vase which made a rather lightweight £205.00 and an 8” bowl which made a distinctly poor £87.00.

Cartlton Ware FOREST TREE 3244 vase & bowl.

FOREST TREE 3244 vase & bowl.

If akmrjb happens to read this I think your pictures are awful, which can’t help your cause. The images do not stand out well at all against a black background.
Ok. Time for a blockbuster. One of CW’s most sought after patterns is Scimitar 3651. Normally a piece in this pattern is well into 4 figure territory. Buxton seller lavender1940 listed a biscuit barrel which only made £463.65. I pause for a dramatic intake of breath and a sharp raising of eyebrows, before continuing and saying the buyer will need to know a very good restorer, because the lid is sadly in 4 pieces.

Carlton Ware Scimitar 3651 biscuit barrel.
Scimitar 3651 biscuit barrel.

The scimitar on the lid itself is cut through in 2 places by the breaks. It is enough to make a grown CWer cry. Mind you, as I often say, get it on the top shelf in the cabinet, buyer and only invite short people round to view your collection.

Carlton Ware Dahlia & Butterfly 3606 cigarette box.

Dahlia & Butterfly 3606 cigarette box.

Next thing yer know there was a superb ciggy box in uber rare Dahlia & Butterfly 3606 up there and flying. The glums can’t have been disappointed with the final price of £350.00. Were you disappointed glums? Do let us know.


Carlton Ware TOFF Bell.

TOFF Bell.



Last month the Over Optimistic EBayer went to seller lindylootom for listing a TOFF bell at £250.00. This month Yankee seller lave_gurusvintage made an altogether better stab at the right price and sold one the same for £40.82.




Carlton Ware Diamond MELON shape coffee pot, milk & sugar.

Diamond MELON shape coffee pot, milk & sugar.



Now this I love. A 3 piece set in Diamond. Such a good balance to the colours and the gilding adds the necessary richness. It looks almost regal. Superb and a great price of £87.48 for the buyers methinks sire. I could sit and look at this set all day. If only.



Carlton Ware PERSIAN GARDEN 3892 MELON shape coffee pot, milk & sugar.

PERSIAN GARDEN 3892 MELON shape coffee pot, milk & sugar.


It was surpassed immediately by the Queen of Cleveland who listed another 3 piece coffee set in PERSIAN GARDEN 3892. I have long wanted this pattern/colourway combo, but ‘twas not to be. A certain Mr. JF was mortified when it went elsewhere too for £260.50.



Carlton Ware FAIRY GLEN 3665 charger.
FAIRY GLEN 3665 charger.



Another blockbuster. I have no idea why FAIRY GLEN 3665 is such a rare pattern. It is lovely. As so few remain it must have been unsuccessful at the time, but why? I can’t tell you that readers. I only wish I could. It will just have to remain a mystery. Well known Brummie seller decomouse2012 listed a 13” charger. Gawd knows where he got it from. It was bitterly fought over and despite some significant restoration it reached the rarefied height of £975.00.


Carlton Ware Egyptian Fan 3696 ashtray S487.
Egyptian Fan 3696 ashtray S487.

 Next up is a nice unusually shaped deep ashtray in Egyptian Fan 3696 listed by seller cpm1947. It was well argued over and the last ciggy was stubbed out into it at £238.00. Masterspy is definitely not taking up smoking readers. It is wayyyy too expensive for me (and besides, I have far too many other vices to have time for another one). No. I won’t tell you what they are. Well, ok. I will tell you this much, one of them is definitely Carlton Ware.


Carlton Ware BELL 3786 vase S406.

BELL 3786 vase S406.


You could have knocked me down with a feather as they say when Confederate seller argenbaires successfully relisted a 10” BELL 3786 406er and agreed a BIN/ONO deal with a buyer. Considering it was listed at £1110.00 it had been near to inclusion in Over Optimistic EBayer a couple of times. Hey, what do I know? Is it worth it buyer? I am agog to hear.




Carlton Ware TREE & CLOUDS 4217 vase S1693.

TREE & CLOUDS 4217 vase S1693.



I am not sure if I like the 1693 shape vase with the serpentine handles, but I do like TREE & CLOUDS 4217. Seller pilgrims*hospice, from Canterbury, (naturally) listed a 4½ʺer and got a very charitable £99.00. Well done to all.



Carlton Ware TEMPLE 2928 vase.

TEMPLE 2928 vase.



It seems ages since I mentioned a piece in what I call “puke yellow” (No taste – Ed!), but in fact it was only in March lol. The Queen of Cleveland listed a nice 10” 217 shape vase in TEMPLE 2928 which was worshipped up to £107.00. A fair price for the buyer. I bet it would be striking sat on the mantel piece.




Carlton Ware Ribbed Stoneware dog



UK seller cpm1947 auctioned a RIBBED STONEWARE dog, but was barking mad to attract only 2 bids and trouser only £170.00. Tail not wagging at all. Nope.




Carlton Ware Medley biscuit barrel.

Medley biscuit barrel.



Torquay seller puffett sold a lovely lidded biscuit barrel with handle in Medley, which is his speciality, for £53.00. No return at all for a cracking piece of Medley. Oh well, I continue to wage my one man campaign to convert you heathens into Medley lovers. I will keep trying, fear not.




Carlton Ware PRUNUS SPRAY 2721 trinket box.

