April 2011

Most of you will have seen the famous Clint Eastwood / Sergio Leone film and here I intend to create my own (much better!) version of it, to showcase the broad and fantastic church that is Carlton Ware….

The Novelty, The Unusual and the Stunning!


La Novedad

Fancy a bath you lot? This piece is quirky enough for anyone, isn’t it? CW isn’t all about Best Ware and paying lots of money. One of these nestles beside my bath at home and often sparks comment from visitors. It was sold to a single bidder for £16.99.

Bath soap dish

Do you have a soft spot for birds, perhaps? No problem. This rare 8″ tall piece sold for £31.00 during the month.

Stork bowl centre

Most CW collectors will know all about Walking Ware, which was first introduced in the early 1970’s, but even for Walking Ware this is a novelty item. After 17 bids, it sold for £123.75.

Parcel Walking Ware jug

Finally, for novelty items I offer this lot which was sold for £43.67. Our webmaster Harvey will post an article on the Malcolm Gooding sheep to coincide with the forthcoming Royal Wedding. If the one on the left of picture doesn’t make you smile, dear reader, you may need to take a cheer up pill. What member of the Royal Family do you think it is meant to be? Is it Princess Diana?

Malcom Gooding Sheep

Lo Inusual

Some items are fairly rare and only come up for sale occasionally. Below are a couple of examples from eBay in March. First there was a 5 inch tall covered vase missing its cover  in Geometrica 3566, which reflected its rareness in its sale price of £207.77

Geometrica 3566 covered vase - missing cover S311

Coffee pots? 10 a penny guv, but not in BUBBLE BORDER 2931, oh dearie me no. I had a go for this one, but was unsuccessful yet again (grrrrr). It finally sold for £87.05 after 13 bids.

BUBBLE BORDER 2931 AMORY coffee pot

Strictly speaking, the jug and bowl below should have been in my report on the February auctions, but I didn’t have the information to hand at the time. Many of you out there love CW’s Blushware and I am very aware I have not included any examples in my articles so far, so under the banner of Lo Unusual we have the following two very rare survivors from CW’s earliest period. One of the world’s leading collectors of Blush told me that he had only seen three of these toilet sets in the last 10 years. Blushware is affordable now to many people and this set went for £132.00 – very reasonable for such a rarity.

Early jug & wash bowl

But even more value for money was obtained by the buyer of this item from the same period as Blushware. It looks to me a bit like Capo Di Monte in some ways, but I have been informed that there may be only 3 of these left in the world! The Belgian seller ilnetaitpasdici only managed to attract 4 bids and it sold for only Euro 26.50! Fans of rarities, eat your hearts out, you missed it.

Very early Blushware table decoration

El Impresionante

Where to start? Why not here? A possibly unique 10½ inch tall vase in Rabbits at Dusk 4256, an unusual variant, was fought over by 6 bidders. Despite having a short hairline at the top rim it was sold by harwil, a Canadian seller for £595.00. Anybody out there got one of these? Feel free to let me know.

Rabbits at Dusk 4256 vase S443

For Chinoiserie lovers there was this 12 inch tall lidded Temple Jar in TEMPLE 2880. A superb piece, which despite a restored finial, was sold by oscarpops for £144.00, after 7 bidders had had their say. I hope it has found pride of place in somebody’s collection, it certainly deserves to.

TEMPLE 2880 covered vase S166

I am a serious fan of FLOWER & FALLING LEAF 3948, especially in these colours, and have managed to obtain one piece, but not as good as this one. After 8 bids, this almost unworn piece was sold by harrisonhobbes (love the name) for £377.00.

FLOWER & FALLING LEAF 3948 vase S457

In keeping with the drive of my article I have saved the best till last, but frankly I can’t choose between them. Can you? Let me know. The amusingly named rollnhamnegg, a Scottish seller, auctioned this beautiful plaque in Floral Comets 3387. The lucky buyer nicked it for a bargain price of £630.05.

Floral Comets plaque

Finally, I can’t choose between hatred and green envy for the purchaser of this one, readers (only kidding). This CHINALAND 3105 10¾ inch vase was sold for £1100.00 by a.kerr, a price not for the poor and squeamish (like me); after 3 very determined eBayers slugged it out with 23 bids. Truly magnificent!

CHINALAND 3105 vase S167

CHINALAND 3105 vase S167

I could quite happily have included twice as many pieces in my article this month. I have enjoyed eBaying in March and I hope all of you out there have too. Don’t forget I thrive on comments, so please feel free to make any comments you wish. I will always reply.

Best wishes,

Ebay masterspy.

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9 Responses to April 2011

  1. carole moore says:

    The model you were taking about is, as you correctly guessed, Diana in her bathing costume, I wanted it but not the other two, it will come up again sometime. Hopefully when an article is posted.

  2. ebay masterspy says:

    Hello again Janette,
    I hope you have seen my article this month and of course Harvey’s really excellent piece on the sheep. The saga of the sheep exemplifies the enduring mysteries which surround Carlton Ware and make it so interesting and addictive to collect. I suppose to put it simply, with no complete factory archive collectors can never be 100% sure they have a full set of anything, so we all have to keep on looking.
    Best wishes,
    ebay masterspy

  3. rachel hayden says:


    I have a carlton ware 1984 sheep that is not shown on your page and wonderd if anyone would be interested in trying to identify it for me

    If so please contact me and i will forward a picture.

  4. Sally Bruce says:


    I am a great fan of Malcolm Gooding, who did the “Royal” sheep series. I have a collection of 5, comprising the pink Diana, Duke of Edinburgh, Princess Margaret (?), hunt lady-master and colonel. I see that you don’t have a picture of the Colonel and I would be happy to send you one if you let me have an email address.

    I knew Malcolm in the 80’s when he used to live in Hatherleigh, Devon. He had worked in an advertising agency as an art director and retrained in ceramics when he was made redundant. His pieces are like three dimensional cartoons – I also have several larger ones including a lady reading in a bathtub while ducks swim around her, an up-market couple jogging, a hunting/shooting/fishing couple with a duck on the woman’s head and, best of all, a large opera singing lady with a small man in a hard hat mountaineering up her string of pearls!

    I would love to collect more of his work, but he moved to Cornwall and I lost touch with him.


    Sally Bruce

    • Harvey says:

      Hi Sally

      We know very little about Malcolm Gooding, so it was good to have a little history from you about him. Your description of his work as being like three dimensional tools is very apt. We would love to see pictures of the Colonel as well as your other pieces.

    • ebay masterspy says:

      Hello Sally,
      It is brill to see people are reading the older blogs still.
      I don’t know if you have noticed, but there are some Malcolm Gooding sheep on ebay at present, including some you haven’t got.
      GO FOR IT!!!!!
      Best wishes,
      ebay masterspy

  5. heart-blog2 says:

    Hi Sally

    We know very little about Malcolm Gooding, so it was good to have a little history from you about him. Your description of his work as being like three dimensional cartoons is very apt. We would love to see pictures of the Colonel as well as your other pieces.

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