July 2016

01-july-16-300Sadly, I have to report that after a gap of 7 months Oliver had another fit early in July. We were beginning to think he was over them, but he isn’t. Happily, I can report that once again he seems completely back to what with my genes in him passes for normal. Oh well, here’s hoping to another healthy 7 months…. or much more. As for my Erin, she will soon be getting on the big old iron bird and going to live in Cyprus for 3 years. Nooo. I will miss her, the cheeky little madam. Oh well again, with feeling. It never rains but what it pours as they say. Here is a recently taken piccy of the two little horrors. Ahh.

01a-july-16-375Mad Item of the Month

I don’t know if this is in fact as listed, CW. I have never seen anything like it if it is. Whether it is CW or not, it is definitely mad enough to come within the remit of this section of the blog. Not only is it mad, but the seller ,our very first Ukrainian, gallsona, has stopped firing his machine gun at the Rooshians long enough to list this weird one. It was actually sold and made £20.00, so perhaps somebody thinks it is genuine. Za zdorovie to the buyer anyway.

Over Optimistic eBayer of the Month

02-july-16-300Firstly let me say I have no problem intrinsically whatsoever with this month’s choice as a CW related item. Not only do I have a copy of this little book, I have 2 copies (1 to thumb through and 1 for the bookshelf). It is an excellent reference book. However, the author of the book with whom I also have no problem is still selling copies on the same selling platform (i.e. eBay) at £4.95 ONO. It is difficult to make any other comment about seller beanbone of Essex trying to sell a copy at £83.79 as utterly optimistic. Can I have one of whatever it is you are drinking? I don’t mind any seller making a profit. That is the name of the game, but there is profit and there is PROFIT!!!!

Bargain of the Month

Carlton Ware TUBELINED FLOWER 3945 cigarette box

TUBELINED FLOWER 3945 cigarette box

Longstanding seller and ex-CW collector puffet found this trinket/ciggy case in TUBELINED FLOWER 3945 in good nick and sold it for a very reasonable price of £26.10. Bargain.



Carlton Ware Secretary Bird 4017 vase S443

Secretary Bird 4017 vase S443


July 2016

One thing is for sure, if this vase hadn’t got some cracks and staining etc it would have firmly elbowed the bargain out of the way for top buy. Scot dowanhill_days launched a 6” 443 shape vase in Secretary Bird 4017, the orange ground one, and it sold for only £95.09. Great buy. I wonder if it will be restored. Worth doing I would say.





Another piece with some noticeable wear and staining was eBayed by madscientist1967 (love the name, best this month). This was the single-footed rectangular comport in Dahlia & Butterfly 3606.

Carlton Ware Dahlia & Butterfly 3606 FOOTED FRUIT S184

Dahlia & Butterfly 3606 FOOTED FRUIT S184

It has seen better days, but is very rare. Seller commented that he or she hadn’t ever seen the pattern on this shape before. I don’t know if that is for sure, but it can’t be far wrong. Do you have one? Do let us know. Anyway, it still made £225.77.

Carlton Ware Hiawatha 3589 vase S466

Hiawatha 3589 vase S466



Cranleigh seller barryplumber1 listed a really nice 5½˝ vase in Hiawatha 3589. One determined bidder shot his arrow right into the target and paid £250.00 so to do. Is it worth every penny, buyer? Do tell all or I will set the medicine man on you!




Carlton Ware RIVER FISH 3970 vase S466

RIVER FISH 3970 vase S466


I must say I do like a man who had a high regard for his wares and their excellent value. One such is obviously Welshman 2011bargainsgaloreian, who sold a RIVER FISH 3970 6” vase with a chip, gild wear and crazing. Having sounded a bit snidey, even in this condition it has got to be worth £126.00. What do you reckon buyer?



Carlton Ware DAISY 3693 MELON shape coffee pot

DAISY 3693 MELON shape coffee pot


No, I am not going to review the charger in DAISY 3693, which is currently going round and round with the seller making a vain effort to recoup his unwisely overspent purchase price. I am offering you a luverly coffee pot in the same pattern and colour combo in very good nick which maureewoo-2 auctioned for a reasonable £62.10. Nice buy.



You won’t find pottery more poke you in the eye than a pair of Flower Bookends in decoration 3532.

Carlton Ware Flower Bookends in decoration 3532

Flower Bookends in decoration 3532

This pair had some old slight damage, so it went for a value for money price of £36.00. I bet the buyer is rather happy with this purchase.

One of my fave pieces this month is this 4” conical trefoil dish in Egyptian Fan 3697.

Carlton Ware Egyptian Fan 3697 CONE bon-bon S797

Egyptian Fan 3697 CONE bon-bon S797

Fab piece. 8 eBayers thought so and put their money where their mouths were. It went in the end for £280.00. Lovely colours and design.

For some reason “Lucky” has been keeping his head down this month, readers. It may be because he spent half the national debt of Peru on a pot at auction recently, or it may be because he is smarting at being outbid on this nice 5” roundel showing off Crested Bird & Water Lily 3529 (possibly, it is a salesman’s pattern sample).

Carlton Ware Crested Bird & Water Lily 3529 lozenge

Crested Bird & Water Lily 3529 lozenge

Possibly the rarest piece this month was a 9” bowl in FAIRY 3564 listed by the Q of C herself.

Carlton Ware FAIRY 3564 bowl

FAIRY 3564 bowl

As you will appreciate it caused a bit of a stir and attracted the attention of some very big hitters. Happily, it has gone to a loving home where it won’t get hit (gasps at the very thought) for a mere £1220.00.

Naughtily named seller joyofpot offered a 3½˝ Heraldic China vase decorated with BARGE 2519 as a BIN for £18.00. It was snapped up quickly, possibly because it is unusual to find Carlton Heraldic China with a Best Ware decoration.

Carlton Heraldic China conical vase decorated with BARGE 2519 alongside the more usual heraldic crest.

Carlton Heraldic China conical vase decorated with BARGE 2519 alongside the more usual example with heraldic crest.

Well, that is it for another month. Once more keeping away from the iffy stuff and secret auctions has taken its toll of the length of the blog. Have a good month on eBay, readers and don’t forget, be careful out there!

eBay masterspy

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2 Responses to July 2016

  1. Toni says:

    Hi Masterspy, Sorry to hear about Oliver’s relapse. It must be quite frightening for the little man now that he is a bit older and more aware of what is going on.
    I see quite a few holidays in Cyprus in the future for Mr and Mrs Masterspy ! Erin will miss her Grandparents I’m sure.
    I’m thrilled with the bookends. Thankfully the small amount of damage is confined to the one bookend and not visible on display at all. I don’t quite know how it has happened but I now have three sets of CW bookends. I didn’t really set out to collect them but don’t they say that three of anything is considered a collection….. or at least the start of a small one. I guess that means I have a collection within a collection.
    Can’t wait to read next months blog as there have been some cracking good pieces of CW crop up in July.
    Thanks as always for a job well done

  2. eBay Masterspy says:

    Hi Toni,
    Thank you for your kind words about Oliver. It is a worry, but not something I can do much about. As for Cyprus I am getting the pressure already. Can’t see me buying too many pots in the near future!
    Best Wishes to you and family,
    eBay Masterspy

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