PRUNUS SPRAY 2721 trinket box.

I don’t believe I have included a piece of PRUNUS SPRAY 2721 before. How remiss of me. I tender my humble apologies to those of you out there who own pieces in this pattern and love them dearly. A sweet little trinket box was listed by seller gilgil1, but sadly, it only made a paltry £19.49. Surely this box should have made more than this?


Carlton Ware CRETONNE 2913 vase.
CRETONNE 2913 vase.



Another piece which surprised me when it went for a lowish price was this 6” vase in CRETONNE 2913. This pattern is pretty uncommon and I was surprised one or two of you out there didn’t want to add it to your collections.



Carlton Ware Rabbits at Dusk 4247 vase.
Rabbits at Dusk 4247 vase.



And on go the cheapies. This time a little cauldron-shaped vase in unfinished but still attractive Rabbits at Dusk 4247 (missing its orange lustre) hid in the undergrowth for £113.00. Won’t get much rabbit stew for that much, will you simplyniknaks? I bet the buyer is sat at home now gloating at it, stroking his fat little black cat, rubbing his hands together and cackling.


Carlton Ware DEVIL 3765 jug vase.
DEVIL 3765 jug vase.


Blockbuster time again readers. This time the buyer is more likely to be sweating on the trident-points of this DEVIL 3765 jug vase listed by lavender1940. The price of £1850.00 is hotter than hell itself is it not readers? Ouch. A bit too toasty for the masterspy’s pocket for sure.


Carlton Ware Crested Bird & Water Lily 3529 vase S406.

Crested Bird & Water Lily 3529 vase S406.



Phew. Let’s cool down a bit, but only a bit readers. Seller chris5600-1 had a pair of 10” 406ers in Crested Bird & Water Lily 3529. A pair of 10”ers, mind you. I said a PAIR!!! Guess what? They were listed separately. Grrrrr. Luckily they were bought by the same person, so I calmed down a bit, but only a bit readers (cos it wasn’t me that bought ‘em). They went for £359.00 combined.


Carlton Ware Secretary Bird 4017 vase.
Secretary Bird 4017 vase.



Speaking of costly birdies, seller hester.2010 offered an offset handled 5” vase in Secretary Bird 4017. It definitely looks like one of those birds that can’t fly well, but this one did. It made £520.00. It needed a good shot to bring it down from that height.


Carlton Ware Carre 3659 tea caddy minus cover.
Carre 3659 tea caddy minus cover.



A rare pattern is Carre 3659 and a lucky man is the buyer of this sadly lidless tea caddy. No lid and a little rim chip did for the price though and locket_lucy will no doubt be kicking herself for that. Only £51.50. I love this pastern. It is realllly deco readers innit?



Carlton Ware Heron & Magical Tree 4160 vase.
Heron & Magical Tree 4160 vase.


Heron & Magical Tree 4160 is a gorgeous pattern and I know lots of folks who agree with me, so when The Queen of Cleveland eBayed a 5” 1232 shape vase it found 5 mates circling in the trees and flew off with one who shelled out £171.66. Ahhhh, a happy ending readers.







But hold hard, that’s not quite the end of this month’s blog readers. Blockbuster time again! At the death all those birdies need somewhere to roost for the month till my next blog and where better than a beautiful PERSIAN GARDEN 3893. No doubt antdeco will be satisfied with £887.00 for this 8” vase. Shhhh, little birdies. Tuck those heads under those wings till it is blog time again. Nighty nighty.


Happy eBaying till next month peoples and don’t forget comments are welcomed using the box below.
eBay Masterspy.

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5 Responses to July 2014

  1. Betty Maxworth (Pixie5144) says:

    Hi Masterspy. Hope all’s well with you and yours. Surprise, Surprise!!! I am now the VERY proud owner of the “Genoa” #2591 Jardiniere. I was even more surprised than you at the price it fetched; though, of course, I am not complaining that it did not cost me an arm and a leg, which I expected it to. It is truly a stunning piece, in near perfect condition, and the pattern is so very intricate!! Believe me, I won’t be parting with it for a long time, if ever. At least not until I find another piece with the same pattern (very unlikely) and, even then, with great reluctance.
    Thank you for another very interesting and informative blog. always look forward to reading what you have to say. All the best. Betty.

    • ebay masterspy says:

      Hello Betty,
      Thanks for your post.
      You are a lucky lady.
      I think you got a magical piece and a bargain rolled into one.
      If only I could bid on everything I liked!!!

  2. Toni Purcell says:

    Hello from a very wet, overcast Norway Mr. Masterspy,
    I too were sad to see the set of napkin holders split
    up, I think their greatest value was in the presentation
    of an original set in original packaging..,.. Surely
    the rarity factor in this instance as the pattern itself is not rare.
    It was great to read this months contribution as it has been weeks since
    I have had a Carlton Ware fix.
    Thank you , Toni

    • Betty Maxworth (Pixie5144) says:

      Hi Toni. Hope you and your daughter are doing well on your trip. You are not missing much in regard to the weather here, although we have had a few sunny days.
      Cannot wait for you to get home and tell me all about your trip. Have lots of fun. Kind regards, Betty

    • ebay masterspy says:

      Hi Toni,
      Only another 2 years of the Toni European tour to go, I believe!!!!
      You are defo going to need a long holiday when you get home.

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