September 2014

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Well, it is 3:15 am in jolly old England and not-so-jolly old masterspy can’t sleep. Should I get all hot and bothered in bed, or use the time productively. What can I do? Watch old reruns of 1950s sitcoms on the telly? No. Decorate the back bedroom? Hell, No! Sink a couple of stiff whiskies (A couple, who are you trying to kid, masterspy? Ed.)? No. None of these. I is gonna start me blog!! I am afraid you will have to forgive any typos this month, readers as bog-eyed masterspy might be awake (used here as a technical term only, obviously), but is definitely not as sharp as a razor.

Mad Item of the Month

01-sept-14-200You know me readers. I was idly surfing through eBay when I came upon this listing. “His Masters Voice 2 x Damaged 78 Vinyls John McCormack Enrico Caruso” stated monikaf1982 of Shrewsbury by way of description. Far be it from me to upset fans of the great Enrico Caruso (who could certainly belt out an aria with the best of them), but I can’t see it being worth £4.99 to listen to the last bit of the aria and I can’t see much value in displaying it. Perhaps I am being narrow minded. I will leave it to you, readers.

Over Optimistic EBayer of the Month

Floral Comet

Floral Comet 3405 REVO FRUIT

Persistence pays, so they say, but sometimes it doesn’t. UK seller wallsco2 has been trying to sell this piece of CW for almost 2 years. Over the many months there has been a slight reduction in the offer price, but no sale. That’s because it still isn’t convincing any collectors at £715.00.

Bargain of the Month

Imari style cup & saucer
Imari style cup & saucer


It was quite hard to select a winner this month because prices obtained by sellers were a little higher on average in my opinion. However, I have decided to award the Jammy Devil Prize for the month to the buyer who paid £26.00 for an early cup and saucer in pattern 251. CW Imari style patterns are pretty rare. Must be a good buy, even with a slight hairline.


August 2014

Carlton Waqre Egyptian Fan 3696 REVO tray.

Egyptian Fan 3696 REVO tray.


So then, where to begin? I know, what about this lovely 10″ REVO in Egyptian Fan 3696! In very good condition it made £275.00 for glad-findings. And why not, a cracking piece.

Carlton Ware Nankin 2021 Jardinière

Nankin 2021 jardinière





As you know I love Nankin 2021 and have several pieces. I was pleased to see that this 9″ jardinière listed by flowery0_0 obtained such a high price despite having a couple of cracks in the base. Although pictures can sometimes deceive, it also looks as if the top border has been put on all wobbly, in small sections.


Carlton Ware Summer Flowers 3926 vase S406

Summer Flowers 3926 vase S406



Mrs Masterspy would have loved this 6″ 406er in her fave pattern Summer Flowers 3926 eBayed by diamondedition, which sold for £192.15, but it did end up in a loving home. Take good care of it, buyer. I think Mrs Masterspy would happily corner the world market in Summer Flowers if she had the cash.



Carlton Ware Floral Comets 3387 vase S463.

Floral Comet 3387 vase S463.


Now, I would have preferred this nice 4½” 463 shape vase in Floral Comet 3387 sold by glad-findings for the astronomical price of £421.00 (Who are you trying to kid, masterspy? You haven’t got that much cash – ed). It’s a dog eat dog world out there in the CW eBay world, readers.




Carlton Ware Fantasia 3421 cigarette box.

Fantasia 3421 cigarette box.

I know a certain collector who adores his CW trinket/ciggy boxes. No names, no pack drill, but suffice it to say that once glums listed a box in Fantasia 3421 it was destined to end up in only one location and that lots of other boxes would be hutched up a bit along the shelf to make room for this beauty. And so it proved, didn’t it buyer?


Carlton Ware ANEMONE Floral Embossed jug.

ANEMONE Floral Embossed jug.


One range which seems to have suffered a falloff in prices is ANEMONE 8054. Four years ago these were fetching north of £250, but this month a 14” example was bought for only £80.00. Seller forthisweekonly must have been somewhat disappointed to obtain only this amount. Get ‘em while they’re stone cold, readers. Should rise in price at some point, surely.




Carlton Ware Fan 3557 trinket tray.
Fan 3557 trinket tray.

