November & December 2015

Readers…… again, I apologise. What must you think of me, missing yet another month’s blog? Sadly, I have had major problems. My puter broke on 22nd November and sadly is now (hopefully) rebooting in Emergency Ward 1010 (that one is for TV, maths or ‘puter nerds only….. and only old nerds at that!). The techies are doing everything they can, but the damage was extensive and the longed for recovery, extremely slow, so I am having to write this blog on a borrowed and ancient laptop…. I hope it stays the course, or you will never read this.

Still with me? Good. It must have made it to the winning post after all readers!!!

Mad Item of the Month(s)

01-dec-15-jan-16I don’t know about you, readers, but my life was significantly and adversely affected by the banking crisis of 2008 and the consequent economic woes which sprang therefrom. So to see a game glorifying the behaviour of bankers being sold on eBay for £14.00 (indeed, having sold out, in fact) raised my eyebrows I can tell you. The product description includes the following “The Really Nasty Bankers Game brings out all the best family values of double-crossing, scheming, bluffing and greed! Just sit there like a picture of innocence knowing you’ve gambled too much of the bank’s money and hope that nobody has the nerve to challenge you. Never mind honesty, integrity and ethics… now you can feel exactly what it’s like to squander away billions and earn yourself a big fat bonus along the way!” Makes one feel all warm and fuzzy inside readers.

Carlton Ware MODERN WARE sugar bowl in plain decoration 4151

MODERN WARE sugar bowl in plain decoration 4151

Over Optimistic eBayer of the Month(s)

Glasgow seller lmcd909 seems to imagine that a MODERN WARE sugar bowl in plain decoration 4151 is worth £250.00 and has been resolutely relisting it for some time. Can’t see it happening with the decimal place situated where it is currently. Can you?



Carlton Ware Heatwave 4092 jug

Heatwave 4092 jug


Bargain of the Month(s)

Once again unlucky seller cpm1947 provides us with the Bargain this Month – this time a superb 10½” pitcher in Heatwave 4092. Ok, there are a couple of little blemishes on one side of the handle, but £65.23? The lucky buyer is a friend of mine, but nevertheless I am quite happy to inform you readers that said eBayer is a serial CW thief!




Two Months’ Worth of Goodies

Carlton Ware Spangled Tree 4163 jug vase S496

Spangled Tree 4163 jug vase S496


Where to start? Why not with a jug vase in Spangled Tree 4163? Not one of my personal favourite patterns, but it has its adherents! Seller plush-puppy listed a good example which 2 well known eBayers fought over and raised the bar to £70.77. Not far from bargain territory.




Talking of raising the bar, next up for a shout out was seller 007baza who listed an uber rare 16” charger in JACOBEAN FIGURES 3956.

Carlton Ware JACOBEAN FIGURES 3956 charger


Masterspy took one look at this and thought…. I am not embarrassing myself by making a puny bid on this, it’s going Down Under anyway. 50% correct. My bid would have been puny, but it didn’t go to Oz. In fact it travelled less than one thirtieth of the distance to where I had thought it would end up. The seller trousered a massive £2106.00 on this beauty. I particularly like the way the enamelling of the figures is done in the same micro mosaic style favoured by enamellers on silver. My gob was well and truly smacked by this one I can tell you, but more importantly the buyer reports to me that it is simply magnificent!

Carlton Ware BLUE WREN 3115 vase

BLUE WREN 3115 vase



We have all seen many pieces of SKETCHING BIRD, Feathertailed Bird, CHINESE BIRD, PARADISE BIRD, even Secretary Bird et al over the years, but very few pieces of BLUE WREN 3115 turn up on eBay. Darlington eBayer mackems1 chose to BIN/ONO list this little 4½” vase at £75.00. Got to be a good buy on rarity alone and apart from the rarity value it is prettily drawn and beautifully coloured.




Carlton Ware Moonlight Cameo 2960 cylindrical cigarette box & cover S336

Moonlight Cameo 2960 cylindrical cigarette box & cover S336


Another good buy was made by the top bidder for this 4” tall cylindrical cigarette box in Moonlight Cameo 2960. Personally, I much prefer the orange ground versions of Moonlight Cameo to the matt black ones, but each to their own as I often say. There was a little crazing, primarily and unfortunately in the cameos themselves, but, £17.80??? Wow. Lucky buyer.



Carlton Ware MODERN WARE preserve pot & cover on stand in MODERN WARE decoration 3888

MODERN WARE preserve pot & cover on stand in MODERN WARE decoration 3888


Second listing in this blog for seller cpm1947 – this time a lovely MODERN WARE preserve pot and cover on its stand in MODERN WARE decoration 3888. This is one of masterspy’s favourite decorations. So Deco, so opulent. I am lucky enough to own one of these preserves in Medley 3599 and it is a superb display piece. Sadly I have to report that I paid a lot more for my piece than the buyer paid for this one, which was only £45.00.



What a shame this CHINESE BIRD 3527 10” REVO tray has an old chip on the back.

Carlton Ware CHINESE BIRD 3527 10” REVO tray

CHINESE BIRD 3527 10” REVO tray

Denizen of Stockton markyeva1968 may have feared the worst because of it, but needn’t have worried, pocketing a reasonable £87.11. This pattern has a lovely blend of colours and an imaginative design. I am very fond of this one.

I have no doubt as to why the finned diamond shaped dish does not get the highest of prices, it is extremely hard to display in a way that does not take a large area of cabinet space. However, it is a great platform for displaying the majesty of some of CW’s greatest Art Deco patterns.

Carlton Ware BELL 3788 diamond shape tray

BELL 3788 diamond shape tray

This one had a little gild wear primarily on the fins and was listed as a secret auction, neither of which helped its cause, price wise, but at the end of the day BELL 3788 on the mottled gloss ruby lustre is one of the best. The colours and detail in BELL are superb and the ruby ground suits it very well. In the listing the seller, magpiesantiques said he or she would have liked to keep it, but needed the money. Well, the back bin was swelled by the sum of £123.11, so presumably starvation was at least temporarily avoided.

I have always wanted to buy Mrs Masterspy one of CW’s lovely pedestal powder puff bowls.

Carlton Ware PARADISE BIRD & TREE WITH CLOUD 3252 footed powder bowl

PARADISE BIRD & TREE WITH CLOUD 3252 footed powder bowl

So far this prize has eluded me. So it did again when jamesmiles2012 listed an example in PARADISE BIRD & TREE WITH CLOUD 3252. This bird was keen to climb despite those silly tail feathers and rose to £167.00.

As I often say, when a very rare pattern comes on to eBay out pop another couple lickety split. There was a little rash of Mondrian 3570 pieces a while back for example. So here we have another JACOBEAN FIGURES 3957 piece, a 7” lidded ginger jar in ruby.

Carlton Ware JACOBEAN FIGURES 3957 ginger jar

JACOBEAN FIGURES 3957 ginger jar

In fact it was another piece from deepest darkest Argentina listed by shicosland. Somewhat over optimistically it was listed for USD4999.99 but was sold to a best offer of USD3000.00 (approx. £2059.31 – exchange rate at time of writing, not at time of sale). Owing to currency exchange rates, the buyer will have paid 2% to 3% less in their currency at time of purchase, which of course raises an obvious but interesting issue…. When is a good time to buy from a foreign country? Answer, never if one lives in the UK, but happily for the buyer of this pot, residence in the benighted land of the UK is not an issue. Go on, figure it out… answers on a post card please.

Another piece displaying a different historically inspired lady appeared 250 or so years later so to speak on this charger in VICTORIAN LADY 3451 listed by soula-art of Glasgow.

Carlton Ware VICTORIAN LADY 3451 charger

VICTORIAN LADY 3451 charger

Sadly, this has a rim chip, but that didn’t stop it swirling the crinolines round to £385.00. I reckon the buyer has by now exhausted every flat display position in his abode and has now resorted to stuff he can hang on his wall (hopefully anyway readers!!!). Yeah, right…. No chance, eh buyer?

I like my little flights of fancy readers and I have just had one relating to this footed REVO shaped comport in Chevrons 3657 listed by betinbe_2xdo7 of Bastogne in Belgium.

Carlton Ware Chevrons 3657 REVO footed fruit

Chevrons 3657 REVO footed fruit

History buffs will know that the town of Bastogne was heavily fought over during the Battle of the Bulge in December 1944 because of its strategic importance. Bastogne is sited on wooded high ground and hosts a major road junction. I imagine I can see a symbolic representation of the high ground in the triangular shape in the middle, of the woods in the curvy shape on the left and of the skyward pointing guns in the shape on the right. (What a muppet you are masterspy – Ed… Sorry, Ed – masterspy). Anyway, the piece sold for an extremely cheap £91.84 probably due to poor pictures and lack of condition description.

Carlton Ware SKETCHING BIRD 3891 vase S443

SKETCHING BIRD 3891 vase S443




10” 443 shaped vases are very nice, particularly in SKETCHING BIRD 3891. £250.00 would be a fair price at the moment I would reckon.






Carlton Ware FOREST TREE 3244 vase

FOREST TREE 3244 vase




This is a good ‘un. emmamaria79 auctioned a 9” vase in FOREST TREE 3244, which caused a right old punch up between nine eBayers and ended up at £231.00. Good colours.







Most will have seen examples of the dogs from the RIBBED STONEWARE range, but I imagine far fewer will have seen, or even know of the existence of the RIBBED STONEWARE RAT! (Yes, in shape records it’s called a rat Ed.)



I don’t think there are many of these about. They are cute enough to have sold initially in the 1930s, but that tail was an accident waiting to happen (as it has done on this occasion) and probably led to many being thrown away. Consequently, the price rocketed to £182.70. I happen to know that the winner was delighted, but shocked at how much had to be paid to secure it, whilst the under bidder was distraught at having missed out. There can only be one winner in an eBay auction readers.

The winner of this auction was pretty determined to win, placing 40 bids in that thoroughly annoying a few more quid at a time fashion. Seller cooperterry (I wonder if the seller’s real name could be Terry Cooper lol) launched a lidless 6” ginger jar with a hairline in the rare Jagged Bouquet 3457.

Carlton Ware Jagged Bouquet 3457 ginger jar missing cover

Jagged Bouquet 3457 ginger jar missing cover

It finished up at £205.00. A high price for an incomplete piece with damage.

Carlton Ware Rosetta 3505 jug S789

Rosetta 3505 jug S789



I like jugs. I like Rosetta 3505. Ipso fatso I like this one, listed by forresusa. Sadly, so does half the CW world. My bid would not have troubled the scorers as they say in cricket. A gorgeous cover drive for 732.00 runs needed to win this game.



Carlton Ware BELL 3774 8" ginger jar

BELL 3774 8″ ginger jar



Now, if this 8” ginger jar in yellow BELL 3774 had been perfect (it has a restored lid) and had been listed with the pictures the right way up (corrected here) christopher7837 would have made some serious cash. As it was, it still made £708.00. I am sure the buyer will endeavour to place it the right way up on display. Wouldn’t want it to roll off the shelf!!!



Carlton Ware HOLLYHOCKS 3972 jug S470

HOLLYHOCKS 3972 jug S470


A friend of mine is having a somewhat difficult time at the moment, so here is one which I hope will cheer her up a little, it is an 8” jug in her favourite pattern, HOLLYHOCKS 3972. As it was a secret auction it might even have been her wot bought it. Perhaps she might tell us.




Carlton Ware out decorated vase

Thought to be an Out decorated vase S464


I don’t know much about this 6” 464 shape vase. I have not seen the pattern before. It doesn’t appear in pattern records so is likely to an out decorated piece. Perhaps it is unknown, or mebbe decorated out. It does have an order number underneath together with the blue script mark (unsmudged), but no pattern number. Has anybody seen this pattern before? Somebody may have scored a rare one here for £75.00. Opinions? Further information?


Carlton Ware SPIDER'S WEB 4243 vase S463

SPIDER’S WEB 4243 vase S463



One down on the shape numbers is 463 and this nice 5½” example in SPIDER’S WEB 4243 was BINned by tyler*95 of Cal-eye-forn-eye-ay in the good ol’ US of A for £75.66. As you know I am not a particular fan of this pattern, but this unusual colourway is very delicate.




Carlton Ware Dragon & Traveller 3660 vase S463

Dragon & Traveller 3660 vase S463



And now a fond return to my dear friend’s favourite colour, which she nicknamed “Puke Yellow”! Some, including my friend, may not like it, but at least the pattern stands out on this colour. What pattern? Oh yes….. Dragon & Traveller 3660 on a 5” globular. This one didn’t do as well as I expected and only reached £173.00 before running out of fire. Dunno why. Looks a nice piece to me.



Carlton Ware FLOWER & FALLING LEAF 3948 on a 6” S406

FLOWER & FALLING LEAF 3948 on a 6” S406



FLOWER & FALLING LEAF 3948 on a 6” 406! The only question is where were the serial 406 bidders? Only two bidders for this cracker. I can only assume that the areas of “matt” gilding commented on in answer to a question persuaded some not to bid. Oh well. Not ever likely to clap me peepers on this one, so I will never know. Is it restored, buyer? Do let us know.




Carlton Ware Tendrillon 3858 covered vase S311

Tendrillon 3858 covered vase S311



I simply luuuuurve Tendrillon 3858. I have a small piece and a large piece, so I am out of this game, but that doesn’t stop me salivating. Oh no indeedy not. Londoner ros-at-rrltd sold a 7” lidded vase for £285.00. It looks like this one is beginning to go up in price, readers!





Carlton Ware HOLLYHOCKS 3818 tall candlestick

HOLLYHOCKS 3818 tall candlestick





Yorkie seller gemsantiques BINned a proud upstanding candlestick in HOLLYHOCKS 3818 for £135.00. A very nice one by t’looks on’t.






Another of my faves as you all know is ANEMONE 3694. On one of my fave shapes too. Yum yum. Scottish seller april_antiques used to own a 10” example, but sold it for £192.33. A good buy at this price methinks readers.

Carlton Ware ANEMONE 3694 REVO tray

ANEMONE 3694 REVO tray

In any case 12 different bidders fancied it, so I can’t be alone this time. What striking design and colours, right out of the heart of CW’s golden every one a winner Art Deco design period. Hang on. I have just had a thought. Perhaps nobody liked the pot, but people have a desperate need for a left thumb!!!!! Go on, sellers list pix of yer left thumb and see if you can beat £192.33.

