November 2014

Well, I think I may have broken my record for starting my blog late this month. Busy, busy, busy. I don’t know. A masterspy’s work is never done. Suppose I had better get on with it without further ado as they say.

01-nov-14-250Mad Item of the Month

Healing stones….. Bah. Stuff and nonsense. A fool and his money are soon parted. I wish I had the brass neck to ask people to pay for such rubbish. Did I mention I am in a right old bad mood readers? No? Perhaps I should have done.


Over Optimistic eBayer of the Month

Carlton Ware Moonlight Cameo 2944  temple jar
Moonlight Cameo 2944 temple jar


Well, it is big! Oooh yes missus. No. Hmmm, biiiiiig. Now don’t be naughty. No indeed. Oooher. Good old Frankie Howerd eh, readers. For those of you who haven’t got the slightest idea what I am going on about search for Frankie on YouTube. I’ll just leave you with that one. Argentinean seller pedreiraantiques reckons a 25” tall temple jar in Moonlight Cameo 2944 is worth £1511.66. I don’t and neither do you lot because it has been unsold for quite a while despite periodic temporary reductions. Let’s be honest about it. There is hardly any pattern on the piece is there?


Bargain of the Month

Carlton Ware Dragon & Cloud 2818 footed fruit S184
Dragon & Cloud 2818 footed fruit S184


Even imperfect, this footed and handled rectangular comport in DRAGON & CLOUD 2818 is super value for money at £31.00. Surely a very happy buyer. I am certain seller southernbootboy must be kicking himself at the low price.

October’s Goodies

Carlton Ware TUT vase S135

TUT vase S135



History buffs like me will love TUT. We know class when we see it. This 6” sleeve vase fetched £161.00 and with a little less wear would surely have been closer to £250.00. And to those of you who disagree with me, I simply say……. Tut, Tut, Tut.



Carlton Ware GUM FLOWER 3790 cigarette box
GUM FLOWER 3790 cigarette box



Most Aussies love their GUM FLOWER 3790 pieces, so it came as no surprise when a couple of the biggest, baddest, ugliest Roos around on eBay punched it out for this lovely ciggy box. The winner paid £170.00. Good price for the buyer all the same though.


Carlton Ware BELL 3788 CONE bowl

BELL 3788 CONE bowl



Ever reliable ruby BELL 3788. Say no more. Gorgeous. This terrific 7” cone bowl will also tinkle its “tones” in Oz. Won’t it buyer?



Carlton Ware Medley 3599 MELON shape tea for two

Medley 3599 MELON shape tea for two


Why oh why oh why do you lot not see how brill Medley 3599 is? A very rare tea for two was auctioned by puffett and made only £166.00. Lucky buyer.



Carlton Ware FLOWER & FALLING LEAF 3848 covered vase minus cover.

FLOWER & FALLING LEAF 3848 covered vase minus cover.



As regulars will know the masterspy is particularly partial to FLOWER & FALLING LEAF 3848. A 5” lidless covered vase sold for £158.00 this month. Happy seller this time readers because the lid makes a big difference as you all know.


Carlton Ware TEMPLE 3047  vase
TEMPLE 3047 vase




Chinoiserie lovers will swoon over this handsomely built 9½” vase in TEMPLE 3047 which was BIN/ONO’d for £150.00. Nice shape, good size, nice colours………………….. Oh, sorry, I just swooned for a moment there!



Carlton Ware Peach Melba 3448 REVO tray

Peach Melba 3448 REVO tray

Happiness is egg shaped as the UK advert used to say. Well, not any more. Happiness is revo-shaped now. The buyer of this 10” REVO tray in Peach Melba 3448 must be delighted to have only paid £63.66 for it, I know I would be. Luckily for the buyer I have a super piece in this pattern, so I sat equally contentedly on my hands, but if I hadn’t……………

Carlton Ware Hummingbird 3462 vase S406

Hummingbird 3462 vase S406



One of the rarer CW patterns is Hummingbird 3462. A lovely 406 shape vase was BIN/ONO’d by vintage_living_lifestyle. Mind you, there was little need for the ONO. As soon as Oz woke up, it was gorned. This is a lovely pattern. Wish I had a piece. Oh well, mebbe one day.




