June 2016

Good news! I didn’t get the “both ender”!!! I think it comes with being morally upright and generally an incredibly good person. Pauses while you all stop laughing at the mere thought of masterspy being described thusly. I did have a month of being bitten half to death though….. no….. not by Mrs Masterspy before you all shout out at once. Firstly by some vicious Greek mozzies and then by some evil unknown creatures in my own back garden. Might just concrete over the bally lot and be done with it. Grrrr.

Mad Item of the Month

01-june-2016-200It isn’t the lack of collectable value that makes this item a Mad Item; it is the sheer incongruity of the item being found in a shed in Essex, presumably having been there for around 70 years. What is it, oh masterspy? Why, a German Lorenz code machine from WW2 of course!!! The Lorenz was the big brother of the far more famous portable field operations 3/4 rotor Enigma code machine. It was linked to a 12 rotor machine and was used for top level strategic communications between the German High Command and their Generals. The owner had listed it at £9.50, presumably thinking of it only as junk. What a total and complete Muppet. It was probably worth thousands, possibly tens of thousands. It is so rare and historically important it is good that it has been found though.  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-36401663

02-june-2016-375Over Optimistic eBayer of the Month

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Californian seller nzraddock clearly thinks the year is 1848 and that the gold rush is going full swing. I think I can state with some certainty that as Americans might say “Ya need ta mooove that lil ole decimal place maaan” cos it won’t be put in a box for £695.00 any time soon unless the muppet mentioned above wants to buy it of course. Ha ha ha. Cheap to him or her. lol

Bargain of the Month

Essex boy goss4gordonlisted a lovely 12½” oval dish in HAREBELLS 4154 which failed to get much notice.

Carlton Ware HAREBELLS 4154 tray

HAREBELLS 4154 tray

The buyer waltzed off to Oz with it for only £12.51. What a bargain! Lucky devil. Wish it had been me. 1 – 0 to the buyers!

June 2016

Readers, I am so fed up with bent secret auctions and constant shill bidding that I am not giving those sellers who habitually practice such activities the oxygen of publicity this month. I am not saying that all the items below are warranted to be free of nefarious actions, only that I can see no direct and obvious evidence thereof. I will see how I feel next month, but this month’s blog is gonna be pretty short because of this, so anyway, here we GO GO GO (as my Oliver says).

Carlton Ware WAGON WHEELS 3813 MELON shape coffee cup

WAGON WHEELS 3813 MELON shape coffee cup


Mancunian seller (and presumably a Colin Bell and a “Bitters” fan) mcfcbell8……. Shudders with anger at the very thought of either……. Had a cup, but not a saucer, in WAGON WHEELS 3813 and it is testimony to the power of big ticket Carlton Ware Art Deco patterns that a little single cup attracted 11 bids from 8 eBayers and rolled along swiftly to a pretty respectable £78.00.


Carlton Ware Carp 3360 MELON shape coffee cup & saucer

Carp 3360 MELON shape coffee cup & saucer


This little fishy went to market, this little fishy stayed at home, this little fishy ate green seaweed, this little fishy had none (ahhh), and this little fishy……. Swam all the way to errrrrr Devon? Lol. Seller mackems1 listed a nice cup and saucer in Carp 3360 which took the bait at £116.00.



Carlton Ware FAN 3557 jug

FAN 3557 jug


eBayer antiquesgordon auctioned a nicely restored 8” jug in FAN 3557. One presumably hot bidder was determined to get cool and bid £127.00 to make sure of a nice breeze. So difficult if not almost impossible to match the original fabulous CW gilding, but at least it gives us buyers a way of telling whether a piece may have been restored or not.



The RIBBED STONEWARE Dogs have a big following, with many collectors trying for years and years to get the full set.



They can make £250 in excellent condition, but sadly, this blue example had lost its ears and had them glued back on. It still made an acceptable, but of course much lower, £40.50 however for seller kitcherry69 arf arf.

Carlton Ware Scimitar 3651 MELON shape coffee cup & saucer

Scimitar 3651 MELON shape coffee cup & saucer


Stunner alert!!!! A cup and saucer in Scimitar 3651. All hands to emergency stations, repel boarders, man the guns, over the top etc. etc. Seller martin458 never had a worry about making money on this one. Up and up it zoomed till it reached £511.00. Woweeeeee.




Carlton Ware Explosions 3452 biscuit barrel

Explosions 3452 biscuit barrel



One of CW’s more dramatic patterns is Explosions 3452. Mackem seller mackem1 (don’t bother trying to work it out non-UK readers) has been trying to sell a biscuit barrel for some time, but some slight wear and a chip had put off buyers at the BIN price asked for, so an auction found the surprisingly low market value of £190.00.




Carlton Ware Toff Bell

Toff bell



Spiv or Toff, whichever you call it, this is one of CW’s set of 5 different novelty table bells with no damage or wear. Seller colisweene-0 rang up a sale of £49.99. Like the RIBBED STONEWARE Dogs mentioned above, this is another set which collectors strive for years to complete, sometimes paying big money for a missing piece. One of the Spiv/Toffs went not long ago for around £90 and I have seen amounts over 3 figures achieved in fairly recent times. This is defo happy buyer territory I think.




Finally, seller and collector cpm1947 sold one of my fave shape pattern combos, a 10” REVO tray in ANEMONE 3694, designed by Violet Elmer when she was at the height of her powers (Violet Elmer, that is, ha ha).

Carlton Ware ANEMONE 3694 HANDCRAFT REVO shape tray


I don’t know what you lot are playing at out there.  This one should have made your blood flow down the High Street neck deep, but instead the winning bid was a singleton one of a mere £119.00. Almost Bargain of the Month territory.

So there you are, short and sweet. Made a big difference, didn’t it readers? Be careful out there and happy eBaying.

eBay Masterspy.

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