October 2016

Double issue this month covering eBay sales in August and September. Now I have decided to rest my keys I feel a weight off my back (see September 2016). So without further ado I will get going.

Mad Item of the Month

01-sept-16-250I am of a logical persuasion (except where our fave pottery is concerned of course) and cannot abide mumbojumbo. You know the sort of thing…. Astrology, ghosts, aliens visiting from Space, etc etc). Amongst this guff I include Ley Lines and water divining. It is total and utter rubbish. So, when I saw this item I knew I had this blog’s entry covered. For a mere £177.06 you buy ONE (water finding) dowsing rod. I may be wrong, but I thought you needed two rods to allegedly find water. Be that as it may, 8 fools and their money were soon parted from their money by South Korean seller fabrickr. He or she may not find much water with them readers, but he or she is sure finding plenty of gold!!!

Over Optimistic eBayer of the Month

Carlton Ware NEW MIKADO 272 AMORY shape part coffee set

NEW MIKADO 2728 AMORY shape part coffee set

Now this one is a serious contender for the annual award. This was listed by aiyanapa2007 of Southampton. What is it, oh font of all eBay knowledge I hear you mutter? It is a coffee set (only 4 cups and saucers, mind) in NEW MIKADO 2728 for an eye watering price of only £4995.00. Yes, I did mean it…. four thousand nine hundred and ninety five pounds. When I first saw it I had two reactions, the first was a cartoon style double take and the second was an extremely loud guffaw. Perhaps aiyanapa2007 fancies making another all-inclusive trip there in 2016 and wants you to pay for it. Sometimes I have expected comeback from sellers about what I consider to be OTT pricing and it has only ever happened once. I don’t expect it this time readers simply because I can point to another part coffee set in New Mikado 2728 (it had an extra duo as well) on eBay currently auctioned unsuccessfully by Cambridge seller mrvalesques10 for £330.00. So, if a set with 5 cups and saucers, coffee pot, cream and sugar is not worth £330.00, I venture to suggest that one in the same pattern with a duo less for £4995.00 is just a tad on the heavy side. QED I feel. Pity really, as I have a complete set with 8 cups and saucers. Anybody want to buy it off me at, sayyyyy, £7000.00??? No??? Thought not. I will negotiate though!!!! Ha ha ha. Well, that is my own Over Optimistic entry! In my own blog at last!!!

Clarice Cliff collection

Clarice Cliff collection



Having said all the above, if this were a blog about Clar*ce Cl*ff (sorry for the swearing) I would have a far far better offering for you readers. New York seller lkm offered (surely shurely tongue in cheek) 28 pieces of CC for a mere £300,987.24 plus a further £1216.86 postage at today’s rate of exchange. When the 25% import duty is added on, the full total would be £377,755.12 or £13491.25 per piece. Luckily the best offer facility is available…… And a very big dollop of good luck to you, sir or madam (you will certainly need it…… all of it). Shakes head slowly in disbelief.





Bargain of the Month

Doubly hard this time, having 2 months’ worth of purchases to consider, but I reckon the best buy was made on this 9” bowl in PERSIAN GARDEN 3893 which fagin15 of Reading only obtained £103.67 for.

Carlton Ware PERSIAN GARDEN 3893 bowl


You know Persian Garden on CW’s 1000 mile deep black gloss is superb as far as the masterspy is concerned and I do declare such an interest, but at this price it is a mega bargain.

Hibiscus pattern printed in flow blue vase

Hibiscus pattern printed in flow blue vase



August and September

For a change let’s start with some early stuff. This lovely 9” flow blue pedestal vase with a sort of wave form/pie crust top rim was auctioned by pennyfarthing_56. After a good battle it went for £101.00. It was in good condition for around 120 to 110 years old…. Can’t see myself being in quite such good condition at that age readers!






Another piece from the same period was sold by englishsilvercherubs of Dudley – this 11” pretty double handled urn with the wave form/pie crust rim in Marguerite 2301, also in remarkably good condition, fetched only £51.00. Lucky buyer.

Left - Marguerite pattern vase. Right - FLORIDA pattern vase

Left – Marguerite pattern vase. Right – Flow blue and raised gold vase

I know only a little of the Blushware period, but this pattern is one of the more commonly found patterns which I assume limited its price threshold. Similarly the same seller also listed a vase in an unidentified pattern. It managed to make £1 more than its friend and will sit alongside it for the foreseeable “darn sarf” in England.