Carlton Ware MAGPIE 2907 preserve jar & stand
MAGPIE 2907 preserve jar & stand


Of the different versions of MAGPIE, I like the gloss blue 2907 the best. Some might say the colour is too dark for the black bird to stand out sufficiently against it, but each to their own, I say. Despite it being such a dark colour there is apparently some crazing which is unusual. Perhaps this explains the low price it achieved, only £36.55.


Carlton Ware LANDSCAPE TREE 3142 biscuit barrel

LANDSCAPE TREE 3142 biscuit barrel


Another pattern featured every so often in my blog is LANDSCAPE TREE 3142. Personally, I can’t get enough of it. Should have a nice coffee pot in my collection too, but never mind. Anyway, a biscuit barrel in this pattern is pretty rare. Sadly, this one has had plenty of glue applied to the lid at some point in the past. There is also some wear and crazing, so it was never going to break records, but a nice piece for only £23.33.


Carlton Ware Feathertailed Bird & Flower 3354 vase S406

Feathertailed Bird & Flower 3354 vase S406



Another spanker followed immediately in the 406 shape of Feathertailed Bird & Flower 3354. It is a beauty, readers and well deserved its eventual price of £280.00.





Carlton Ware Engine Turned cruet in plain decoration 3978

Engine Turned cruet in plain decoration 3978

Simplicity, readers. Always excellent in shape and design. Engine Turned cruet in plain decoration 3978 is one such example. I am so surprised this lovely cruet only attracted one bid. I know it isn’t a high priced item but it should do a bit better than £29.99 in this condition, surely. Seller, thekingsmistress (what’s going on there, readers?) cannot be very pleased with the outcome.

Carlton Ware Handcraft  DELPHINIUM 3273 low biscuit barrel

Handcraft DELPHINIUM 3273 low biscuit barrel



Another nice biscuit barrel, this time in Handcraft  DELPHINIUM 3273 in the short form, again only attracted 1 bid, of only £24.00. Nice piece for that sort of money, though the seller posted a terrible picture.



Carlton Ware FOREST TREE 3239 MELON shape coffee cup & saucer

FOREST TREE 3239 MELON shape coffee cup & saucer


No cup and saucer duos in the blog this month masterspy, why is that? Cos I hadn’t got round to this one yet, that’s why. Lovely example from the Queen of Cleveland in FOREST TREE 3239 which swelled the Queen’s treasury by £99.56.



Carlton Ware Iceland Poppy 4221 tray

Iceland Poppy 4221 tray


I don’t often mention the scalloped edge single ladder handled dish shape, but seller markyeva1968 eBayed a nice one in Iceland Poppy 4221 which raised £46.00 for the old red wine fund. Happy Daze.


Carlton Ware Autumn Trees & Ferns 3517 REVO tray

Autumn Trees & Ferns 3517 REVO tray


Aussie seller shazzec53 is obviously a nature lover, having listed a 10” REVO in Autumn Trees & Ferns 3517. A rare pattern it found a buyer at £161.08 despite a bit of wear. Delicately drawn pattern. Big tick from masterspy.


Carlton Ware Hedgerow 3862 CONE bowl

Hedgerow 3862 CONE bowl


A pattern I have never been lucky enough to obtain is Hedgerow 3862. Some lucky eBay urchin bought a 9” trefoil cone dish for only £112.00. He should be ashamed of himself readers, but I bet all the tea in China that he isn’t.



Carlton Ware AUTUMN DAISY 3802 preserve & stand

AUTUMN DAISY 3802 preserve & stand



Nice though it was, the MAGPIE preserve just didn’t contain enough jam for the masterspy, so here is another one. Do you like AUTUMN DAISY 3802? You should. It has an almost childlike simplicity, strong colours and a pear finial. What more could you want? £50.95 won it.



