Masterspy’s Annual Review of 2014

2014 wasn’t overly kind to the mastermind. He lost some relatives, he lost some friends. One or two things haven’t gone swimmingly well in more run of the mill life situations either, but hey, he is still here and kicking. Older and hopefully wiser. Time to gird my loins and get on with it, I think. After all, at least little Oliver is well and hopefully will outgrow these fits he has been having (none for a while now  thank goodness). My little Erin is doing well too, so no problems there either. Wot’s that? Stop moaning masterspy. Ok, readers. You are right. I should be so happy and thankful and I am.

In 2013 I added around 40 pieces to my collection, but 2014 only brought half that number. Oh well, at least Mrs Masterspy has stopped threatening me with my Katana (for the moment). Phew.

02-2014Mad Item of the Year

Runner up this year came from way back in February seller theantiquestorehouse listed a set of armour which had been assembled from various parts and asked an astronomical £24500 for it, regularly refusing offers for it over a period of months. Mad. Daft. Stubborn. Choose your own epithet.





And the winner is… the totally knackered armchair offered by eggmanofthewest back in March for a staggering £285.00.



04-2014Over Optimistic Ebayer of the Year

Back in my October blog I reviewed an OVEN WARE covered dish which was listed at an unbelievable £399.00. When I saw the price I nearly fell off my chair. Good try, but still the runner up.


Last month I blogged about the set of recently made Gollies offered for £995.00. This is an outstanding case of over optimism and a winner galloping away from the field without the need of a whip.




Bargain of the Year

Needlepoint 3815 is pretty rare. It averages around one piece per year on ebay. Ignoring a ruby gondola (a much larger piece in the other colourway) sold last year a fair average might me £200ish. £68.00 is just a steal readers.




Another fairly rare pattern is RIVER FISH 3970 which has only appeared on ebay once or twice in the last four years and can hook buyers at almost £1000 on occasion. An undamaged piece should not be dragged over to the bank for £215.40, now should it? Well, it was!




The Year’s Best Stuff

Well, time for masterspy’s drool of the year. Way back in the April blog I told you all about the lidded vase in pink Rosetta 3505A temple jar listed by lavender1940 which sold for £645.00. It well deserves its Bronze Cuthbert award, both because it is possibly unique, but also because it could easily have been up for the Bargain award too.



Runner up and owner of the Silver Cuthbert Award is the WAGON WHEELS  Gondola ebayed by glad-findings and fought over by some big players and carried off for the hefty sum of £1850.00, sadly, all the way to Oz. A fantastic piece. I bet the buyer is deliriously happy to have won it.


10Finally, we come to the winner of the Golden Cuthbert Award. Those who know me will not be surprised that I have chosen the 8” Mondrian 3570 ginger jar sold by ramseycowell for £1067.00. Not only my favourite pattern, but a nice big piece too and another bargain.

As usual feel free to post any comments through the usual channels.

I wonder what 2015 will bring…….. All excited!!!

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4 Responses to Masterspy’s Annual Review of 2014

  1. Toni says:

    Well Mr. Masterspy, I think that the addition of around 20 new pieces to your collection in 2014 is pretty darn good 🙂 In fact I suspect that you added more to your collection than I did to mine ! Wishing you good health, great happiness and the odd CW bargain in 2015 …… Cheers, Toni

  2. Megan Billington says:

    Thanks for another informative amusing year in 2014. Good to see the little ones are coming along. You make so many of us smile reading your critiques, you Sir, are worth your weight in Carlton Ware’s rarest pieces.

    • ebay masterspy says:

      Hello Megan,
      Thank you so much for your kind words.
      It is always nice to be appreciated for one’s efforts.
      Just in case you are offering to supply my equivalent weight in top notch CW my weight is 400kg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Best wishes,

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