Not one, but TWO perfect Mandarins Chatting 3654 6” vases were auctioned by 1pantiques.

Carlton Ware Mandarins Chatting 3654 vases

Mandarins Chatting 3654 vases

Like the name sir, like the name. Mind you, I like the vases and so did the 9 bidders who pushed these 2 fat boys up to £761.02. So the seller will soon be able to buy loads and loads of food and become as fat as a mandarin.

Carlton Ware TURKISH 3071 vase S167

TURKISH 3071 vase S167




Oooooh errrrr, missus, a 10” 167 shape vase in TURKISH 3071.

Triffic. I am very fond of this one too readers. A bargain at only £257.00. The good news is I will be able to feast me peepers on this one soon readers.







Last, but not least is this unsold piece. It did reach £1283.00, but that wasn’t enough to surpass the Queen of Cleveland’s reserve price. Somewhat surprising that it didn’t go any higher. After all FAIRY 3564 is rarer than rocking horse poo.

Carlton Ware FAIRY 3564 bowl

FAIRY 3564 bowl

Must be because it is a 9” bowl and not a vase. Gawd knows what it would have sold for if it had been a 9” vase!

So, there we are then. It is 50 days since my puter broke down. I have tried to do my best on a borrowed lappy, but, no excuses. I hope you enjoyed it such as it was. Perhaps my puter will respond to the 1000 volts defibrillation administered by the puter nerd medics and come off the critical list. I certainly hope so. As usual, feel free to make any comments in the normal way.

Happy eBaying.

eBay Masterspy

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October & November 2015

Ok….. sorry (puff, pant, gasp)…… Sorry, I am so late (gasp, pant, cough, gasp)….Here I am.

This not working game isn’t as easy as I thought. So much to do. I have helped out poorly children and grandchildren, done a spot of family celebrating in Wales, shampooed all the carpets in Masterspy Mansion, put the garden to bed for winter, given my talk at Middleport Pottery to the Annual Carlton Ware World Gathering and had a holiday in France with Mrs Masterspy. Basically, I have done everything except helping the Police with their enquiries (despite having killed everybody at Stoke who found out my identity)!

Sadly, Oliver has been in the wars yet again. He tripped and nutted a concrete step at Nursery. Unsurprisingly, the step won. Cue trip to hospital in an Ambulance. Naturally, it being Oliver, the cut became infected. The following day it was back to the hospital again as he had another fit. Same Ambulance crew, too. One of them asked us if we were trying to get an invite to the Christmas Party this year. I think I might book a season ticket in that Ambulance.

Mad Item of the Month(s)

01-oct-nov-15-25070 toilet roll centres for £7.99 were offered by the inappropriately named fairiesandthings. Never could a Mad Item of the Month be said to have been worked so hard for and for so long! I know they could be put to a use and therefore could be said to not meet the criteria, but I just have a picture of mum shouting through the toilet door to various members of the family asking them if the roll has run out yet and not to throw it into the bin if it has. (To the Editor, CWW…. Sir, so there we are, he missed a whole month and when he finally shows up the first thing he does is to be errrr basic – Yours, Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells).

Over Optimistic EBayer of the Month(s)

I am cheating a bit this month readers. There were 2 good CW candidates this month, both massively priced coffee sets. One was a Moonlight Cameo 2944 set without the coffee pot, but supplemented by a lidless lidded vase listed at £850.00 which didn’t sell, so the optimistic eBayer relisted it at £1495.00 – go figure, I simply can’t.

Moonlight Cameo 2944 part coffee set with vase

Moonlight Cameo 2944 part coffee set with vase

The other was a complete coffee set in Nightingale 3562 in perfect condition. Well, it would have to be for £3500.00!!

Nightingale 3562 AMORY shape coffee set

Nightingale 3562 AMORY shape coffee set

It might get one third of this price if the big boys are interested, but I doubt it. Incidentally, as if the prices weren’t enough to make them both difficult to sell, the pictures were also very poor. Even digitally enhanced by our webmaster they are out of focus and dull. Anyway, despite having these two excellent candidates neither of them won this month’s double Overoptimistic accolade. The winner is in fact not a CW piece (I told you I was cheating)…. Life could be worse fellow CWers. You could be a Shelley (spits) collector. The CW factory often supplied coffee sets in sturdy wooden presentation boxes with a carrying handle and twin locks. Asking around at the CWW Gathering people thought the presentation boxes might add £50 to £100 to the price of a set. Perhaps they also supplied them in cardboard boxes too. Shelley certainly did. Seller 2013kins from the Isle of Mull listed a battered cardboard box for a Shelley Henley set for £1250.00.

04-oct-nov-15-250Yes, I did not make a mistake; I will clarify my point…… an EMPTY battered cardboard box is offered for £1250.00!!! Perhaps all those harsh winters, the endless wind, the neck deep snow and terrifying loneliness on the Isle of Mull have had a deleterious effect on the workings of his or her bonce!! Truly and spectacularly overoptimistic. Bwahaahaa Could well be a candidate for the Annual award readers.

Bargain of the Month(s)

Carlton Ware Rayure 3955 MODERN WARE coffee cup & saucer.

Rayure 3955 MODERN WARE coffee cup & saucer.

Rayure 3955 is as you all know one of my favourites. So, when I saw one of my dearest friends pick up one of the cup/saucer duos which 458martin has been selling for only £39.00 because of a few craze lines at the bottom of the cup I knew I had found the B o t M and I was very pleased for my friend of course too. The rest of the duos have gone for between £100 and £145. Bargain.

Carlton Ware Fantasia 3421 covered vase

Fantasia 3421 covered vase


September and October


Glaswegian seller opal22503 is first up for a mention with this lovely 7” lidded vase shape 311 in Fantasia 3421. He BINned it for £174.99 and it was snapped up quickly.





Carlton Ware PARISIENNE shape coffee cup & saucer in pattern 4084

PARISIENNE shape coffee cup & saucer in pattern 4084


As I said above I have just got back from La Belle France, so what better to include than this nice duo in PARISIENNE shape in pattern 4084. Mackem seller markyeva1968 only managed to attract one bid though. Surely a lovely duo like this is worth more than £14.99?



The amusingly named Aberdonian seller ayeayeawheel BIN/ONOed a nice 11” REVO tray in GARDEN 3413 for only £34.00.

Carlton Ware REVO tray in GARDEN 3413

REVO shape tray in GARDEN 3413

Excellent buy there one feels. Good pot for the money. Super colours anyway.

Carlton Ware Fantasia 3421 vase

Fantasia 3421 vase S464



Some patterns are rarely seen on eBay whilst some are seen regularly. One pattern which is seen regularly at the moment is Fantasia 3421. Another 3 vases were well worthy of a mention. Seller harolsgal listed this 6”er in shape 464 which was bid to £180.10.



Carlton Ware Fantasia 3421 vase S456

Fantasia 3421 vase S456




Soon after, back came opal22503 again with this 6” vase in shape 456. This one dug out a price of £169.99.





Carlton Ware Fantasia 3421 vase S442

Fantasia 3421 vase S442



Lastly, and just going to show that shape is important regarding price, up popped doyoucollectbargains who asked £295.00 for this 6” globular vase shape 442. It disappeared fantastically fast, so it is safe to assume that this sought after shape sold for much more than the other two.


Carlton Ware DRAGON 2818 baluster vase S218

DRAGON 2818 baluster vase S218





Another of the same pattern appearing closely together jobs came with this bottle shaped 14” tall vase in DRAGON 2818. It attracted only one bid so sold for the starting price of £80.00.





Then seller rp104 tried to sell a pair of 11” tall baluster vases in shape 139. Initially they were offered as a BIN for £450.00.

arlton Ware DRAGON 2818 vases S139

DRAGON 2818 vases S139

When they didn’t sell they were offered again by auction with a reserve. They only attracted 2 bids, topping out at £10.49. Ouch. Sounds like a major disappointment to me.

Carlton Ware JAZZ 3353 jug vase

JAZZ 3353 jug vase


Almost as good a bargain as the Rayure duo was this stunning jug vase with just a little gild wear on the handle in superb JAZZ 3353. The seller, trampuss, has listed this a few times in the last couple of years at prices as high as £1650.00. However, it finally went for a very reasonable £880.00.



Carlton Ware Crested Bird & Water Lily 3530 biscuit barrel missing lid

Crested Bird & Water Lily 3530 biscuit barrel missing lid

Nice biscuit barrels in Crested Bird & Water Lily 3530 (even ones without their lids) do not deserve treatment like this, readers. Seller karlosauction seemed to have sold one in September for £69.00, but it reappeared in October as a BIN for £85.00, did not trouble the scorers as they say and was then auctioned again, still by the same seller, finishing just outside my period (but, what the hell), for even less than in the first auction, being only £43.00. Now, I don’t know what you think readers, but I know what I think. Both grrr and ha ha. Maybe it will be back again soon. I dunno. Terrible picture. Is it hiding something?

Carlton Ware CLEMATIS 3525 vase S217

CLEMATIS 3525 vase S217



As time has gone by, I find myself more and more drawn to the Handcraft matt ground patterns. This pattern, CLEMATIS 3525, is not one which currently nestles in my collection, but… one day, perhaps. Seller wallsco2 listed a nice 8” 217 shape vase which sold for a very reasonable £64.00. Does the bold flower, not entirely unlike the flower in Stellata 3326 make it a little marmite-ish for some tastes and hold the price down? What do you think of it, buyer? Do let us know.




I know a gentleman who wanted to bid on a TYROLEAN BANDS 4076 plate at an auction house. He was however, engaged on the “school run” and got home 5 minutes too late to bid. Consequently, the Queen of Cleveland nabbed it and eBayed it. I can’t tell you where my acquaintance was at the death of the eBay auction (which topped out at £124.99), but he missed out on it again.

Carlton Ware TYROLEAN BANDS 4076 MODERN WARE tray S1572


The good news is the new owner is a very nice person and would like as not be happy to show my acquaintance what (in good old fashioned game show style) he could have won. It would only be a couple of hours drive, too. Smiles.

Carlton Ware Hedgerow 3875 jug S789

Hedgerow 3875 jug S789

A seller who might come a cropper (unusually for him) is swillyrules. At any rate, somebody likely purchased a Hedgerow 3875 jug at somewhere south of £495.00 from doyoucollectbargains? It did the usual disappearing trick back in September. When this one was listed by swillyrules it rose to only £114.00. For those of you with a little historical knowledge, General Douglas Macarthur’s famous quote might well apply one day.

Carlton Ware FAIRY 3564 pot-pourri S155 missing lid

FAIRY 3564 pot-pourri S155 missing lid




Ok, now to a piece which had no trouble flying high. This was a potpourri without its lid which made the small matter of £1319.00 after a mere 50 bids for gemsantiques. Why? Because it was in the ultra-rare FAIRY 3564 pattern, that’s why. Gawd knows how much it would have fetched with a lid!!!




Not content with obtaining such big bucks for a part piece, gemsantiques then launched a 7” powder bowl in BELL 3788 with a lid, which had been broken into 3 pieces and simply re-glued. “Still displays well” he put in his description. I should hope so at a startling price of £261.51. Very happy seller, I bet.

Carlton Ware BELL 3788 powder bowl

BELL 3788 powder bowl


There is no doubt about it. This is a spectacular piece. It doesn’t need too much description by me other than to say it is 12½” across, is named DAISY and is pattern number 3693.

Carlton Ware DAISY 3693 plaque

DAISY 3693 plaque

A number of people fought hard over it and it made £393.29. Seller harwil from Canada must have been delighted.

More spectacular daisies soon followed, this time with  a different pattern number.  Although the decoration on the plaque appears to be the same as on the bowl and vase below, there is one distinct difference.  Can you see what it is?

Carlton Ware DAISY 3693 FOOTED FRUIT S184 and vase S467

DAISY 3679 FOOTED FRUIT S184 and vase S467

This time seller 3caroline6 from Devon listed a superb comport. It obtained 18 bids to £139.78. And what do you know if another bunch of daisies were waved at us by US seller samjoelin. A super 6” vase in shape 467 only attracted one bid. So it sold for only £99.48 (well under par I reckon. Happy buyer).



I do like the RIBBED STONEWARE dogs. So when I spotted one which an acquaintance did not have in her collection I drew her attention to it. She beat the seller shannonriver_pink down mercilessly from £248.99 to £200.00. Shortly afterwards I received a message from her saying that the two she already had must have bred because the new one was a blend of the 2 colours she had before!


Kentish seller rmcycles-online found a free-wheeling part coffee set in Hedgerow 3872 which rolled along merrily to £317.77.

Carlton Ware Hedgerow 3872 part MELON shape coffee set

Hedgerow 3872 part MELON shape coffee set

Sadly there are only 3 cups as fit as Chris Froome. Even more sadly, one was in Masterspy’s condition (short of a handle and pedalling a rusty old tricycle up a long hill).

Carlton Ware Devil’s Copse 3817 vase S443

Devil’s Copse 3817 vase S443




Arrrggghhh!! 10” of powerful pot (and I don’t mean the smokeable kind)!!! The Q o C auctioned a 443 shape vase in Devil’s Copse 3817 on the Turquoise matt ground. Jealousy. Envy. Pot lust! Where is it? Who’s got it? I want it!!! £650.00 reasons why I don’t own this one though. Damn. Damn. Damn.





Blush Ware vases

Bramble Blush Ware vases


Well, having just shamed myself readers, I am now blushing! A pair of 12½” handled rare pattern Blush vases were listed by second_time_around and positively snapped up by a bidder for £146.02.

I know for a fact that the buyer was happy with the price (cos I was told so). Well over 100 years old and only one base rim chip. Lucky survivors.




Carlton Ware PETUNIA flow blue & gilt handled vase

PETUNIA flow blue & gilt vase with asymmetric handles




The buyer of these vases was again happy with his purchase of an 11½” PETUNIA flow blue serpentine handled vase. There was actually a pair listed separately by wasgatheringdust in a probable attempt to get more money than if listed together. If so, this didn’t work. One was bought at £46.00 and the other at £34.50. The buyer, who was delighted to keep them united, sharing my anti view of splitting up pairs and sets, was delighted. Very cheap he said.




