November 2011

Yeee-Hahhh and Many Other Tales of Phileas Fogg and Jean Passepartout Style eBay Derring-do!

There’s an ol’ part of downtown Manchester called Moss Side.  It’s a rootin’ tootin’ one hoss burg just the other side of Tombstone, Arizona. It is said that even the No. 53 stagecoaches drive through the area in convoy for safety.

It is a mighty long time since a piece of Needlepoint 3815 appeared on eBay until last month when a nice REVO dish appeared (see my last article). So guess what, feller? There is STILL safety in numbers in the Wild West of Moss Side. On the mean streets of eBayville, U.S of A, ANOTHER ONE appeared in October! This one had appletown11 from the equally tough city of Glasgow, Scotland, riding point to protect it from the Injuns. Once Upon a Time in the West 12 gunslingers rode into town and at High Noon all loosed off 34 slugs at the target and the last man standing in the OK Corral had to shell out £206.87 for a Few Dollars More. I can’t believe the buyer got such a Bonanza! Readers, at this point you will just have to imagine the sound of eBay Masterspy lazily and with utter disdain pinging a lump of soggy chawin’ baccy into the Lucky Carlton Saloon spittoon. (Nice one, lovely image that, Masterspy).

Carlton Ware Needlepoint 3815 REVO tray

Needlepoint 3815 REVO tray

Early in the month a magnificent dressing table set of DEVIL 3765 (which is the version on the turquoise ground) was sold at Fieldings Auction House. A UK seller daisy-jack bought it and sold the parts separately on eBay (a great shame as far as I am concerned). One of the candlesticks and one of the trinket boxes sold for £1250.00 each. Having attended the Carlton Ware World Get-together in Stoke last month I have clapped my eyes on this set and it is utterly magnificent (only 5 numbers and 2 stars stopped me bidding for it, readers, hey ho).

Carlton Ware DEVIL 3765 trinket box & candlestick

DEVIL 3765 trinket box & candlestick

What next, I hear you say, readers? What could possibly follow that? Well the emphatic answer was a Scimitar 3652 8½ inch (215 mm) bowl, that’s what. Another deadly gunfight ensued (OK, stop it now, enough of the cowboy stuff – says webmaster Harvey) and 30 bids later the winner had to pay £703.67 for it. What a beauty!

Carlton Ware Scimitar 3652 bowl - 8½" diameter

Scimitar 3652 bowl - 8½" diameter

Fans of Embossed Ware needn’t feel outdone by this burst of high end art deco eBaying either. A well known seller called elimayboo (Whoah there! Down boys! Steady now!) sold a WATERLILY tea for two set for an eye watering £525.00 BIN. I bet the Clampetts are well pleased with that one and all went for a swim in their cee-ment pond to celebrate (Look, I told you to cut it out with the cowboy stuff already).

Carlton Ware WATERLILY morning set in yellow

WATERLILY morning set in yellow

Whilst the eyes are still watering, seller mchiro listed a cigarette or card holder in Wisteria 3866. Two very determined ebayers dooked it out up to £192.99 and that’s a paddle steamer full of sippin’ whisky (Look, Masterspy, that’s your last warning about the cowboy stuff – you aren’t even on the right continent now, anyway so pull yourself together, ok?).

Carlton Ware Wisteria 3866 cigarette holder

Wisteria 3866 cigarette holder

Had this particular desperado finished buying for the month, readers? No sirree! (Right, one more and you are banned from the site…. Awww, dang it, Harvey, give me a break!). 221lml came up with a delightful wall plaque in Farrago 3297. The “eBay desperado” had to pay £225.00.

Carlton Ware Farrago 3297 plaque

Farrago 3297 plaque

Swiftly moving on to another “country” before I get my comeuppance, I was struck right in the volcanic eruptions (ouch) by a 12 inch (300 mm) conical footed bowl in what I believe to be a seriously underrated pattern, Iceland Poppy 4193 in pale gloss green ground. Seller decoy1690 came in from the cold (Now look, just because you have finally quit while you were ahead with the cowboy jokes doesn’t mean I will let you get away with starting all over again with Iceland puns….. You spoilsport, Harvey) with a price of £90.70.

Carlton Ware Iceland Poppy 4193 conical bowl

Iceland Poppy 4193 conical bowl

Another refugee from a Fieldings auction in May this year, I believe, was eBayed by wallsco2. A lovely orange ground 7½ inch (190 mm) footed conical bowl in Babylon 4137, it was BINned for £300.00. I would have loved this one myself readers (deep and longing sigh of resignation, mourning and sorrow), but I am afraid my chips are as soggy as it is possible to get one’s chips at the moment. This is such a delicate pattern and so suited to this shape in my opinion. What do you think of it, readers?