Moving along to the next great period in CW’s past we come to the Chinoiserie era of the late 1910s and early  to mid-1920s. CW not only changed the designs, moving away from a Victorian influenced style, but also “modernised” the shape range as well. Amongst the new shapes introduced in this period was the floating bowl. Here we have a 12” example in TEMPLE 2929 listed by carmell2202 of London.

Carlton Ware TEMPLE 2929 floating flower bowl

TEMPLE 2929 floating flower bowl


This piece is startlingly bright blue….. I know, I have one. Trust me, it isn’t just blue, it is…. BLUE! The pictures are over lit by flash. Once more, the pictures used to sell the piece do not do it full justice and the outcome price ends up in bargain territory at only £38.00.



Carlton Ware BARGE 2519 rose bowl

BARGE 2519 rose bowl

A shape which is more or less timeless is the rose bowl. This was intended to be sold with a metal grille to hold the long-stemmed roses upright in the vase. Seller pikadeb listed one without the grille in possibly the best chinoiserie pattern of them all, BARGE 2519. I can understand inexperienced pottery sellers listing pieces with poor photography and pikadeb is certainly not that, but the pictures of this item must have held back the price. Just look at the picture shown, this is the lead picture for the listing. I have also included a picture of my own 10” pair of ginger jars in the same pattern for comparison.

Carlton Ware BARGE 2519 ginger jars

BARGE 2519 ginger jars

My own photography was poor enough for me to freely admit to, but at least you can see the important elements of the pattern (I only took this picture for insurance purposes, not to maximise a selling price, mind you).

I would like to include more Chinoiserie pieces, but most of them were listed by one seller and shilled to hell and back, so I won’t. So there.

Every now and again during the High Art Deco period CW designs harkened back to their previous Chinoiserie influences, almost like a Scotsman gripping tightly onto a £5 note lol. One such pattern is Mandarins Chatting 3654.

Carlton Ware Mandarins Chatting 3654 vase S406

Mandarins Chatting 3654 vase S406

This is a great pattern, especially when displayed on the gloss black ground and on shape 406. A little crazing and gild wear on the top rim didn’t hold back these two fat old chinwaggers! Defirrentry not radies and genermen! They talked themselves into costing the buyer £284.00. That’s a boatload of rice, readers.

Carlton Ware GARDEN 3478 jug S470

GARDEN 3478 jug S470

Geordie seller call94 listed a beautiful jug in GARDEN 3478 at a very reasonable BIN price of £125.00 and was no doubt soon popping over to the North Sea to sing the Geordie strangled-whale song of celebration (ha ha – UK readers only probably) when it was snapped up readily.

Believe it or not readers, after well over a decade of collecting CW I have never snagged a vase in the 464 shape. It isn’t for want of trying, close sometimes, but still no cigar. Oh well, such is life. One day, perhaps.

Carlton Ware Sunflower 3996 vase S464

Sunflower 3996 vase S464


Anyway, a 5”er was auctioned by the Q of C which had a hairline. Sunflower 3996 is a pretty rare pattern….. I can hear the muttering from in front of many monitors saying “No surprise there then”, but for all that lovers of one-ear Vincent will no doubt appreciate it’s not so subtle charms……. Errrrr perhaps. With the hairline it only made £58.00 which at the end of the day is cheap for a rare ‘un.




Well, time to get wuff with you readers. Up bounded a RIBBED STONEWARE Dog and wagged its tale until it fetched its stick at £127.25, at this cheap price another juicy bone for the buyer, arf arf.



Carlton Ware RIBBED STONEWARE Rabbit




Let the dog see the rabbit as they say in greyhound racing circles….. aaaaaand up popped a RIBBED STONEWARE Rabbit and ran like hell until it ran off with £171.65. Much rarer than the dogs, which is why it went so high in price compared to the undamaged dog mentioned above, this one had previously had its ears bitten off and glued back on again.







Carlton Ware Nightingale 3598 jug S786

Nightingale 3598 jug S786



Nightingale 3598…… oooooh,lurvly. Jug shape 786 all of 5” tall. Loadsa dough, surely. Sadly not, owing to a very small chip on the top rim and associated hairline. Terrible shame. It still made £70.45 for the Q of C though.