Carlton Ware PERSIAN GARDEN 3892 vase S443

PERSIAN GARDEN 3892 vase S443




Back to the 443 shape vases now, in this case in PERSIAN GARDEN 3892 on the powder blue colourway. Seller magpiesantiques advised in his listing that he was selling as he needed the money. Fair enough, most of us do sometimes. Well, he is in need of a lot less now as he trousered £480.77 for this terrific vase. Mine’s a double Sir – I believe it is your round!





Unknown pattern on vase S464

Unknown pattern on vase S464



A rare one now. I can’t find it in the patterns I have. No number on the base. So I don’t know the name.  I can tell you it is 6” tall and is shape 464. I can also tell you it made £355.56 for the Q of C. It looks like the equally rare Wind Flower, or perhaps Gazania. Anyway, I like it, but it seems to me to have a little of the marmite to it. Maybe that is why it didn’t go to four figures.



Carlton Ware Rabbits at Dusk 4247 vase S470

Rabbits at Dusk 4247 vase S470


A regular in this blog is good old Rabbits at Dusk 4247. I have to keep mentioning it or my Aussie friends moan at me! Melbourne seller sharon8999 parted with her 8” jug for £210.01. A far cry from when several buyers were paying amazing money for even small pieces of this pattern, but not to be sniffed at all the same. Seller was a happy lady anyway.


NEW FLIES 3023 is not often seen, nor mentioned in my blog, but elsiej03 let loose a 6”er on eBay.

Unfinished NEW FLIES 3023 vase alongside a finished example

Unfinished NEW FLIES 3023 vase alongside a finished example

However, it was an unfinished example missing its gold print and lustres.  The decoration was not completed because of firing flaws with the blue ground, which you can see is blotchy.  No doubt this is why it only fetched £40.

Carlton Ware Devil’s Copse 3767A vase S217

Devil’s Copse 3767A vase S217





Canadian seller harwil is next up with this superb Devil’s Copse 3767A 6” 217 shape vase in the very rare pale blue colourway. It made £471.53, which certainly was not too much. I reckon the seller got the worst of eBay’s vagaries this time.





Carlton Ware Dragon & Traveller 3656 vase S467

Dragon & Traveller 3656 vase S467

Some patterns are simple and others are complex. Dragon & Traveller 3656 sits foursquare in the latter category. Nevertheless I admire it greatly. I think it is the deftness of the colouring which adorns the pot painted in D & T. Tiny splashes of colour are to be found across most of the surface which stand out beautifully against the dark blue ground. Even the border, and in many cases the rear of the pieces, are usually intricately decorated. Vendor kaydee1948 auctioned a lovely 6” 467 shape vase which didn’t reach the heights I expected for an uncommon and high quality pattern. A final price of £141.99 must have satisfied the buyer. I know Chinoiserie patterns are not setting price records any more, but this pattern is far far rarer than MIKADO, BARGE, and TEMPLE etc. Good buys to be had in this pattern perhaps. Keep your eyes peeled, buyers!

Carlton Ware CHINALAND 2948 tall slender vase

CHINALAND 2948 tall slender vase


Every now and again, a piece pops onto eBay located in Uruguay. One such pot of note for example was a 10” ginger jar in JAZZ 3353 which made over £5100 (and which I have swooned over in the flesh) – see October 2011 blog for details. The seller’s id was pancho11… and guess what readers… pancho11 strikes again. This time it is one of the largest pieces of CW ever produced, a staggeringly statuesque and stunning 27” tall vase in CHINALAND 2948, which the buyer paid £1183.80 to own. Pancho must love Australia readers, cos both of the pots mentioned her are there and only 90 miles apart. One day perhaps I will feast my eyes on this one too. Sighhhhh.



Carlton Ware Tendrillon 3858 ginger jar

Tendrillon 3858 ginger jar

More masterspy slobber is about to ooze from your screen readers. Sorry. I think Tendrillon 3858 should make much more money than it does. Perhaps it is because of the amount of black in the pattern, but readers, this is gloss black, not matt black. In my opinion an altogether different bag of sweeties. It is simply Art Deco. It screams Deco. I wish I could have made this lovely my own and taken her into the masterspy loving embrace . Anyway (gruffly clears embarrassed throat) it seem criminal that subsubsub0 only managed to raise £215.00 with this 8” lidded ginger jar in excellent condition. Readers, it is over to you. Come on. Do better next time or woe betide you!!!

Carlton Ware Carp 2437 vase

Carp 2437 vase



I have a lovely 7” lidded vase in this pattern, but in the delicate pale lemon colourway. I bought it on eBay from (the sadly departed from eBay seller) catstealer. Today I am reporting on a nice 6½” vase in Carp 2437 which failed to jump from the river and attract many anglers’ attention. It made only £33.88 for caddy8201 from Burnley. Sad seller, methinks.




Carlton Ware Guinness table lamp

Carlton Ware Guinness table lamp


“Masterspy! Are you still not asleep yet?” “No mum, sorry.” “Well stop reading and turn that silly lamp out!” “Yes mum, in a minute!” Well, as you can tell masterspy is in trouble for blogging too long in bed, so I had better go, but before I do, ever dutiful to my mother I will switch off this Guinness table lamp and go to sleep. I am sure avagojoe will rest easy too, having pocketed £318.86 for it. Nighty nighty readers. Wake me next month, but if you want to write in with any comment feel free to do so in the time honoured interwebby fashion on the form provided.

eBay Masterspy

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September 2015

Before I start the blog I must let you all know about next month’s blog!!! It will be particularly late!!! Stop groaning (or indeed cheering), there is a good reason. Next month, on the 18th of good old October in fact, it is the Carlton Ware World Annual Get Together in Stoke (about which all the information you need to book your places is to be found on the website at I have been asked to make one of the presentations, which will mainly be my monthly blog (plus one or two of my favourites over the years). Obviously the blog will not be published until after the event, so it will be late. Sorry to all those of you who cannot attend because you are at a funeral on Mars. Everyone else has to book tickets. Finally discover the identity of the mystery man! Get the chance to be rude to him! Throw some rotten eggs and tomatoes (well, perhaps not)! Heckle! I am prepared for all this mind you. I am taking an old school blackboard chalk rubber and I may throw it at offenders. Just one other thing, my particular thanks go to Mr. Mike Maunder who with a degree of sneakiness I did not know he possessed gave me the death slot right after lunch (he is target number one for that, readers).

01-sept-15-300Mad Item of the Month

Every now and again I am doing my mooching around for mad items and come across one which I fancy buying myself (confirms one or two things you have long been thinking about me, eh?). This month it is a nice tee shirt for sale for only £8.99. As sometimes is the case it requires little explanation, but, no doubt, much sad shaking of heads.


Over Optimistic eBayer of the Month

Teapots by Roger Michell

Teapots by Roger Michell

This month’s easy winner is melody848 of York who listed this very nice Roger Michell teapot (with blue knop). Sadly for him or her, Somerset seller mr_minou also listed an equally nice one from the same series (with gilded knop). The latter obtained bids from only 4 eBayers and soberly drank a teetotaller’s toast to a creditable and fair final price of £79.00. Bearing this outcome in mind, I reckon melody848 is pretty unlikely to raise a glass of champers any time soon to celebrate having achieved his or her BIN/ONO price of £500.00.

Carlton Ware Tendrillon 3858 preserve pot

Tendrillon 3858 preserve pot

Bargain of the Month

As many of you know I adore Tendrillon 3858. It is so opulent, dramatic and deco! Just like me! Now get up off the floor, readers. It is quite unseemly to be laughing and rolling around like that! What must the cat/dog/tortoise/goldfish be thinking? Sadly for us British patriots it has taken the long trip to Oz. Curses. And all for want of further good British bids above a bargain price of only £46.51 for this lovely preserve pot listed by ngf87.


The Rest

Taking a little trip round the M25 from the Cranleigh abode of barryplumber1 is this attractive baby 8½” REVO tray in AUTUMN TREE & FERNS 3517 at the non-baby price of £112.25.

Carlton Ware AUTUMN TREE & FERNS 3517REVO tray


The design of this pattern has obvious similarities to some of Clarice Cliff’s work, but I know which I prefer. No readers, I am not going to start writing a blog on some dodgy Clarice Cliff website rubbishing CW……. Perish the appalling thought!!! Shudders.

Carlton Ware NEW CHINESE BIRD & CLOUD 3322 vase S406





Ooooh a 6” 406er in NEW CHINESE BIRD & CLOUD 3322. Were the glums glum? No, of course not, cos they trousered £171.66 at the end of the auction. Smiles all round, no doubt.





Carlton Ware BELL 3788 jug S495

BELL 3788 jug S495



BELL 3788 in the ruby ground, ring-a-blooming-ding-dong! A 495 shape jug with the bird’s beak mouth. Triffic. Lead me to it…. Damaged badly and needing restoration…. oh. Sad. Obviously, a tragedy, but this colour/pattern combo is so well thought of that it still made £113.11.




Carlton Ware PENDANT BUBBLES AMORY shape cream jug


An occasional visitor to these pages is PENDANT BUBBLES and one, which I am sure, is indeed welcome. “Sit you down missus and have a cake and a coffee”. “Mmmmm, that’s a nice little jug you have there. Lots of gilding and enamelling”. “Yes, when I have finished with it I am going to weigh it in, Mrs Smith and retire to Tonbridge Wells”. “What a good idea Mrs Jones, will you be taking ‘empty ‘ead…..errr, I mean Mr Jones?”. “No way, José…. Useless lump can stay here and play with the trains, preferably watching from right on the tracks”. Don’t quite know how I got there, but it made me smile. I am sure jdecdec is smiling at a sale price of £82.00 too.

A close runner up for bargain of the month was this superb cigarette box in TURKISH 3050 BIN/ONO’d by motels22 of North Worcestershire (probably more used to chewing straw than valuing CW I would guess) which went to a best offer of only £120.00.

Carlton Ware TURKISH 3050 cigarette box

TURKISH 3050 cigarette box

I wonder if the buyer has a shocking smoking habit, or perhaps fists full of top-notch jewels? Whatever purpose this beauty is going to be put to in the coming years it will be man enough to perform, no doubt about it. Super piece for no money at all.

Carlton Ware INCISED DIAMOND 3093 jug vase

INCISED DIAMOND 3903 jug vase

A rarely seen pattern is INCISED DIAMOND 3903. The fantastic jug vase auctioned by westcott2402 was only available to UK bidders, which was certainly unfortunate for at least one Aussie eBayer who tried in vain to get the seller to change his mind about international postage. Lucky for the UK winner though who paid a reasonable £88.66 possibly as a result. In this pale green colour, it certainly looks fine. I would imagine the winner is very happy with this collection addition.

Another great eBayer name is that of craftycow49. Love it. She listed a stunning coffee set, unfortunately with only 5 cups and saucers in black with wide gold borders 3846.

Carlton Ware MELON shape part coffee set black with wide gold borders 3846

MELON shape part coffee set black with wide gold borders 3846

Excellent value buy at only £70.00. I know there are only 5 settings, but that gives the option of selling 1 and settling for a set of 4, or waiting to find 1 more to complete the set of 6 settings. Lucky buyer.

Carlton Ware DRAGON vase





As it said on many maps of old “Here be Dragons”!!! Lovely blue ones writhing around and breathing bright yellow fire (as they often do, gadzooks). This 9″ gourd vase was auctioned by jw161104 and twelve intrepid pirates waved their cutlasses at it, one of whom finally slayed it for £84.51.





GUM FLOWER 3790 floating flower bowls don’t come along all that often, although I do have one myself (smirks in a deeply ugly fashion at any Gum Flower floaterless Aussie collectors) and a cracking piece of CW it is too.  Seller jomo8 BIN/ONO’d this 11” beauty for £140.00.

Carlton Ware GUM FLOWER 3790 floating flower bowl

GUM FLOWER 3790 floating flower bowl


Carlton Ware PERSIAN GARDEN 3893 vase S443

PERSIAN GARDEN 3893 vase S443

I am afraid the masterspy tears will be flowing as I write this. Two years ago, I snapped up an identical vase to this PERSIAN GARDEN 3893 11” 443 shaper, but it arrived broken (see June 2013 blog). I have looked and looked for a replacement without any luck. Recently I finally saw this one at auction in Cheltenham and went for it on the phone with all the ammo I had, but had to drop out as the underbidder. I predicted to a friend who would have bought it and was correct. I was also correct about it appearing within a fortnight on eBay. Not only that, but I was bang on in predicting how much seller wallsco2 would list it for. It was snapped up for £750.00 and a healthy profit, quite quickly. Booooo Hooooo. Sobbbbb sobbbb. I may have to stop now and go to bed for a few hours.


Carlton Ware Mandarins Chatting 3675 vase

Mandarins Chatting 3675 vase



Northern Irish seller weeshred found and eBayed another of those vases with the fat old Mandarins Chatting 3675. This one was a big and fat 10¼” job in very good condition. Four of Masterspy’s friends were after these big boys and one was victorious with a chunky sort of bid of £461.87 (just outpointing another of my friends…. Sorry old boy, but it has gone to a good home at least).





Carlton Ware Secretary Bird 4018 vase

Secretary Bird 4018 vase


You wait for one Northern Irish seller to list some CW and wowee if two of the beggars don’t come along together. This time it was weeshred’s near neighbour priscus-collectables and a massive 14¼” Secretary Bird 4018 vase. OMG. I mean seriously, does it get much more stunning than this? It was BIN/ONO’d for a quite reasonable £780.00. Not far off Bargain of the Month territory in my opinion. Lucky lucky buyer. Is it as good as I am chirping on about? Do tell us. Even better, come to the Annual Get Together in Stoke and allow me the opportunity to slobber all over it!!!



Carlton Ware Floral Embossed ANEMONE teapot

Floral Embossed ANEMONE teapot


wendy331 of Mauchline, Scotland invited us to take a little tea with her and the vicar, pouring it from her ANEMONE 8054 teapot. Lurrvvllllyyy. Slurrrrrp. Price £128.00. Costly tea, but hey, good pot!!