Carlton Ware Babylon 4137 conical bowl

Babylon 4137 conical bowl

Where are the Chinoiserie pieces I hear you cry? (OK, before you start Masterspy, don’t go there with the jokes about China, or we will end up causing a diplomatic incident and maybe even WW3…. Who me? Would I, Harvey?) Well, anyway readers, the prize for the biggest hunk of the month goes to seller gemsantiques who has hopefully undertaken extensive manual handling training before picking up this sumo sized beast (Oops). 15½ inches (390 mm)  tall and weighing in at who knows what, this temple jar in BARGE 2519 sold for £210.00. Better display it in a floor mounted cabinet made of something solid like mahogany, dear buyer.

Carlton Ware BARGE 2519 temple jar

BARGE 2519 temple jar

Another nice piece was this nice 10½ inch (265 mm) tall vase in TEMPLE 2928 which was sold BIN for £150.00 by the-eclectic-pottery-and-porcelain-shop. I wonder if this seller regrets choosing this name. It must take forever typing it out every time.

Carlton Ware TEMPLE 2928 vase Shape 172

TEMPLE 2928 vase shape 172

It would be remiss not to mention the lidded temple jar in CHINALAND 2948 supplied by regular seller mackems1 which attracted 20 bids and finally said sayonara at £325.69 (Ha, sneaked that one in without him noticing readers….. sssshhhh now, or he will be telling me off again). Not bad, considering it has a restored finial.

Carlton Ware CHINALAND 2948 covered vase Shape 244

CHINALAND 2948 covered vase Shape 244

Catstealer had a rinky dinky little 3 inch (75mm)  bowl in Mandarins Chatting 3654 which he did on a BIN for £125.00. It caught my attention (Must have been a Chinese whisper rather than a full on chat – phew, looks like he’s still asleep), but alas we can’t afford to bid on every one, can we readers? I haven’t got any pieces in the green frieze version of MC, either. Curses.

Carlton Ware Mandarins Chatting 3654 bowl 3" diameter

Mandarins Chatting 3654 bowl 3" diameter

Whizzing round the planet to yet another continent a nice fat little vase in TUT 2711 was rolled across the tomb entrance by torbayantiquecentre. Howard Carter was cursed with having to pay £161.99 to gaze upon this little Pharaohs’ treasure after seeing off all the other ebay archaeologists with a swift kick in the Anubis (At least that one showed a modicum of effort smartypants…. Hey, who are you calling smarty-pants, Harvey?). Oh well, it’s got its own entry in my little Book of the Dead now!

Carlton Ware TUT 2711 vase

TUT 2711 vase

Whilst we wait at least a mere 3335 years for Tut’s Mummy to rise again we must not forget to honour the lovely cup and saucer in the Egyptian Fan 3696 auctioned by fmr11434. Despite slight wear to the gilding it entered the afterlife at a heavenly £176.00 (groan, I give up – Harvey).

Carlton Ware Egyptian Fan MELON coffee cup & saucer

Egyptian Fan MELON coffee cup & saucer

And finally, the intrepid travellers return to good old Blighty just in time for the postman to deliver the spoils of victory and for a nice afternoon cream tea on the lawn at the back of the “Big House”, looking over at Cook’s cottage garden and the magnificent, gently waving spires of Hollyhocks sheltering the smaller plants from the cooling summer breeze. Yes readers, right in at the death with only a little over an hour of the month remaining, UK seller nunraw BINned an 8″ ginger jar in HOLLYHOCKS 3820 with a bit of a hairline in the lid for a remarkable £450.00. A fitting conclusion to our Carlton Ware trip round the world (and in a record breaking 31 days too, readers – none of this taking 80 days rubbish).

Carlton Ware HOLLYHOCKS 3820 ginger jar

HOLLYHOCKS 3820 ginger jar

Did our intrepid heroes find any strange new ebay fungi during their trip this month?  Don’t be silly, of course they did.
I am more than a little surprised that somebody might want a sticker for their car which proclaims that there are “Idiots Inside”, even allowing for the incredibly weak Intel Corp pun. After all, a wee while watching them drive the said car would probably provide the viewer with ample evidence of the truth of the statement without their having to pay good cash money to permanently deface the bodywork on their vee-hicle!

Lastly, I am also more than unconvinced that anybody might be foolish enough to part with any of their hard earned (even the modest sum of £5.57 plus postage) for a necklace made up of a variety of nuts (no, honestly) in an oval mount hung from a “silver tone” chain.  Takes all sorts readers, doesn’t it?

Ok pardners, I’ll climb back onto m’hoss fer another month and ride slowly off into the sunset. At this point you will just have to imagine the sight of ebay masterspy walkin’ off like John Wayne to get on his hoss.

Anybody seen my silver star????

Feel free to send your responses as usual,

Happy eBaying,
eBay Masterspy
With deep apologies to Harvey Pettit, CWW Webmaster and all round good guy.

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