Carlton Ware GARDEN 3479 LIDO chamberstick

GARDEN 3479 LIDO chamberstick


Chamber sticks are a favourite of mine. In the right position they can display a pattern so well. This is certainly so for the highly colourful and decorative GARDEN 3479. The cracker listed this month went for £50/00 on a Buy it Now. Good one, buyer.




Carlton Ware Blossom & Spray 3968 vase

Blossom & Spray 3968 vase



A 9½” vase in Blossom & Spray 3968 is a nice thing to have. So thought the buyer who nabbed this one for only £41.06. Smirkerama.




Carlton Ware Cubist Butterfly 3190 trinket box

Cubist Butterfly 3190 trinket box


A pattern not often seen is the red version of Cubist Butterfly 3190. Rarer still in a ciggy box. Sadly this one sports a few small chips which held the price down many a quid. It still made £34.00 for cpm1947 though.




Carlton Ware Mondrian 3570  ginger jar

Mondrian 3570 ginger jar

Well, you didn’t think I was going to forget it, did you? An 8” lidded ginger jar in ultra rare Mondrian 3570 surfaced and was fought over, but not as hard as I thought it would be. It only made £1066.66 for seller ramseycowell. I had expected it to go on to at least £2k, but perhaps the atrocious photos were responsible. It should have done far better. There are only a few pieces known in this pattern. The only thing stopping me naming it as Bargain of the Month was that it is so out of reach for most of us pricewise.


Ok, “That’s All Folks”
Happy eBaying and don’t forget all comments are welcome.
eBay Masterspy

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13 Responses to November 2014

  1. Malcolm Ostermeyer says:

    Hi – I’m “SouthendBootBoy” who sold the “Dragon & Cloud” 2818 comport. Yes, we were a wee bit disappointed at the price – but we did well on the dozen matching 9″ fruit plates we were also selling, so what you lose on the swings, you gain on the roundabouts. The comport went to Australia!

    • Toni says:

      Hi Malcom, I like the way you think : ) Swings and roundabouts works for me. It’s a great philosophy. Well done.

    • ebay masterspy says:

      Hello Malcolm,
      Nice to receive your post and thanks for your comments and info.
      I enjoyed seeing your superb Dragon collection.
      They certainly were nice pieces…… well, I suppose they still are….. they are just not in Lancaster any more lol
      Glad to hear from a seller, so if you feel moved to comment again on my blog your post will be welcome.

  2. Toni says:

    Hi Masterspy………. I have been like an anxious school leaver awaiting the arrival of my final exam results in the mail, constantly checking the Masterspy posts for your monthly findings ….. must be becoming dependent !!!! Thank you for the time and effort you put into researching, compiling and forwarding your findings, all nicely decorated with your very own brand of humour – will definitely google Frankie, you lost me on that one : )
    Yay, I finally have a piece of Bell Pattern in my collection; should have owned a piece a couple of years ago but the seller apparently damaged it prior to posting so the sale failed to eventuate……!
    I hope that little Oliver is doing better health wise after the scare you had last month?
    Thank you once again for a great post !

    • ebay masterspy says:

      Hi Toni,
      Thanks for your kind words 🙂
      Spent last evening with Oliver (babysitting him while his parents went out to a party……. either that, or he was babysitting me and Mrs Masterspy).
      Oliver seems to be ok at the moment and is totally adorable (understandable bias lol). Of course we don’t know the final outcome of the cause of his convulsions yet, but my fingers are crossed!!!

  3. Shazzac53 says:

    Nice to see my lovely rivo bowl featured, the buyer was very very happy with it as I was with the price I got. Keep up the good work.

  4. Chris G says:

    I’m gutted I never saw the Hummingbird vase. How much was the BIN price? Also, the fabulous Autumn Tree and Fern revo bowl was yet another piece that went under the radar, despite my checking new Carlton Ware items every day! I so would have loved to buy it.

  5. Charles says:

    The hummingbird vase sold for 595GBP on the ebay-UK website. It was listed on Oct 14th at 18:25 and was BINed a little over 2 hours later at 20:43.


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