Carlton Ware Rabbits at Dusk 4247 jug vase

Rabbits at Dusk 4247 (unfinished) jug vase



A nice jug vase was sold by alldecokid in the unfinished pink version of Rabbits at Dusk 4247 for a price of £200.00. Love my jug vases. Oh well! Maybe another time, who knows?




Carlton Ware PEONY 1970 blue & white sugar shaker

PEONY 1970 blue & white sugar shaker


Now I take you back to 1896. Queen Victoria still had another 5 years of her remarkable reign to go and the Wiltshaws and the Robinsons were starting to bang out really good stuff, an example of which can be seen in this flow blue PEONY 1970 sugar shaker. Yankee seller kttygrpvn obtained only £33.41, which isn’t much for a 119 year old piece, is it readers? Clearly much undervalued and under regarded by today’s CWers.




Firing flaws, leading to pieces being left incomplete is an obvious cause of low final values and so it was with this 6” 456 shape vase in Floral Comet 3387. At least two colours and the gilding have not been applied to this vase which is a shame, but Stoke potters would never waste money, readers and they would sold as seconds.

Carlton Ware Floral Comets 3387 unfinished vase S456 with finished example

Floral Comet 3387 unfinished vase S456 with finished example

It is a very good pattern though, so makada56 still enticed 7 bidders who forgave this vase £88.77 worth of sins. We do know exactly how much it would have been worth though, because very shortly after glad-findings listed another, this time complete and in good condition which sold for £355.00.

I quite like STORK & BAMBOO 2932, but have no examples of it. Aussie seller asafbsh84 offered an 8” bowl which sold for £45.76. A nice piece, a very evocative nicely designed pattern. Possibly worth more, but bowls are never easy to display, so prices are somewhat lower of course.

Carlton Ware STORK & BAMBOO 2932 bowl

STORK & BAMBOO 2932 bowl

Carlton Ware Orange Vermillion glaze vase

Orange Vermillion glaze vase


Well, it is clear what the person naming this pattern was thinking by calling it Heinz! This Orange Vermillion glaze pot only 3” high but striking for all that. I like it and if this piece had been auctioned in the UK I would certainly have bid more than the winning price of £15.04 for it, but the import duty and postage cost would have made it too much for me. If you have something in this pattern I would be grateful if you would look underneath and let me know the pattern number.


Lastly, for this month is this lovely gondola with slight gilding wear in powder blue SKETCHING BIRD 3952. It was BINned for £275.00 by wk95_123 who amusingly (to me) appears not to know whether he lives in Hertfordshire or Essex.

Carlton Ware SKETCHING BIRD 3952 gondola

SKETCHING BIRD 3952 gondola

Therefore, if you want to be the first to see next month’s (non-all singing and dancing…. This I can promise) blog all I can suggest is that you register to attend on October 18th. The cost is only £35.00 per person. Now, that really is the Bargain of the Month, readers.

Of course, as ever feel free to comment on this blog using the form provided.

Happy embaying and I hope to see you in Stoke.

eBay Masterspy

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August 2015

01-aug-15-250Since last I wrote I have carried out several days of Grandfather Duties. Little Erin has had her 3rd birthday. Trips to the zoo, parties, meals out, the lot. We booked a hotel room. What a laugh. 12’6” long and 8’ wide, advertised as a family room! With a ¾ bed and bunk beds there was almost no room to put your feet, let alone luggage, people etc. Oh well. Never mind. Erin had a wonderful time!




Mad Item of the Month

I have never had a go at Norway, or Norwegians in general in this blog, but I found this odd item which I include solely for the purpose of gratuitously slagging off the said nation. This painted wooden doll, which is said to be Norwegian folk art, is 6” tall and £32.15 is being asked. Doncha love those Norwegian mothers scaring seven sorts of hell out of their kids eh? Nice, but I think I will pass this time.

Carlton Ware MIKADO 2881 small vase S158

MIKADO 2881  small vase S158


Over Optimistic eBayer of the Month

I offer a slim and shapely 5½ʺ vase in MIKADO 2881 with a very fat price of £200.00 BIN/ONO. I have nothing against MIKADO vases and this is a nice shape, but I am sorry, it ain’t worth £200.00, or much north of £50.00 for that matter. Perhaps time will prove me wrong. Who knows?




Bargain of the Month

Carlton Ware WILD DUCK 3924 plaque

WILD DUCK 3924 plaque

I found it very easy to select my choice this month. Seller antdeco listed a 13” charger in WILD DUCK 3924. The colours are stunning. The only fault a slight bit of damage to one of the hanging holes on the back, which was already repaired. So then…. £86.09? How does that grab you? I doubt if the seller was much grabbed, but I bet the buyer sure was. There should have been more than four bidders for this lovely piece. Secret auction though, innit Gromit?

Carlton Ware FAN 3558 vase S406

FAN 3558 vase S406

July Stuff

Well, this month was a little like our July weather here in the North of England… cold, boring and wet, with only a few bursts of sunshine. So what did catch my eye and make me take down my umbrella? First up there was another secret auction, run by hester.2010 which failed to catch light. It was for a ruby colourway 457 shape 6½” vase in FAN 3558. It had a hairline, but such a vase should really be doing more than £71.58.



I think we need a little ooh-la-la at this point. What better than the LADY bookends, clearly based on Marilyn Monroe?

Carlton Ware LADY bookends

LADY bookends from the 1980s

Unlike the lady herself however, these went cheaply to a singleton bidder for only £9.00. Never were books more cosseted than by these bookends!!!

Carlton Ware Tendrillon 3858 jug

Tendrillon 3858 jug based on vase S1176




Those of you who like big jugs will get very excited now. I was impressed by a 14” piece of superb CW Deco stylishness in Tendrillon 3858. It is one of my fave patterns, even when as in this case sadly there is damage and the almost obligatory crazing on the white. Still worth £45.00, even in this condition. Should restore to a reasonable standard.




Carlton Ware HANDCRAFT Cloud & Daisy 3313 vase S457

HANDCRAFT Cloud & Daisy 3313 vase S457

Things improved dramatically when lucydownes listed a very rare 10” vase in the HANDCRAFT Cloud & Daisy 3313 pattern. Some very heavy hitters went for this one. Needless to say, my pathetic snipe bid did an “Aussie Batsman” and “did not trouble the scorers” as they say……. Come on now….. you know what I am like, my Aussie friends…. Simply couldn’t pass up such an opportunity now, could I? Please direct all hate mail to….. Mr. Rod Marsh, 60 Jolimont Street, Jolimont VIC 3002. Australia J I doubt if you will get a coherent reply though. He is probably in a post-nightmare catatonic fit. Still, never mind, the vase went to Oz for £890.00, so at least you lot won that one.


Carlton Ware Liberty Belle 3506 jug S495

Liberty Belle 3506 jug S495



I love the 8” jug in shape 495. I have three jugs in this shape. I love Liberty Belle 3506 too. Sadly, there was no chance of increasing my swag to four cos it was too much cash for me. Geordie seller call94, sold this one for £320.00. Oh well.



Carlton Ware Mandarin Tree 3702 covered vase S311

Mandarin Tree 3702 covered vase S311




An eBayer with a yen for climbing weird oriental trees purchased a 7” black with green border Mandarin Tree 3702 covered vase with some wear and tear for £70.00. I think this is one of only two colourways I don’t have in M Tree. Never mind. I am sure there will be another one along some time.




Carlton Ware HANDCRAFT GREEN TREES 3569 vase S457




Collector/seller clear_as_crystal of Rowville, Victoria sold a lovely 7” 457 shape vase in HANDCRAFT GREEN TREES 3569 for a measly £92.74. I don’t think the seller will be too happy with that. It is a gentle, quiet, almost monochrome pattern; unlike many of CW’s other Handcraft patterns and all the more enjoyable for that. Is it in pride of place, buyer? Do let us know.




In stark contrast to the restful GREEN TREES is this 10” REVO tray in another HANDCRAFT  pattern, Gazania 3592.

Carlton Ware Gazania 3592 REVO shape tray

HANDCRAFT Gazania 3592 REVO shape tray

You wouldn’t fall asleep staring at this one, would you, readers? At least the buyer won’t be having nightmares about the price though. I hope so, anyway. Only a moderate £69.77 was paid.

Carlton Ware BELL 3788 vase S467

BELL 3788 vase S467



I bet most people admire BELL 3788. I certainly do. Such complexity and yet so delicate. Cockney seller chindoe6662015 listed a 4”er which caught the imagination and rose to £231.55.




Carlton Ware Mandarin Tree 3672 cigarette box

Mandarin Tree 3672 cigarette box



Here is a piece in the other (masterspy free zone) colourway of Mandarin Tree 3672, a terrific ciggy/trinket box auctioned by glad-findings for only £190.77. I think I know where this one has ended up readers. If I am right it won’t be lonely. It will be sat next to a fair few ciggy/trinket boxes. Happy days. We wouldn’t want it to be lonely, would we?




Carlton Ware Eden 4241 MODERN WARE jug S1347

Eden 4241 MODERN WARE jug S1347


Not a personal favourite of mine, but a highly sought after pattern nevertheless is Eden 4241. I do like jugs though as you know, so I kept an eye on a 5½” “wavy handled” number which made £80.00 despite having waved goodbye to its handle at some point before it was stuck back on again.




We are half way through  so it’s time to take a Commercial Break from our sponsors!











We remind you of our Annual Get-together in The Potteries on Sunday 18 October at  the Middleport Pottery, newly restored with the help of the Prince’s Trust and costing £7 million.

If you subscribe to our occasional Bulletins the you will already have heard from us, but you can also view August’s Bulletin here.

You can also read all about it and our Summer Barbecue on our Meetings page.


Carlton Ware Rabbits at Dusk 4247 MODERN WARE jug S1347
Rabbits at Dusk 4247 MODERN WARE jug S1347




Almost immediately after the Eden jug came another jug in the same size and shape in Rabbits at Dusk 4247 that had also had its handle re-glued. This one only made £34.78, so the seller, a New Zealander called money1954 found him or herself with a rather inappropriate name.



Carlton Ware Cistus pattern

A hot water jug and teapot stand in Cistus, a Blushware pattern in gold against a cobalt blue ground

Well readers, I didn’t know the name of this pattern, but I do know this 6” jug with a teapot stand dates from around 1900 as it has two early Registered Design, one for the pattern and the other for the shape. Harvey tells me that it is a print from the Blushware pattern called Cistus. You can see more examples here. In this instance the pattern is printed in gold and then highlighted in raised gold, much like tubelining though much more delicate. To my eyes (rheumy and dim as they are) the shape is cumbersome, but then again, to me, many Victorian era designs were cumbersome (and not only in pottery) anyway. However, one can certainly see the early origins of the CW house style here in the design of the pattern. I was a little surprised it didn’t go for a bit more, simply because of how early in CW’s history this piece dates from. I do know that clearly, one of the unsuccessful bidders was showing his tightwad side! Say no more. You know who you are.

Carlton Ware Chevrons 3657 footed powder bowl

Chevrons 3657 footed powder bowl or PUFF BOWL,  as it was called at Copeland Street

Taking a massive stylistic swerverama, next up is a fantastic Art Deco design. Sleekness and klass ooze from it. The pedestal PUFF BOWL is a wonderful shape and Chevrons 3657 suits it down to the ground. I tried to make it mine, readers, but alas, t’was not to be. Seller mandinithings attracted 17 other bids and despite this pot having the all too familiar repair to the stem where it had at some time been broken it rose to the dizzying height of £243.00. Somebody reaaaaally wanted this one. Wonder where it is (mind you, I reckon I know ha ha).

Carlton Ware SPIDER'S WEB powder bowl

SPIDER’S WEB powder bowl

Sorry, but I have to confess to the blasphemy of not liking one of CW’s leading patterns very much!!! The object of my lack of lust is SPIDER’S WEB. The seller, muddybank7, lists the pattern number as 4327 (but that is on a pale yellow ground). On my screen this piece looks pale pink, which is pattern number 4316. Of all the colours CW made this pattern in, the pale pink ground is my favourite (the black ground being the only other one I have any time for). I could live with this piece, another lovely powder bowl. You ladies were certainly well catered for by our favourite potter! Six of you obviously agreed with me about it being a cracker and fought hard for it up to £125.00 – a big price for a small piece of SPIDER’S WEB.

Carlton Ware Floral Embossed ANEMONE powder bowl

Floral Embossed ANEMONE powder bowl

And to finish with….. Is this another powder puff bowl, or is it a sugar bowl? Hey, cut me some slack here, I am a man and we simply don’t know these things… ok? In any case, it sits nicely somewhere after another battle took the price for this Floral Embossed ANEMONE “Australian Design” pot to £77.10. There was interest as always from the upside downers, but this one didn’t even get as far as the English Channel!

So, that’s it for another month. Happy eBaying and feel free to post any comments as normal.

eBay Masterspy

As usual on these pages, patterns named in BOLD UPPERCASE are names found in factory pattern records.  Those in Capitalised Bold Lowercase have been given by our Naming Committee or invented by others.  Shape names and range names in factory records are simply CAPITALISED. To distinguish pattern numbers from shape numbers, shape numbers are preceded by the letter S.


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July 2015

Well, readers, here we go galloping into the second half of the year already. Time is flying, isn’t it? Sadly, I have to report that little Oliver, had another fit during the month. Emergency ambulance dash to hospital, nee-naw nee-naw, the whole nine yards. It was quite a long time since his previous fit and we had all begun to believe that all was well and that he had grown out of them. Alas, this is not to be. Oh well. Such is life. Even little Erin has had a nasty cold and she almost lost her voice. Little madam sounded like a Femme Fatale with her husky voice… (and one day she probably will be, lol).


Mad Item of the Month

In the flatlands of Cambridgeshire is an eBay seller name of mike1060_1. He has the dubious honour of listing this month’s Mad Item. It is a cloth poster 33cm x 48cm the legend on which says it all. People like the quirky, but I can’t see this mounted and framed on your wall, can you? Especially not at a price of £35.00 BIN.



Over Optimistic eBayer of the Month

A regular on my watch page, mainly in respect of possible entries in Over Optimistic eBayer, is This month I offer you my first ever triple entry by one seller. Well done sir! Good effort.