A lovely Fan 3557 tray was listed by 9956linda of Middlesborough. Despite having some wear to the gilding and a probable chip to the rim it still made a cool £292.00. I had a perfect one of these in TEMPLE 2681 readers, but ‘er Outdoors (the wife’s mother, a.k.a. Granny Green Teeth) decided one day that it would look far better in 2 large pieces and a large number of small pieces, so she looked at it viciously as only she can, and thus it was. Sad old masterspy.

Carlton Ware Towering Castle 3458 bowl.

Towering Castle 3458 bowl.

An unusual pattern is Towering Castle 3458, both in its palette and in its frequency of appearance. Tasmanian Devil jazzmoo sold a 7” bowl for only £57.53. The design is outside the box for CW too.  It has a line-drawn and overpainted, almost childlike watercolour feel to it. I like it, but luckily for the buyer, who might well have had to pay more to secure it, Mrs Masterspy dislikes it very strongly. Do you like it, Mrs Buyer? Did you nearly throw him in the castle moat, or in its deepest dungeon? Perhaps you felt like pouring boiling oil on him from the battlements, or mebbe impaling him on your pike? Do tell us.

Carlton Ware Melange 3601 napkin holder.

Melange 3601 napkin holder.


Back in July I told you about a napkin holder in GARDEN 3413, which sold for only £18.50.This month glums risked the same with a napkin holder in Melange 3601, but were rewarded with a price of £80.00. I wonder if we are gonna see 3 more soon.


Carlton Ware Floral Comets 3387 vase S406.
Floral Comets 3387 vase S406.



A Floral Comet 3387 6″ 406 vase was always bound to be hard fought for and so it proved when glad-findings auctioned one which rose to £357.00. A glad sum indeed. Are you happy, Queen of Cleveland?





Carlton Ware MODERN WARE coffee cups & saucers, Grey & Blue 2887A and  Rayure 3955.

MODERN WARE coffee cups & saucers, Grey & Blue 2887A and Rayure 3955.

A couple of MODERN WARE shape cups and saucers caught my beady eye this month. The first was in colourway 3887A and the second was in Rayure 3955. East Sussex seller marksloft only made £13.16 with his 3887A offering, but simoncurtis scored £51.55 with the Rayure (simoncurtis must have, dare one say, a loft full of them).

Carlton Ware TURKISH 3050 baluster vase.

TURKISH 3050 baluster vase.



Canny lady glad-findings did very well with a pair of 8½” TURKISH 3050 baluster vases, despite one being damaged, but restored. They raised £520.00. This is a pattern I love, on a shape I love, so naturally I have swooped and bought ‘em both (stop lying masterspy – ed. Ok, ok. If only). Lots and lots of decoration to look at on these 2 vases, readers.



Carlton Ware Berries & Bands 2446 vase.
Berries & Bands 2446 vase.


Berries & Bands 2446 on yellow ground in a 10″ rare shape vase! What are you doing, readers? I know it has cracks and flakes of black missing on the rim, but come on, it would be easy to restore, or display on a high shelf and leave it alone. When is the next one gonna turn up? I bet the buyer is sitting in his secret lair rubbing his hands and cackling like Cornelius Gurlitt at what amounts to a stolen masterpiece. Lucky buyer methinks.




Harebells Carlton China MELON coffee pot.

Bluebells?  MELON coffee pot.


Latest in the line of poor packing tragedies occurred when the seller posted this unusual freehand painted coffee pot. The buyer (as you know readers, I don’t name names in my blog, I so I have decided on the codename Miss Piggy, in case further appearances in my blog occur, which is a racing certainty) thought it a bargain at £5.00, but after receiving the pot in more pieces than it left the seller, spent loadsa dough having it restored.


Carlton Ware CLEMATIS 3525 vase.

CLEMATIS 3525 vase.


I am fond of CLEMATIS 3525, but somehow I never have the opportunity to buy when one comes up for sale. Dohhhh. I was offered one in Oz when I was there a year ago, but I was too worried about getting it home safely, so I decided to buy something smaller instead. Kent seller lucydownes offered a cracking 6½”er which climbed up to £90.99.




Carlton Ware Starflower 4215 ginger jar.

Starflower 4215 ginger jar.


Happiest seller this month might well be Scot fleming827 who auctioned a 6″ ginger jar in Starflower 4215 with a badly damaged and incorrect lid. For some reason this was hard fought over by several bidders until it reached a cosmic £193.00. Wow. I like the pattern, but personally I prefer it in the pale blue. Not many of those turn up though. If you have Starflower 4216 in pale blue dear reader, consider masterspy very jealous of you.