Carlton Ware Explosions 3454 vase S467

Explosions 3454 vase S467


As eye catching as any of Miss Elmer’s patterns for Carlton Ware is her Explosions pattern. This unusual underglaze decorated version 3454 went for only £256 probably because of heavy wear to the rim gilding. This version is sometimes confused with pattern 3452, which is an onglaze decoration with raised enamels.



Of course, when we see a rare piece anything can happen and often does. One of the patterns I would love to add to my collection is Jagged Bouquet 3457.

Carlton Ware Jagged Bouquet 3457 vase S406

Jagged Bouquet 3457 vase S406

It is soooo deco innit readers? Normally a £600 to £800 pattern in the 6” 406, this one had a hairline and some wear, but still managed to make seller bhf_shops a tidy sum of £273.77.

Those were the days, my friends when Mary Hopkin warbled sadly, the Q of C listed 10” bowls in CHINALAND 2948 and they rose above £1000. The Q of C has just listed another such bowl in the same condition and it only made £210.55. Wow. Get ‘em while they are cheap!

Carlton Ware CHINALAND 2948 bowl

CHINALAND 2948 bowl

Scottish seller muddybank7 can certainly afford some nice shower gel and a little smile or two having successfully parted a buyer from £210.00 for a 7” side plate in CHINESE BIRD & CLOUD 3275.

Carlton Ware CHINESE BIRD & CLOUD 3275 plate


Let me see now……. A 10” bowl in CHINALAND, or a 7” plate in CHINESE BIRD & CLOUD for the same money?? Yeah, right, I’ll take the bowl every day.

Carlton Ware SPIDER'S WEB 4254 temple jar

SPIDER’S WEB 4254 temple jar





Hands up who likes SPIDER’S WEB 4254? Big pieces often fetch good money and this spider gobbled up a £455.00 fly. Mind you, one doesn’t often see a 15” tall fly…. A WWHHAATT! Rrrrunn!








Carlton Ware Mandarin Tree 3702 ginger jar wanting cover

Mandarin Tree 3702 ginger jar wanting cover


And after the horrors of the 15” tall fly, here comes a Triffid…. Agh! Oh no, wait a mo…. It is a lidless ginger jar in Mandarin Tree 3702…… Phew! For a minute there masterspy thought the nightmares were gonna come back lol. It is a struggle to get money for 5½” ginger jars without lids these days and this one followed that trend making only £65.00 after a singleton bid. If I know the buyer he is busily making a lid for it as you read this lol.



A cup and saucer for £102.00? Solid gold? No, Arrowhead 3416. Must be as rare as hen’s teeth.

Carlton Ware Arrowhead 3416 cup & saucer

Arrowhead 3416 cup & saucer

I have a REVO shape in this pattern, but even a cup displays this simple but effective deco pattern well. I would have loved it, but sighs deeply, several big hitters fancied it, so I didn’t even try.

WAGON WHEELS 3813 covered vase S minus cover

WAGON WHEELS 3813 covered vase S minus cover




Sneaky Southern wide boy david010746 listed one of his new pair of ruby ground WAGON WHEELS 3813 6” lidless vases which had a chip and possible restoration to the bottom rim and got a healthy £285.77 for it. Pity it has the chip underneath though, cos when it is placed upside down on the shelf in Oz it will show!







This piece in matt turquoise ground Devil’s Copse 3817 went the other way to Yankee Land for £295.00 and further pictures of it can be seen on Facebook on the Carlton Ware World page courtesy of its new owner.

Carlton Ware Devil’s Copse 3817 jug S788

Devil’s Copse 3817 jug S788

A lovely piece this. Squat jugs always seem to go for big money, presumably because the shape was in favour when CW were really rocking with one inspired deco pattern after another.

Carlton Ware ANEMONE floral embossed jug

ANEMONE floral embossed jug




Many are the examples of ANEMONE embossed ware sold on eBay over the years, but to see one in green instead of yellow is very unusual. Sadly, this 11½” jug has a poorly repaired old chip and a hairline. Because of this, well known embossed seller jayne8379 only grossed £46.00 for it.








Carlton Ware Farmyard cruet

Farmyard cruet


And finally, creaks13 of Warwickshire sold one of the highly regarded Farmyard cruets. These always make north of £100 if undamaged and this one was no exception, making £166.00. A fun piece to end on.

Have a good eBaying month.

eBay Masterspy

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