Carlton Ware

Floral Embossed PINK BUTTERCUP

He offered an embossed PINK BUTTERCUP teapot, a sauce boat and a lidded preserve for the combined BIN price of £500.00, without the option of a Best Offer. Of course PINK BUTTERCUP is a highly valued and collected pattern, but 500 Sovs??? None of the 3 pieces were snapped up, so there you are.

Bargain of the Month

After the treble winner above, I now present a double B of the M winner. A lucky buyer managed to grab both a JAZZ STITCH 3655 10” REVO tray and a 7” vase for a combined total of £335.00.

Carlton Ware JAZZ STITCH 3655 REVO shape tray and vase

JAZZ STITCH 3655 REVO shape tray and vase

I was not at all happy over the vase. I was leading bidder until it was shill bidded at the death by the seller who then relisted it with a higher value BIN option and it was snapped up very quickly. It made me feel little better that he admitted doing it to me afterwards. Grrrrrrr!

June Stuff

Carlton Ware PARADISE BIRD WITH TREE & CLOUD 3143 cigarette box

PARADISE BIRD WITH TREE & CLOUD 3143 cigarette box

Many of you no doubt open up the CWW website page, find the blog and sit back, make yourself comfy and light up the evil weed. What better than to select your kick from this lovely PARADISE BIRD WITH TREE & CLOUD 3143 ciggy box?

Yankee seller countrypickins-2007 passed it to y’all and y’all blew pretty smoke rings round a price of £58.30. Mind you, the buyer has already relisted it at £195.00 BIN/ONO, a somewhat tumorous mark up of over 260%.

No matter how much one tries to keep one’s eyes open when scrolling through eBay’s CW listings there is a tendency to ignore some classes of items completely. With me it is modern gollies. Waste of space. However, I am sure the result of doing this is that I miss treasures sometimes the same as all of you probably do.

Carlton Ware King Edward VIII limited edition figure

King Edward VIII limited edition figure

I nearly missed this rather fine 8” tall figure of the never crowned King Edward VIII, which Bermuda seller hrhgorbi listed with an opening price of £191.57 despite some restoration and cracks. Those of you who know your history will be aware of the fact that due to his alleged Nazi sympathies Edward was sent to be Governor of the Bahamas during World War 2. Perhaps this piece spent some time there before sailing the 1000 miles to Bermuda, who knows? Whatever the story, it is a super piece of potting and painting, far removed from the usual commemorative bric-a-brac. It went for a singleton bid to a British Royal Family commemorative collector.

Carlton Ware MIKADO 2881 AMORY shape coffee pot

MIKADO 2881 AMORY shape coffee pot



Aptly named pottery_mad of Essex listed a kwolity MIKADO 2881 AMORY shape coffee pot in terracotta and black, which caught the attention of eight thirsty eBayers. The top bean paid £71.00 for his next cuppa. As I said last month, drink it while it is stone cold!!!




Carlton Ware LOVEBIRDS 2326 vase

LOVEBIRDS 2326 vase


I haven’t come across seller mike-a-allen before as far as I can remember (which perhaps covers approximately 15 seconds….ask Mrs Masterspy) so he is unlikely to be a reader of this blog, but I wish he was, because once again a listing was spoiled by out of focus pictures and no indication of size. Sellers please take note; I ask you, is a vase in LOVEBIRDS 2326 worth more than £6.56? If you think so, then what held down the price?




4735angela auctioned a beautiful 7” BELL 3788 conical bowl last month.

Carlton Ware BELL 3788 conical bowl

BELL 3788 conical bowl

A beauty, if ever I saw one (and I did ‘cos I have one myself lol). Everybody and his brother had a bid or two and it finally rang out a price of £217.00.

Carlton Ware Eden 4241 twin handled bon-bon

Eden 4241 twin handled bon-bon

Next I would like to thank collector/seller barryplumber1 for my trip to have my eyes tested at the opticians. I spent so long trying to look at the picture I thought I needed glasses. I am sorry sir, but this is a pretty poor picture, so it is. In any event this Eden (aka Tiger Tree) 4241 twin handled bon-bon BINned for £150.00. Very nice too. Just a pity it was so hard to see.


The buyer of this listing has a lovely pair… of 4½” 466 shape vases in CHINESE BIRD & CLOUD 3322!

Carlton Ware CHINESE BIRD & CLOUD 3322 vases S466

CHINESE BIRD & CLOUD 3322 vases S466

I think I have been cheeky enough to make Max Miller, the Cheeky Chappie himself blush there, so time to quickly swerve off in another direction methinks.

Oh, hang on a minute, I can’t as yet. I will have to run the Max Miller-like cheeky comment again readers. The lucky buyer of this fine pair also has a lovely pair…… of lidded preserves with stands in JAZZ 3353 and Sunflower Geometric 3334.

Carlton Ware Preserves with stands in JAZZ 3353 and Sunflower Geometric 3334.

Preserves with stands in JAZZ 3353 and Sunflower Geometric 3334.

Coat’s on, engine’s running… (and so it should be masterspy…ed).

Collector/seller cpm1947 had a nice little until she auctioned it for a somewhat disappointing £53.15. CHINALAND is one of the most complex patterns CW produced, so complex that I invite you to look at the picture showing the inside of the vase.

Carlton Ware CHINALAND 2948 miniature spill vase

CHINALAND 2948 miniature spill vase

The inside frieze is superb, before one even looks at the outside! The same buyer who “marked up” the ciggy box did the same with this and relisted it (before even leaving feedback) for another higher price of £135.00.

Despite the secret auction I am 100% sure I know where this one went (and, no, the buyer didn’t tell me, I am just that good). (Knock off the bragging masterspy, it isn’t nice and it isn’t clever – ed…. You spoilsport, ed – masterspy). Lucky eBayer indeed. I have always wanted this pattern and colour combo, but it is very rare and sadly I haven’t got anywhere near one yet. (Get on with it, you haven’t even told the readers what it is you are feeling sad about yet – ed…… ok ok, keep your hair on, ed – masterspy) It is a conical bowl in CHINALAND 2949, not only that, but it was a 9”er!

Carlton Ware CHINALAND 2949 conical bowl

CHINALAND 2949 conical bowl

For some inexplicable reason it only attracted one bid and sold for the starting price of £374.99. What the bally hell are you lot doing out there?? I am totally at a loss.

Carlton Ware Impressionist 3650 vase

Impressionist 3650 vase


I originally thought that Impressionist 3650 was called SYLVAN GLADE, but the editor has copies of pattern records from the factory and corrected what would have been my inaccurate entry in a previous blog (April 2014). Reversing the recent price trend a 4½” vase sold last month for £118.64 (the previous one had only made £23.99). Considering its rarity, it is still much undervalued, even at £120ish.


Carlton Ware RIBBED STONEWARE vase in decoration 3842.

RIBBED STONEWARE vase in decoration 3842.

Another good range of CW for bargain hunters is RIBBED STONEWARE. Scottish eBayer mybruno123 listed a lovely 7” vase in decoration 3842, which the winner pinched for only £4.20 (and that little after six bids, pretty tight bidders are RIBBED STONEWARE buyers). Once again, I don’t quite understand the lack of popularity of this range. Some of the colours, for example in this piece are very subtle and pretty. I am not suggesting that prices for RIBBED STONEWARE should be in the Best Ware class, but surely £4.20 is waaaay too little.


Well, I have gone a long way into this month’s blog without mentioning the Queen of Cleveland, but… she lobbed a 10” REVO shape tray onto eBay in CLEMATIS 3525, a HANDCRAFT pattern.

Carlton Ware HANDCRAFT CLEMATIS 3525 REVO shape tray


It only attracted two bids and finished at a cheap £32.66. I love the strongly drawn patterns, do you readers?

Carlton Ware FOREST TREE 3250 penstand with inkwell

FOREST TREE 3250 pen stand



Once again, the pen and writing collectors demonstrated this month that they are even madder than we CW collectors are. The very aptly named Bendigo seller tycoontim was the lucky recipient of £653.94 from the deeeep coffers of a buyer of pen and writing collector for a pen stand in FOREST TREE 3250.





NEW STORKS 4340 tall vase

NEW STORKS 4340 very tall vase




I am not sure whether NEW STORKS 4340 is just pre-war or just post war. Bruce Nichol estimates the date as 1951 on his website so let’s go with that. Certainly, it carried on the factory’s pre-war love affair with the long legged beaky birds. Apropos of nothing I wonder what it is like standing in water all your life. Is it also too fanciful to see the shape of a shell case in this vase? Sometimes things lodge in the subconscious of a designer, even for years. Who knows? Does the Queen of Cleveland care? Nope, cos she has been able to shove £125.00 into her ammo locker. Look out!!! Incominnnng!!!




Carlton Ware TUT 2711 ginger missing cover

TUT 2711 ginger jar missing cover

Good try by seller bonkaz4bossons, but a lidless ginger jar cannot really be used or listed as a jardinière. The neck is only wide enough to admit a small plant pot, which would be too short in height to display a small plant. Mind you, I am not moaning, – what a lidless ginger jar it is, readers! A 10½” ginger jar indeed in the thrilling TUT 2711. With its death head mask it would have been 14” to 15” high. A whopper and no mistake. It would probably have been around £3k with a lid, even these days. Without the lid it still made £410.78.

Jug in ORCHID 3255, a HANDCRAFT pattern

Jug in ORCHID 3255, a HANDCRAFT pattern


Even masterspy does it readers…. I missed the end of this auction and forgot to put a sniper bid on it too. “It” being a lovely 8” jug in ORCHID 3255, a HANDCRAFT pattern which lucydownes listed. Without my assistance it made £87.25. What a muppet.




Carlton Ware Vase S740 in Lightning 3692, a HANDCRAFT pattern.

Vase S740 in Lightning 3692, a HANDCRAFT pattern.

Lastly, we have had the odd thunderstorm or two in the UK in the last few days and so has eBay. Cheshire seller kcuk1 had a bit of a row with Jove and he threw a bolt of Lightning 3692 at us all, another pattern from the HANDCRAFT range. This was in the form of a 4¼” tall vase in the mushroom 740 shape. Rather like your normal lightning this was a stunner. Well worth the £205.00 the winning bidder paid for it.

On that flash of brilliance it is time for me to draw this blog to a close for another month. Don’t forget I appreciate your views which can be posted using the reply box below.

barbecue-2015-300Just one more thing and that is to remind you of our Summer Barbecue in East Sussex next month on Saturday 29 August. You can easily book a place by visiting our Meetings page or by clicking here. Joining us will only cost you £5, payable on the day. This helps maintain our website.

Happy eBaying.

eBay Masterspy

As usual on these pages, patterns named in BOLD UPPERCASE are names found in factory pattern records.  Those in Capitalised Bold Lowercase have been given by our Naming Committee or invented by others. Numbers preceded by the letter S are shape numbers.

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June 2015

June is bustin’ out all over!/All over the meadow and the hill!/Buds’re bustin’ outa bushes/And the rompin’ river pushes/Ev’ry little wheel that wheels beside the mill!/June is bustin’ out all over!/The feelin’ is gettin’ so intense/That the young Virginia creepers/Hev been huggin’ the bejeepers/Outa all the mornin’-glories on the fence./Because it’s June!/June, June, June/Jest because it’s June, June, June!/June is bustin out all over. ♫♫♫♫♫

00-jun-15-200And about time too. Here in North West England it has been a non-existent spring. Masterspy still has a few Tulips in bloom in his garden, at least a month late this year. Now, as you know readers, far be it from me to moan (You said WHAT, Masterspy? – Ed), especially about our weather, but two warm days in mid-April does not constitute spring. Much nearer a clunk than a boing and definitely not a twang. No siree. Oh well, never mind. At least I am still here to await whatever summer brings (Not like you Masterspy to sound a note of positivity, most odd – ed….. yes and I haven’t mentioned my aching knees and hips once either….. not sure what has come over me – Masterspy).

And orrrrf we go (quick Tim Wonnacott homage there for UK readers).

Mad Item of the Month

01-jun-15-250Easily winning longest seller name ever seen in my blog is merrily-mad-jewellery-magnificent-and-marvellous who listed a pair of cheap earrings for £4.00 formed as a bottle of “Fairy Dust”. The dust is in your head ladies if you are daft enough to buy a pair of these. Cue a long list of complaining posts from ladies saying they have a pair and that their heads are not full of dust of any type.


Over Optimistic eBayer of the Month

02-jun-15-250Not so easy this month, readers. There has been a plethora of optimists, in fact. Yankee seller cairngorms-fineart certainly has a piece of “fine art” on his or her hands in this lovely chamber stick in NEW MIKADO 2728. The BIN price of £257.11 has obviously not been taken up however. A tad (and a half and then some) too rich methinks.

Bargain of the Month


Carlton China Crooked Tree 4991 cup & saucer

I really do like Carlton China but don’t feature it in my blog half as much as I should. Sorry CC lovers. I hope to rectify matters slightly with this nice duo in Crooked Tree 4991 sold by saintcyres for only £12.50 to a lucky singleton bidder. I must confess to being somewhat puzzled by the reluctance of buyers to part with decent cash for CC pieces. They are so delicate and pretty, so why not? I simply don’t know. Perhaps somebody out there in blog land can offer a reason. Feel free readers. It beats the hell outa me.

Carlton Ware Palm Blossom 4278 vase S1674 6"

Palm Blossom 4278 vase S1674 6″


May Madness

Let’s start with the Queen of Cleveland who listed a rarity, a Palm Blossom 4278 6” vase in orange colourway. Sadly, it has a crack underneath which held the price back. It still made plenty for a cracked pot, realising £358.00. There is so much to admire in this pattern. It is rich, complex, colourful and a beautifully balanced composition.



Carlton China Rainbow 4940 MELON shape cups & saucers

Carlton China Rainbow 4940 MELON shape cups & saucers


Whoah! It is back to Carlton China again already!

This time it was a part set of 3 cups and 6 saucers in Rainbow 4940. I love this pattern. So did 4 bidders who saw a crock pure gold and bid 18 times to £107.01. Lovely.


Carlton Ware Kingfisher bowl centre

Kingfisher flower frog



Cheep cheep! It certainly was readers. A little Kingisher flower frog was snapped up for a singleton bid of £19.99 by a bird-loving CWer from seller kettldere. I wonder if it will have a cage or a shelf, readers. Either way, I bet the happy buyer is crowing with delight.