Carlton Ware FLOWER & FALLING LEAF 3948 vase S777.

FLOWER & FALLING LEAF 3948 vase S777.


Sadly, this 6″ 777 shape vase had 2 hairlines and possible regilding (it looks a bit dull to me), but having said that, we are talking one of CW’s masterpiece patterns here in FLOWER & FALLING LEAF 3948. No surprise then, to see this one make £183.69 for seller hester.2010 of Yorkshire. It is a superb pattern, right out of the top drawer. Can you tell I like this pattern, readers? Luckily, I do have a piece in both this colourway and the ruby, so I managed to avoid crying for too long this time folks (just).


Carlton Ware SEASONS 2216 vase..
SEASONS 2216 vase.




A clever buyer purchased a 5” vase in SEASONS 2216 auctioned by baby.dragon. A good buy methinks at only £42.00. An interesting pattern this, which was part of the Kang Hsi range.



Carlton Ware Heron & Magical Tree 4160
Heron & Magical Tree 4160
unfinished bowl.



My favourite version of Heron & Magical Tree is 4160, in the blue shading to green colourway (or is it green shading to blue?). The colours are so rich. Seller glad-findings put up an 8″ bowl which was unfinished because iIt had a firing flaw in its glaze so only the background was present; the subsequent gold print and raised enamels were missing. It was probably sold as a second.


Carlton Ware Fantasia 3421 vase S463.

Fantasia 3421 vase S463.

A shape which is sure to show off most patterns to best advantage is the 463 shape vase and so it is with this nice 5½” example of Fantasia 3421, again eBayed by glad-findings. Where does she get them all readers? I envisage a little painting workshop and kiln in her back bedroom, readers…. Gotta be, no other explanation is there? Only kidding (smiles). £170.00 was the price needed to move it into the other bedroom aka the packing and dispatch room (smiles again). I do hope the main bedroom isn’t where the clay prep plant and colour mixing rooms are!!!!

Carlton Ware SKETCHING BIRD 3890 vase S456.

SKETCHING BIRD 3890 vase S456.



Last, but definitely not least, was this nice 7½” vase in SKETCHING BIRD 3890 in super condition which susanjones19562012 BINned for the extremely agreeable price of £345.00. I am sure the seller is happy with the price and the buyer is happy with a piece in a super design and colourway in remarkable condition.




Well, there we have it. That’s what happened in August 2012. Now it is Big Iron Bird time again, readers. Sellers, get the Voodoo dolls out again and see if you can do better than last year. I am taking my laptop away with me, readers, but I am not sure, as always, if I will be able to get online. Nevertheless, feel free to make any comment on the blog or any other CW related stuff on the form provided and I will reply as soon as I can.
Best wishes,
eBay Masterspy

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  1. Hi
    I thought it pertinent to comment on my award for over optimistic ebayer!! Lol!! Firstly as a collector of Carlton Ware, many of the pieces i sell are of excellent quality and are/were part of my private collection. As they vanish from ebay listings, they are sold generally through Antiques Atlas or my crazy cat antiques website. There is little negotiation with the fees the big boys chage. Secondly whilst being over optimistic, i am still enjoying the fabulous piece in my display cabinet, costing me a mere 0.10p a month to list on ebay, until the right buyer comes along, which in my experience they always do.
    Auctions nearly always end in loss for the seller, a gambling game but quick money if required. I personally find patience pays and allows me to continue to enjoy pieces in the meantime.

    • ebay masterspy says:

      Well, congratulations at least for being the first seller to be bold and sporting enough to respond to my little award. I have no problem with a reasonable amount of patience. I also have no problem with being a collector (after all, I am obviously one too). It is, however, frustrating for those collectors who are not also sellers to see pieces listed at prices which many might consider beyond a “fair” price and which one would like to have a chance of purchasing.
      Kind regards,
      ebay masterspy

  2. Hi
    Many buyers who are collectors do come along and buy from me, as i am open to negotion. Though these deals are often struck via Antiques Atlas or my web site. I have regular buyers of my Carlton Ware who buy in this way. My belief is the economy is starting to pick up again and prices of Carlton Ware will stay low as long as people continue to auction on ebay with no reserve. However increasingly, people are not trusting of ebay due to bad experiences of breakages or undeclared issues. Maybe this is partly due to constant re-auctioning of pieces. Hopefully the pendulum will swing in the not too distant future.

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