October 2014

By the time you read this it will be something of a late night extra edition this month. A couple of things have conspired to delay my writing the blog. Firstly the CWW Annual Get Together in Stoke took place last weekend. Where were you, readers? You missed a good one. See me later in my study! Secondly and far more importantly, my grandson Oliver has been ill. He had a fever and suffered a febrile convulsion, which brought on a second one, which was very possibly an epileptic fit. We don’t know yet if this is definitely the case. A short time has to pass before further scans can be carried out. Anyway, I am sure you will understand why this month’s effort will be shorter than the norm. Masterspy is busy spying something else, so to speak!

01-oct-14-300Mad Item of the Month

Mean? Moi? I have been known to go round the house switching lights off in unoccupied rooms (usually mumbling in a grumpy fashion at Mrs Masterspy), but I think changing the light switches to this unusual style is going a tad over the top. On the credit side it might frighten the mother-in-law away.




Over Optimistic eBayer of the Month

Carlton Ovenware bacon dish & cover.
Carlton Ovenware bacon dish & cover.

This month I have been sent my chosen item by a friend, so please address any hate mail elsewhere. For a small fee I will of course divulge the name, address, phone number, blood group etc of the offender. Ya gotta make a living readers!!! Fancy buying a bacon dish and cover from the Carlton Ovenware range for £399.00? No? Thought not. A tad OTT. I am not decrying the piece. If you have one, or indeed a large collection from this early decorative oven to tableware range, good on you. Having said which, the seller does state clearly that he or she doesn’t know a lot about the item. Does that make it better or worse? It does make it much more Optimistic though (with a capital “O”).

Bargain of the Month

Carlton Ware RIVER FISH 3970 vase S466.

RIVER FISH 3970 vase S466.


A 6” RIVER FISH 3970 shape 466 vase for £215.40? Don’t mind if I do, sir. Ok, there is a little crazing, gilding loss etc, but no cracks, chips or repairs. What a bargain. I bet you are a happy bunny, are you not, buyer? Do let us know.



September’s Nicest Stuff

Carlton Ware Secretary Bird 4018 vase S466.

Secretary Bird 4018 vase S466.


An early listing was this 4” vase, also in shape 466, in Secretary Bird 4018. Sadly, it had 2 small base rim chips and consequently only went for £99.01. Those 2 little chips certainly clipped this bird’s wings. I bet seller twinpeakstiques didn’t feel particularly chirpy after this auction either.




Carlton Ware Devil’s Copse 3787 biscuit barrel & cover.
Devil’s Copse 3787 biscuit barrel & cover.


As you all know I like Devil’s Copse 3787. Seller peacehospice listed a nice lidded biscuit barrel in good condition, with only a little gilding missing. The little devil who bought it had to pay £312.00 for it though. Ouch!




Carlton Ware GARDEN GATE 3863 plaque.

GARDEN GATE 3863 plaque.


I have long fancied a piece of GARDEN GATE 3863, but try as I might I just can’t snaffle one. So it was with the nice charger which came up this month. Bidding rose to £311.07 which is high for pieces in this pattern. Too much for me of course. Never mind, we may see it again one day, who knows, or maybe some other piece will swing into view and I might get lucky?



WAGON WHEELS 3814 gondola.

WAGON WHEELS 3814 gondola.

I bet you all salivated as I did when the WAGON WHEELS 3814 gondola rolled sedately into town and parked up at the livery stable! It didn’t roll out quite so sedately however! There were 30 bids from 8 bidders. Down and down the dusty trail it sped until the wagon driver finally lost the last of the pursuing Injuns by paying a hefty £1850.00. Wowweee.

Carlton Ware Holly 3418 jug S493.

Holly 3418 jug S493.



A wonderful Holly 3418 7” jug was listed by lucydownes which p(r)icked up 8 bids and drew blood at a price of £331.12. Beauty.





Carlton Ware LANDSCAPE TREE 3141 AMORY coffee pot.

LANDSCAPE TREE 3141 AMORY coffee pot.



LANDSCAPE TREE 3141 is pretty uncommon with green foliage, as is its sister pattern with orange foliage 3142. Seller cpm1947 listed a coffee pot in the former design. It sold for £79.00. Some patterns and shapes are beyond mere money though, aren’t they?


Carlton Ware Dragon & Traveller 3656 plaque.

Dragon & Traveller 3656 plaque.



Finally readers, another charger, this time in Dragon & Traveller 3656 landed on eBay thanks to Scottish seller linseys-bazaar. This one flew away after toasting all the fellow travellers with a smokin’ bid of £255.55. Still a good buy at this money, I reckon. I would imagine the buyer being very happy at least.



Hopefully next month’s effort will be a full length blog. As always feel free to contact me in the usual way.
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  1. Betty Maxworth says:

    Hi Masterspy. I sincerely hope that little Oliver is well on his way to a full recovery by now, and that epilepsy is completely ruled out. It is always so stressful when little ones get ill. It is a wonder that you managed to post your blog at all; but so glad you did as I really enjoy reading it each month. Thank you. Kind regards, Betty.

  2. robert says:

    Hi there,
    I have seen on e bay a set of flying toucans that are a different colour entirely to the originals, they are black, red and white. They have the backstamp but were they ever sold or could they be pre. production samples.

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