Carlton Ware FAN 3557 AMORY shape milk jug and CAN shape cup & saucer

FAN 3557 AMORY shape milk jug and CAN shape cup & saucer

Scot a.kerr has been selling off a set in FAN 3557. This cup and saucer sold for a stunning £163.92. That is hot by any standards. Luckily the buyer can cool him /herself down with this new purchase, while another buyer can have a bit of cream in his/her coffee having snapped up the cream jug for a similarly hot hot hot £161.50.

Carlton Ware Jigsaw 3430 vase S217 6"

Jigsaw 3430 vase S217 6″

This 6” 217 shape Jigsaw 3430 vase followed hot on the heels of the similar pair of Jigsaw 3431 vases on matt green ground last month, which sold for £470.00 the pair. This one may or may not be finished, but made a much higher £405.00. This pale mottled pink is sometimes used as a final colour (e.g. on WAGON WHEELS 3813), but can also be used as an “undercoat” to create the mottling for other colours (such as Rabbits at Dusk 4247x). Whatever the truth, this was clearly not intended to be matt green. It has a separate pattern number, but who knows if another colour was still to be applied? I wonder if it would have been pale blue as Feathertailed Bird & Flower 3454 and 3455 in matt green and pale mottled blue are only around 20 or so pattern numbers away from Jigsaw in the production sequence. Creatures of habit are potters. If it works once, it should work again and again. Of course.

Carlton Ware Parkland 3524 globular vase

Parkland 3524 globular vase

I bet the buyer of this 6” globular vase in Parkland 3524 (another pattern available in matt green and mottled pale blue and not that far away in the pattern number sequence from Jigsaw) is surprised and delighted to be a singleton bidder for it and to have paid only £299.00 for it to andrewp658. Pretty good piece this. Well worth the price paid. Are you as deliriously happy as I think you are buyer? This one rocks….. Do you (smiles)? Do let us know.


Carlton Ware Nightingale 3562 vase S456  6"

Nightingale 3562 vase S456 6″




Nightingale 3562… oooooh, nice one. Californian seller gramagramm BINned a 6½” 456 shape vase for a bargain £244.09 and probably didn’t know it could have been worth more.




Carlton Ware ANEMONE 3694 REVO shape tray

ANEMONE 3694 REVO shape tray

One of CW’s most striking patterns is ANEMONE 3694. I love its bold sweeping use of bright colours. I bet Beckenham seller lucydownes loves it too, as a bidder paid her £255.00 for her triffic 10” REVO. Happy seller? Almost certainly.

Carlton Ware Mondrian 3570 vase S463

Mondrian 3570 vase S463

It might only be 3¼” tall, but this Mondrian 3570 463 shape vase caused quite a stir, oh, and made £333.33 for seller islamayday to trouser. I wonder if it would have made more if it had benefitted from a better picture? Probably. In any case the buyer doesn’t care. It will be nestling nicely among other treasures by now. I wonder if I will get an invite to see it, if I ask really nicely? Can I come and feast me peepers on it, pretty please??? Do let me know buyer.


Carlton Ware Rayure 3955 MODERN WARE milk jug

Rayure 3955 MODERN WARE milk jug

Sadly, I have to report that a part coffee set in one of my favourites, Rayure 3955, was sold at auction in Macclesfield recently and has now appeared on eBay split up into separate pieces. I attended the auction (freezing cold for 3 unhappy miserable hours), but even the opening price was waaaay above masterspy’s maximum. So I got up and went home. The price paid was £520 including fees, so no surprise when the individual cups and saucers were priced by 458martin of Leek in Staffordshire at a stratospheric £175.00 (BIN/ONO – the first to go fetched £145.00) on eBay and even the tiny cream jug was £99.00 (BIN/ONO – £72.00 paid by the buyer). So obviously masterspy missed out again. You all know my views by now on splitting up precious sets, especially the most wonderful ones. Say no more.

Carlton Ware NEW MIKADO 2728 table lamp

NEW MIKADO 2728 table lamp



I enjoyed seeing Scottish seller mummyrathbone’s offering of a lovely 12” (including light fitting) table lamp in NEW MIKADO 2728. It went for £78.80 in the end. I think the buyer did pretty well here. In general, lovers of Chinoiserie must be rubbing their hands in glee at the moment, because prices for this genre of Carlton Ware have fallen more than most, but prices will come back as sure as eggs is eggs. Buy ‘em while they are stone cold, readers and be prepared to hold on to ‘em for a good while. Money in the bank.



Carlton Ware BARGE rectangular footed fruit S184

BARGE rectangular footed fruit S184

Whilst on the subject of Chinoiserie, sportstar73 listed a beautiful BARGE oblong footed and handled fruit bowl for £110.00 (BIN/ONO) and was rewarded with a sale for £100.00. It looks in more or less mint condition with none of the orange enamel missing (which can be a problem with patterns with large blocks of raised enamel) and the gilding looks all in order too. I bet the buyer is well pleased with this purchase.

Glaswegian seller april-antiques also listed a pretty special piece of Chinoiserie in the form of a 10” handled tazza in CHINESE FIGURES 3199.

Carlton Ware CHINESE FIGURES 3199 tazza


Apart from variants of CHINESE BIRD, this was one of the last new patterns in the lexicon of Chinoiserie patterns produced by Carlton Ware. Production was in the midst of being switched over to the Art Deco designs which would dominate Carlton Ware’s output for many years to come. Perhaps Cuthbert Wiltshaw felt that with the after effects of the First World War which were still being felt in the economy (despite our popular modern view of the “Roaring 20’s” – which didn’t roar much for most people) and shortly thereafter the beginning of the worldwide Depression, his company needed to maintain its presence in different design sectors of the market, rather than going solely into the new design styles. That period must have been so scary and it is to Cuthbert’s honour that he didn’t just go down market to follow the reduction in disposable income.

Northampton seller cpm1947 has clearly given up drinking coffee, or perchance has bought a set of mugs, because three wonderful cups and saucers in melon shape were auctioned in Grebe & Waterlily 3530, WILD DUCK 3924 and DRAGON 3331.

arlton Ware Grebe & Water Lily 3530, WILD DUCK 3924 and DRAGON 3331

Grebe & Water Lily 3530, WILD DUCK 3924 and DRAGON 3331 MELON shape coffee cups & saucers

Between them they made £306.05. That’s a fair few cups of Indonesian Luwak coffee down the buyer’s neck, my friends. Slurrrrrrp. Funnily enough readers, I can’t stand coffee, which might explain why I have only six coffee sets (one of which isn’t even CW – sorry, I admit my heathenness – Post in your suggested punishments readers and I will administer all the most unpleasant and painful sounding ones – ed).

Carlton Ware Feathertailed Bird & Flower 3354 ginger jar

Feathertailed Bird & Flower 3354 ginger jar



A nice little 6” lidded ginger jar in Feathertailed Bird & Flower 3354 was auctioned by ajwestam and attracted over 20 bids, closing at £209.44. I do have the smaller size of lidded preserve in it, which is a cracker, but a 6” gj will surely display it very nicely indeed.





Well, not too many Victorian and Edwardian gentlemen shaved, so how to stop a dark brown tea or coffee stain forming on one’s upper lip thatch? Why, with a General Melchett Moustache Net, of course. Simples.

Carlton Ware Moustache cup in Flow Blue WILLOW pattern

General Melchett moustache net & Nankin moustache cup printed in Flow Blue

Failing that, one could also resort to a CW moustache cup in a tasteful flow blue. Seller ratchers must have had a really close shave as he sold a nice moustache cup for £45.00.

Carlton Ware Dragon & Traveller 3656 temple jar

Dragon & Traveller 3656 temple jar


I certainly wouldn’t fancy meeting this bad boy down a dark alley in Shanghai. Those who do so have probably been smoking a spot or ten of Poppy derivative. They don’t exactly seem pleased to see each other, do they? Happily, I am not writing this whilst contemplating my immediate fiery demise in a dark alley in Shanghai, but in a bright room “oop narth”. Phew. Dragon & Traveller 3656 pieces have always proved popular with CW buyers and this 9” temple jar is no exception. Despite having had an accident at some point, resulting in a luckily clean break to the Dog of Fo finial, it still reared up to a height of £94.53.




Carlton Ware MIKADO 2357 tea caddy
MIKADO 2357 tea caddy


Assuming for one mad moment that our traveller turns out to be lucky or heroic and escapes with his life I am sure he will want to Quaff a cuppa fairly pronto. Fortuitously, Canadian seller amphorablue happens to have a MIKADO 2357 tea caddy handy. Three travellers had as many as eight invigorating and tasty cuppas and one of them paid the bill of £37.39. Expensive tea, but, hey, any port in a storm after an encounter like that! I have to confess readers that if it was me I would be drinking something a lot stronger than tea and in copious quantities afterwards.  Mind you, I would probably be spilling most of it on the floor!!!



Carlton Ware MIKADO vase S218

MIKADO vase S218


One more MIKADO piece before I finish for the month. This lovely 14½” tall bottle vase, suffering only a little gilding loss to the top rim, was sold by goygus of London (nowt like a bit of narcissism is there readers?)  for only £68.00 as a BIN. I wonder what the Chinese is for “What a bargain!”

Another bargain  is to be had for £35! This is all it costs to join us at our Annual Get-together in the Potteries on Sunday 18 October.This year it is being held at the Middleport Pottery, in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent. Read more about it on our Meetings page, where you can also see the Programme and also book on-line.


Comments are welcome as always, using the form provided.

eBay Masterspy

As usual on these pages, patterns named in BOLD UPPERCASE are names found in factory pattern records.  Those in Capitalised Bold Lowercase have been given by our Naming Committee or invented by others.

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April/May 2015

We took a break during April but now our Webmaster, who lays out these pages for me, is back to normal after his political campaigning for the UK General Election, proudly having helped his MP increase her majority by 2000 votes.

Drum roll, please Maestro………… I am back and I am frightened!!!! Is it true??? Do you forget how to ride a bicycle, or am I going to fall off and badly graze my elbow when I try to ride the Masterspy wheels of fortune again??? Only time, several thousand words and umpteen pictures will tell. Sadly, I can report few CW buying triumphs in the past two months (again). I can’t even report that the weather is much warmer or dryer, mind. Typical English weather…. A couple of warm sunny days raise the spirits and then ten more cold wet ones extinguish the flickering flame of spring time hope. Grrrr. Aaaaaand in such a fine mood, off we go (put it down to my arthritic and worn out knees and hips dear readers)…….

Mad Item of the (2) Month(s)

01-apr-may-15-250Well, that title didn’t work, but what else can one do when one’s Webmaster faithlessly deserts one for a whole month? (Blows friendly raspberry at said Webmaster). Sometimes, I find it is a little thing that sets the masterspy bell ringing with amazement and so it is now. Far be it from me to suggest I am a sensible and clever fellow, but I do try to avoid being a complete muppet (def: a person who defies explanation with regard to common sense and logic, exhibiting an air of confidence that is mutually exclusive to that of their accomplishments or ability). Was I indeed a muppet (keep those digits off that keyboard readers, or at least take a number and get in line) I would not advertise the fact to the world, after all, would I need to tell anybody? So, the last thing in the world of eBay which would make me press the Buy it Now button and pay out £6.00 would be a mug with the legend “Keep Calm I’m a Muppet” emblazoned upon it. However, it takes all sorts as they say….

Over Optimistic eBayer of the (2) Month(s) – see para above J

There seems to be a large number of highly priced BINs around at the moment. Some sellers don’t appear to have a grip on reality to say the least, but despite the large choice available I had no difficulty in choosing this offering by Londoner rtzilla. He listed in auction format a flower holder for a float bowl for the astronomical price of £285.00. Surprisingly(?), it didn’t sell, so surprisingly(?) he relisted it for £325.00 BIN/ONO. (Shakes head, very puzzled).

Bridge & Pagoda flower frog

Bridge & Pagoda flower frog and Egyptian Fan 3696 REVO tray

Look, these things are not at all common. Many haven’t survived or, like this one, have become separated from their partner piece. I am sure many people like to reunite sets (including me), but would I pay anywhere near this money? No. I simply ask, if you happen to have £325.00 sitting in your deep and capacious back pocket, would you rather buy this or, say, the lovely 8½” ruby ground Egyptian Fan 3696 REVO tray sold for less than this by opal22503. Not a hard choice, is it?

Bargain of the (2) Month(s) – see para above J

Carlton Ware MIKADO gondola

MIKADO gondola and 2 trays in shape 1633

Scottish seller honestviolet (surely that name can’t have helped, or is it me) must have been mighty disappointed with attracting only one bid for a MIKADO gondola and 2 smallish ladder handled trays in shape 1633, selling the 3 pieces for a remarkable £49.99.



This (2) Month(s)’ Interesting Stuff – lol, you get the picture. J

First up and best dressed in my double blog of the best CW on eBay since February ended was one for the coffee set fraternity.

Carlton Ware PARISIENNE coffee set in decoration 4076.

PARISIENNE coffee set in decoration 4076.

This was a lovely 15 piece coffee set in PARISIENNE 4076 sold by alismarg for £211.10. Only 2 years ago the same set fetched £421.00, even with a cracked lid on the coffee pot. Mind you, I don’t think the cramped picture did the seller any favours whatsoever.

Carlton Ware Cubist Butterfly 3195 vase S226.

Cubist Butterfly 3195 vase S226.



Another set of poor pictures was offered by Aussie seller liljordi. Luckily for the seller he or she was eBaying a 10” 226 shape vase in one of the best liked CW patterns from the Deco period, Cubist Butterfly 3195. It was BIN/ONO’d for £654.00 approximately. It didn’t take long before a best offer was made and accepted. Presumably both parties are happy. It certainly is a spiffing vase – a real ripper in fact (as you Aussies would say).



Carlton Ware PERSIAN GARDEN 3894 ginger jar minus cover.

PERSIAN GARDEN 3894 ginger jar minus cover.


As you know readers, I am more or less out of the buying game at present, but if I weren’t I would have been competing for this piece, a wonderful (but sadly lidless) 7” ginger jar in PERSIAN GARDEN 3894, which is the wonderful shaded turquoise ground version. Sobbb. (Bottom lip wobbles, which, trust me isn’t easy to do at the same time as exhibiting one’s British stiff upper lip). Stroud seller wallsco2 managed to cram £245.77 into her purse (minus eBay’s exorbitant fees of course), so joy all round I expect, except at Chez masterspy naturally.

Carlton WareStellata 3326 chamber stick.

Stellata 3326 chamber stick.

I was just distracted by a Facebook posting about the Aussies releasing a new kind of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate with VEGEMITE!!!!!!!!! Shudders deeply. Then I thought, what a coincidence because I was about to start this piece on what is the most marmite CW pattern of them all, Stellata 3326. Devon eBayer swillyrules crept up the stairs to his bedroom with the assistance of this triffic chamber stick which illuminated his world to the tune of £92.00.

Carlton WareMandarin Tree 3791 vase S467.

Mandarin Tree 3791 vase S467.


There are only a few Mandarin Tree 3791 pieces around (the dark blue frieze on the creamy yellow ground), so when the glums planted a 5” 467 shape vase on eBay I expected this sapling to grow huge pretty quickly, but amazingly its top branches only rose to a somewhat stunted £271.00. Cheap as chips I reckon. An exceptionally good buy for some very lucky boy or girl out there.


Carlton Ware Awakening 3450 MELON shape cup & saucer.

Awakening 3450 MELON shape cup & saucer.


I would have liked to have added a nice Awakening 3450 cup and saucer to my jug, but I didn’t. Somebody else did though and paid deborahpaul1 a rather healthy £137.77 to do so.


Carlton Ware Parkland 3524 covered vase minus cover.

Parkland 3524 covered vase minus cover.


Green Parkland 3524 is a nice pattern. I am sure most of you will agree with me. The tree on a lidless 5” covered vase is certainly not to be sniffed at by any passing CW loving mutt, nor indeed the roots watered!! The very thought of it!! Having said which, the top rim gilding looks rather dull in yet another poor photo. Are you happy with it for £127.00, buyer? Is it pukka? Do tell us. We are agog.




Back to coffee sets with a terrific Moonlight Cameo 2944 complete set (one cup cracked) which made a slurpingly tasty £350.77.

arlton Ware Moonlight Cameo 2944 AMORY shape coffee set.

Moonlight Cameo 2944 AMORY shape coffee set.

A little too much matt black in this version of the pattern for me, but each to their own. It would look exceptional in a cabinet, I am sure.

Carlton Ware

COCK & PEONY 2282 cylindrical vase.


I am sure there are many fans of COCK & PEONY 2282. From memory (what I have left of it, that is) I haven’t mentioned it before in my blog, but I am doing so now. Prestonian janelouise1979 listed an 8½” cylindrical vase which sadly, rather like the real feathered thing, totally failed to get very far off the ground, which is a pity, making only £26.77.



Carlton Ware BELL 3788 vase S777.

BELL 3788 vase S777.



Forgive me father, for I have sinned as they say! I have committed not just any sin, but one of lust at first sight (hey, mebbe more than one deadly sin, but let’s not go there at the moment readers – MASTERSPY!!! Shame on you –ed) when I saw this gobsmacking ruby ground 8” 777 shape vase in BELL 3788. And do you know what, readers? I am not ashamed of my lust!!! So there!




Carlton Ware CHINESE BIRD & CLOUD 3275 vase.




Of the different variants of CHINESE BIRD and CHINESE BIRD & CLOUD my favourite is 3275 on mottled matt ochre ground. Thankfully, I managed to plunder one while I was still in funds. Mancunian eBayer barrybliss11 yelled “Pull” and up shot a plump 8”er. It was winged a few times before being brought back to the guns by the Labrador. Arf! Arf! £160.77, don’t mind at all if I do sir, said the buyer, no doubt.




I would guess that Camouflage 3440 was the inspiration for the later Sunflowers 3996 and I can see why neither of these patterns is at all common.

Carlton Ware Sunflowers 3996 vase S467 and Camouflage 3440 REVO tray.

Sunflowers 3996 vase and Camouflage 3440 REVO tray.

They are both a tad strong, to say the least. Buyers would really need the courage of their convictions to take this pattern on board, especially in a large piece. However, I bet that for the aficionados of this type of pattern (think also of Stellata 3326 Gentian 3558 and so on) they are show-stopping statement pieces. I also see a considerable homage to old “one-ear”, Vincent Van Gogh himself in Sunflowers which I am sure is completely intentional. It has the darkness of palette and the swirling shapes of the mental torment in that tortured genius. Anyway, enough flights of masterspy’s fancy. You love it or loathe it, yes? Well, most of you loathe it! This 6½” 467 shape vase only attracted one bid, so sold at the opening price of £65.00, although I am sure a large crack did not help its appeal any too much.

Carlton Ware MODERN WARE coffee cup & saucer in decoration 3911.

MODERN WARE coffee cup & saucer in decoration 3911.


As you all have heard over the years I love my MODERN WARE. Here is a lovely cup and saucer in a cream and black which is most striking. I wish I had a set in these colours. Only £37.00 saw it packed up, you tight lot!

Carlton Ware Egyptian Fan 3697 vase S467.

Egyptian Fan 3697 vase S467.





Canadian eBayer harwil has parted with a 467 shape 5” beauty in the pale blue matt Egyptian Fan 3697. Totally stonking vase. It was hard fought over and eventually went for £590.16. I bet the sellers are deeply well chilled out and ice cool with this successful sale.




Carlton Ware TUBELINED FIELDS & TREES 4138 13” charger.

TUBELINED FIELDS & TREES 4138 13” charger.

As we moved into April one got away from us, so to speak. Normally such a clever eBayer, glad-findings listed a wonderful scenic TUBELINED FIELDS & TREES 4138 13” charger with a rather unpicturesque reserve. Why do I say this (apart from in order to make one of my puns)? Because the reserve was not reached in the auction, so it remained unsold with a highest bid of £410.00. Presumably, it will be dusted off again at some time in the future.


Carlton Ware FIGHTING COCKS 4161 13" charger.

FIGHTING COCKS 4161 13″ charger.

A few days later another 13” charger, this time in FIGHTING COCKS 4161, was auctioned by Scottish seller jacqulenekimo who succeeded in obtaining bids to £199.99. I am very happy about this particular auction readers. Can you guess why? Yup. Completely correct. I have one in mint condition and paid quite a bit less for it than £199.99. Smirks rather smugly.



Pieces of Jigsaw 3431 are pretty rare, averaging around one piece per year on eBay, so when seller tofty23 listed a PAIR of 6” 217ers I sat back and waited for fireworks.

Carlton Ware Jigsaw 3431 vases S217.

Jigsaw 3431 vases S217.

Well, they happened, but perhaps with less of a bang than a whimper. I half expected four figures, but in the end they realised less than half of that, finally fitting into place for only £470.00. Almost Bargain of the Month territory. I bet the buyer is delighted. Do let us know, buyer.

Carlton Ware Egyptian Fan vase S457.

Egyptian Fan vase S457.



Further to earlier examples of Egyptian Fan another one surfaced in the form of an 8½” high 457 shape ruby ground vase, sadly with a 1” hairline on the rim. That fault held the price down to £217.09, which no doubt saddened seller wallsco2. A great price for a nice big piece of Egyptian Fan though. The crack certainly made it more affordable for us buyers though.




Carlton Ware Floral Embossed CLEMATIS mug and cover.

Floral Embossed CLEMATIS mug and cover.



Choccy cups with lids in some Floral Embossed shapes can be quite expensive and rare. There aren’t many in this pale blue ground at all such as this one from the CLEMATIS range . Seller blubberlover (my all-time favourite eBay seller id name) raised a whopping £288.65 from it, so it must be a rare good ‘un, readers.



Carlton Ware Mallards 4499 temple jar.

Mallards 4499 temple jar.



Those CW Mallards 4499 hunters couldn’t possibly miss this 16” lidded Temple Jar. Darned thing looks huge. No damage either, just a little minimal wear. One or two of you out there clearly fancied owning a statement piece and bid the quackers up to £220.77.






Carlton Ware Mandarins Chatting 3653 tray.

Mandarins Chatting 3653 tray.

One of the reasons I like Mandarins Chatting 3653 is that I can sit looking at my VELOX bowl and wonder what the 2 Mandarins are actually chatting about. After much cogitation I have decided that the man on the left is saying “Well, at least we all know now exactly who ate all the pies”! Your suggestions, other than “You fat b*****d” (repeat ad nauseam) of course, on a postcard please to………. Seller zeke7 accepted an offer of somewhere south of £243.13 to stop these two fat boys chatting away.


Carlton Ware Mandarins Chatting 3675 vase S777.

Mandarins Chatting 3675 vase S777.



Canadian paaumahdeica also had a Mandarins Chatting 3675 vase, this time a super 6” 777 example. It made £336.59, but when postage and customs duty was added the overall price turned out to be over £450.00. Ouch. Good old Customs! Always stitch you up.





Carlton Ware CRETONNE 2913 vase S147.

CRETONNE 2913 vase S147.



Making a second appearance in my blog is the Chinoiserie pattern CRETONNE 2913 in the form of a 6½” tall 147 shape vase sold by monas.closet for £111.19. A nice delicate and colourful pattern that was hard fought over, which is fair enough after all.





Carlton Ware JAZZ 3352 octagonal tray.

JAZZ 3352 octagonal tray.


JAZZ 3352! I said JAZZ 3352! Wooooo hooooo! The Queen of Cleveland listed an 8½” x 7” tray which lightning flashed upwards to a final price of a highly tuneful £520.00. Say no more.

Carlton Ware SYLVAN GLADE 3500 three bar toast rack.

SYLVAN GLADE 3500 three bar toast rack.






A lovely little toast rack was eBayed by maydays25 in April. It only went for £22.10, but SYLVAN GLADE 3500 is not a common pattern. I reckon the victor is as happy as Larry, or something sounding similar, eh buyer.



Carlton Ware Floral Embossed ANEMONE 11½ʺ jug.

Floral Embossed ANEMONE 11½ʺ jug.


Floral Embossed ANEMONE 11½ʺ jugs are usually fought over (apart from the one I listed as Bargain of the Month fairly recently). Although this time 18 bids were placed it brimmed over for only £82.00. It looks like the buyer still did best out of this one, mind you.






arlton Ware Medley 3599 mustard.

Medley 3599 mustard.

From the sublime to the ridiculous now. Dealer periscolorob listed a huge massive mega hunk of Medley 3599 in the form of a mustard about 1½” tall (no, there is no missing digit). A singleton bidder bought it for £6.99. I love a bit of CW fun and games, readers. Perhaps it was late on a Friday afternoon and they were running out of prepared clay?


Well, which direction next with napkin holder prices readers? Napkin holder aficionados must be puzzled to say the least.

Carlton Ware Boxed napkin holders in various Powder Blue decorations.

Boxed napkin holders in various Powder Blue decorations.

Last summer a boxed set of 4 in GARDEN 3413 were sold for an impressive £251.00. The following month one was sold for £18.50. This month another boxed set of 4, consisting of 2 x MIKADO and 2 x Fantasia made £155.00. Up and down like an up and downey thing they go. Shakes his old head in total puzzlement.

Carlton Ware Lady mirror S3360.

Lady mirror S3360.



Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Easy, this one is, and only £21.64. Cheap as chips and good fun too.





Carlton Ware WILD DUCK 3922 vase S457.

WILD DUCK 3922 vase S457.



Those duck hunters must have been happy to see a nice WILD DUCK 6” vase appear in their cross-hairs, but it was first come, first served on this dinner plate as dosh4fun BINned this bird for £65.00. It was blasted out of the sky and bunged into the oven pretty quickly.




Carlton Ware FLOWER & FALLING LEAF 3949 diamond tray.

FLOWER & FALLING LEAF 3949 diamond tray.


FLOWER & FALLING LEAF 3949 on my bestie shape diamond tray. Yummy. In fact, ye pottery gods!!! Even with some quite visible wear on the gilding, particularly on the fins and edges, which is a great shame, it still made £180.24 for the mighty Queen of Cleveland hersen.


Carlton Ware MAGPIE 2907 12½” plaque.

MAGPIE 2907 12½” plaque.

A Scottish eBayer lynneb2394 auctioned a 12½” charger in MAGPIE 2907 on the matt red ground. It only made £72.00, which puzzled me, but the description referred to tiny white dots on the front. I just wonder if this is due to tiny paint splashes from a paint roller. One for the DIYers among you to take note of. Don’t be lazy…. Take down the chargers from the walls first.


Carlton Ware VOGUE 3868 vase S1152.

VOGUE 3868 vase S1152.

VOGUE 3868 was designed in the middle of a magical run of several delicately drawn floral patterns including Hedgerow, GARDEN GATE, Spring, Wisteria and of course the somewhat abstract by comparison, Tendrillon. Adelaide seller philicia  listed a 3½” vase in shape 1152, but then coyly removed it as no longer available. Usual old story I suppose. Nice vase though in a really pretty little pattern.


Carlton Ware PERSIAN GARDEN BORDER BEAD 2922 MELON shape part coffee set.

PERSIAN GARDEN BORDER BEAD 2922 MELON shape part coffee set.

PERSIAN GARDEN BORDER BEAD 2922 is a bright and sophisticated pattern I think. A coffee set for two was offered by collectormania1111 which had damage to some pieces, but still drew one bid of £79.99. Despite the damage it looks like it will certainly still display quite well, especially in the early morning light.


Carlton Ware NEW DELPHINIUM 3526 REVO tray.

NEW DELPHINIUM 3526 Handcraft REVO tray damaged.

NEW DELPHINIUM 3526, a HANDCRAFT pattern, has never been a personal favourite, but I am sure has its adherents worldwide, so here is a 10” REVO shape tray sadly sporting a chip (mercifully on the back) and a hairline. Naturally this deterred many possible bidders and it went to a single bid of £9.99. Not bad value!


Carlton Ware RIBBED STONEWARE vase S1072 in decoration 3896.

RIBBED STONEWARE vase S1072 in decoration 3896.


I include a piece of RIBBED STONEWARE in decoration 3896 especially for a lady friend in Oz who loves the Ribbies. In this case it is a 7” 1072 shape vase which, as the seller correctly pointed out in the item description, looks rather like a beehive. Medley, ENGINE TURNED and the Ribbies are great value for money readers. Go for it. I command you all.



Carlton Ware FRENCH LADY puff box in LEMON LUSTRINE.




This FRENCH LADY puff box had been around for a while on eBay without finding a home, but it has not only now found a home, I believe it could have plenty of Ladylike company along the shelf. Am I right, buyer? Do let us know.






So, how to end this endless double blogathon? I think I will leave you with this sweet 3” preserve minus its silvered plated lid and stand in PENDANT BUBBLES 2843 in a PINK LUSTRINE, a quite unusual colour in CW.

Carlton Ware PENDANT BUBBLES 2843 preserve in PINK LUSTRINE.


Three eBayers recognised the extreme rarity of this pattern/colour combo and the winner had to part with the not inconsiderable sum (for such a small piece) of £107.15. If it had not been separated from its silver-plated lid and handle, it might have caused even more of a flutter.

So there we are readers. I am done at last. Hopefully, there won’t be another month long electoral disruption for five years (although I wouldn’t bet on it).  Feel free to make any comment or response in the usual way.

Good eBaying next month.

eBay Masterspy

PS. As usual on these pages pattern named in BOLD UPPERCASE are names found in factory pattern records.  Those in Capitalised Bold Lowercase have been given by our Naming Committee or invented by others.

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March 2015


Sadly readers I have had a shocking bad cold all month. UK readers will know the one I mean (most of you have probably had it too). It just won’t go away. If it seems to get better for a few hours, back it roars twice as bad. Sleep??? What’s that??? It saps every ounce of energy and increases the weight of one’s limbs to 2 tons each. It causes coughing fits until the chest aches (speaking of which the head becomes home to a rock band’s worth of banging pain too…. think Metallica, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden all rolled into one) and… errrrr… how can I put this delicately? Congestion. Or I should really say…. CONGESTION!! Exactly. Not nice. Despite all this suffering and indeed hovering twixt this life and the afterlife I have STILL heroically trawled eBay for some gems to show you. When I finally drag myself out of Chez Masterspy and into the world again I am gonna start wearing my undies outside my pants!!! Talking of getting out of Chez Masterspy, I do have a garden (well, I call it a garden lol) and I have a powerful amount of work to do in it…. Shudders. I apologise in advance for any signs of tetchiness in my blog this month readers. Put it down to my narsty old cold. Anyway, enough of my suffering and travails….

Mad Item of the Month

02-mar-15-250I don’t know how many readers I will lose writing this bit (each to his own and all that), but I have to say I never been a fan of postcard collecting (I walk right past the postcard tables at antique fairs without turning my head). I understand some of the attractions, not much space needed, combinable with other interests such as history, geography, trains, train stations, even rude seaside comedy etc etc, but this month I spotted a series of photographs reproduced from original postcards on eBay devoted to the subject of 19th Century Mental Institutions. Not only do I think the subject is fit for this part of my blog in more than one way lol, I wouldn’t want to be parted from £6 or £7 for the privilege of buying one in this series, far less for a new photograph reproduced from an original card. Totally mad. Oooops, soz postcard collectors.

Over Optimistic eBayer of the Month

Frog eggcups

Frog mugs from the 1970s with the Carlton Ware Lustre Pottery backstamp.

This one must be the easiest one ever. It already stands a real fighting chance of being in my end of year review, in fact. Florida seller emilylinds offers 4 Frog mugs according to the seller made in 1978, for an amazing £629.31. On top of this huge amount is a totally OTT postage option of £63.11, not forgetting import charges (to the UK) of £173.10, making a total of £865.52. Of course you could always take the helpfully offered Buy it Now option if you can’t be doing with the idea of being outbid at the last minute for these amazing and klassy treasures…. for a mere….. £993.64. If you take this you will pay only £1320.94 overall into the UK!!!!!! They are even crazed. Roll up, roll up. Form an orderly queue. Stop pushing at the back. Calm down, calm down. Ye gods, I Sorry if you have these readers, but come on. Ridiculous price, seller.

Bargain of the Month

Carlton Ware Moonlight Cameo 2946 rose bowl

Moonlight Cameo 2946 rose bowl


I reckon the buyer of this Moonlight Cameo 2946 rose bowl must still be jumping around the house whooping and hollering in triumph. Why? Because it only cost £43.99, that’s why. A fair amount of postage of course to Oz, but a real steal nonetheless. What made it so cheap? Perhaps the shape isn’t ideal as far as some bidders are concerned, but not bad at all for display, in my opinion. I think it might have been the lack of a back stamp which had a severely repressive effect. It wouldn’t have bothered me in this case. This is so clearly CW there was no risk of buying a fake, or indeed a piece made by another pukka manufacturer.


This Month’s Stuff

Nightingale 3598 vase S406

Nightingale 3598 vase S406


It isn’t often you see an 8” powder blue 406 shape vase in the very pretty and delicate Nightingale 3598, so it was obviously extremely hard fought over by CW addicts. After a 14 way battle it ended up at £552.00. I wonder if the buyer will lend it to me? Ha ha. Only kidding, buyer. A wonderful victory. Enjoyyyyy!


Floral Embossed HYDRANGEA five-way trays

Floral Embossed HYDRANGEA five-way trays

I am not a big Embossed collector, but I do have a few pieces, including a lovely little lidded preserve in Hydrangea 4449. However, I noted a mint and pretty pair of 13” horse’s doover’s (Hors d’oeuvres) dishes being offered by billybute of Cornwall which looked really sweet and would work well on the table, in the cabinet, or on the wall. They made, for me, a rather disappointing £61.01. Certainly well within bargain territory and as I have said before a great way to collect good quality CW if one cannot afford 15” tall vases in top rare Deco patterns.

Liberty Belle 3506 covered vase minus cover.

Liberty Belle 3506 covered vase minus cover.


Collector/seller cpm1947 listed a 5” covered vase without its lid, which had had restoration to the rim in Liberty Belle (aka Gypsy) 3506. Despite the restoration and lack of its original lid this is a sought after pattern and it therefore still danced its way to a healthy £83.99. Hopefully the buyer will weight it down with some ginger so it doesn’t dance right off the edge of the shelf.




GUM FLOWER 3789 vase S466 and bowl.

Good ole glad-findings eBayed 2 pieces which perfectly illustrate the greater perceived value of vases over bowls. She simultaneously listed a 4½” vase and a 4¼” bowl in the rare matt pale blue GUM FLOWER 3789. The bowl only made £88.11, but the vase made almost double that amount, reaching £171.00. The lesson appears to be clearly proven that if you want to extend the range of patterns in your collections look out for bowls in good condition, cos you will only spend half the money. Wot’s that? You have no room for bowls? Well, just chuck away some of your other old rubbish like all your Clarice Cliff, Poole, Shelley, Wedgewood and Royal Worcester etc etc. There will be acres of space then. Sorted.

GUM FLOWER 3794 covered vase S244.

GUM FLOWER 3794 covered vase S244.


Another offering by the Queen of Cleveland was a 244 shape covered vase in the same pattern, GUM FLOWER 3794 (the more common pale green variant). Again, vases come to the fore as this piece (though of course it must be remembered is larger – almost 8” tall) made £206.66.






Carlton Ware GUM FLOWER 3794 vase S443
GUM FLOWER 3794 vase S443


Wot’s going on? Later on, yet another GUM FLOWER 3794 vase, this time an 8” 443 shape example, was eBayed by the Queen and made £135.00. Does she have a house full of GUM FLOWER pieces readers?






Carlton Ware FOREST TREE 3239 MELON coffee set.

FOREST TREE 3239 MELON shape coffee set.


Edinburgh seller footiefanjeff123 sold a full coffee set in FOREST TREE 3239, in the immensely bright yellow for the not inconsiderable sum of £350.00 despite general crazing and damage to one cup and the coffee pot. A good result for the seller, I reckon. Is it worth it, buyer? Are you happy with it?



Carlton Ware Floral Scallops 3234 vase S167.

Floral Scallops 3234 vase S167.


Happy days for the buyer of this lovely 10” Floral Scallops 3234 vase, although it cost a lovely £161.15 to secure. I think most would agree this is a very pretty pattern and that it is well displayed on this large vase. Masterspy fancied it but, as usual, the bank manager was not overly keen. Oh well.





Carlton Ware New Laburnum 3867 vase S467

New Laburnum 3867 vase S467.


A nice surprise from seller saintcyres of East Sussex came in the 467 shape of a rare piece of New Laburnum 3867. It sold for a very reasonable £73.80. I am sure this one will sit nicely on the shelf somewhere.




Carlton Ware HOLLYHOCKS CONE bowl

HOLLYHOCKS 3820 conical bowl.

Another one of masterspy’s list of funny seller names was thrown up (not literally one hopes) when one saw the seller’s name hot_buttered_toast. Mind you, there was absolutely nothing to throw up about in respect of the item, a 7” black gloss round-footed conical dish HOLLYHOCKS 3820. A real beauty. It made a rather poor £180.00 (for this kwolity pattern/colour).

Carlton Ware Egyptian Fan 3696 vase S777

Egyptian Fan 3696 vase S777.


OMG, here’s yet another from the Q of C herself. We are keeping her in the style the Maharani of Baroda, readers. How does she find them? I don’t know, but I hope she keeps on doing it. This time it is a 6” 777 shape vase in Egyptian Fan 3696! A number of heavy hitters spotted it and the flames were fanned right up to £410.23. I only have a couple of vases in this shape. It is one of my favourites, possibly my favourite shape. Unfortunately that seems to be the view of most of you Deco CW fans. Sob.



Swallows at Dusk plate, an unknown pattern.

Swallows at Dusk plate, an unknown pattern.

Well, this time readers masterspy is stuck for both a pattern name and number for a reddish 10” wall plate (i.e. drilled for hanging). Seller jamesmiles2012 could not help. He said he had never seen it before and neither have I. There is no vestige of a pattern number on the reverse to help us either, just the normal black script mark. It does remind me a little of Oriental Water Garden 2505 in its treatment, but it is clearly much later than that, being obviously from the same family as Rabbits at Dusk which all carry numbers in the 4250 range. So, it’s over to you readers….. Oh, you wanted to know how much it fetched? Well 7 bidders went up to £58.77. Not bad for a cracked plate. If it is indeed unnamed as yet, I suggest the obvious, but appropriate, Swallows at Dusk.


Carlton Ware APPLE BLOSSOM cheese dish & cover

APPLE BLOSSOM cheese dish & cover.

I include too few Embossed range pieces in my blog. Sorry to those of you who are addicted to them, but here is a nice one which particularly caught my eye. It was a lovely covered cheese dish in APPLE BLOSSOM, which sold for £53.45 after 20 bids. A nice addition to somebody’s collection.



Carlton Ware Summer Medley 3663 plaque
FLORAL 3663 plaque


One of the most stunning pieces this month was the 15¾” plaque in FLORAL 3663 auctioned yet again by glad-findings. Words almost fail me to describe this amazing piece. The colours and the design are wonderful. I bet the buyer thinks £735.00 is well worth paying. Do tell us. We are all gagging to know.




Carlton Ware HONESTY 3278 ginger jar

HONESTY 3278 HANDCRAFT ginger jar.


I have been trying to think of what this blog is short of this month I and I have at last had the lightbulb moment. It is short of a spectacular large lidded ginger jar, so here is one. Again, it is seller jamesmiles2012 who is the guilty party up before the Beak. He planted some HONESTY 3278 and up it sprouted from an 8” tall seedling to a fully-grown and blooming £233.77 (despite a hairline in the lid – what a shame).



Carlton Ware TUBELINED TREE & FIELDS 4138 MODERN WARE tray S1601 & jug S787.

TUBELINED TREE & FIELDS 4138 MODERN WARE tray S1601 & jug S787.

Probably the rarest of the tubelined patterns is TUBELINED TREE & FIELDS 4138. Once again jamesmiles2012 was the seller. Once again the big hitters had a big old punch up, not only for the 10” finned tray, which raised £454.00, but also for a squat jug which made a very creamy £205.00. Two for the price of….errrr three or four??? Great result for jamesmiles2012.

Carlton Ware

Moonlight Cameo 2945 vase S326.


When I am not ogling 777 and 406 shape vases, I spend some time salivating over 326ers instead. One such, a 6” example in Moonlight Cameo 2945 (a darker orange than the more common 2946), appeared under the auspices of lifebegins! Despite being in excellent condition, it sold for only £102.00. I don’t have this pattern, but I do think this variant is the nicest.




Carlton Ware Out decorated Carlton Ware MODERN WARE cigarette holder S1210.
Out decorated Carlton Ware MODERN WARE cigarette holder S1210.

What looks like an example of out decorated Carlton Ware usually found with a monogram turned up last month as a ciggy/card holder. It sold for £52.50 and to be dead honest readers if I had a mortgage I would have put the lot this month on betting who would have won it. Mind you, if the bookies had been in the know the odds would have been rubbish.



Carlton Ware Forest Night 3997 vase S1232.

Forest Night 3997 vase S1232.


I am on a roll with the rarities now. Up popped a 5” offset handled vase (shape 1232) in Forest Night 3997. I am not sure if this shape best displays this pattern, but with this degree of rarity beggars can’t be choosers. Well bought, sir. I am sure it will look nice in amongst all your stuff.




Carlton Ware HANDCRAFT ginger jar in Marigold 3271

HANDCRAFT MARIGOLD 3271 ginger jar.


The same seller, wallsco2 also listed a lovely 8” HANDCRAFT ginger jar in MARIGOLD 3271 which will sit nicely among the others, won’t it?






Carlton Ware HANDCRAFT BOW 3271 MELON shape coffee cup & saucer

HANDCRAFT BOW 3271 MELON shape coffee cup & saucer.


They are coming thick and fast now, those rarities. Another appearance this month for seller cpm1947 in respect of a lovely little Handcraft cup and saucer in BOW 3271. I haven’t seen this pattern before, have you readers? Got the rest of the set, buyer? Do tell us. The singleton bidder pinched it for only £69.00. I imagine the seller isn’t exactly ecstatic.


Carlton Ware TURKISH 3050 vase S139
TURKISH 3050 vase S139,


Not as rare, but from the same seller is a large 11” baluster vase shape 139 in TURKISH 3050. I reckon one or two of you lost interest in this vase a little too early because I have seen smaller ones, even damaged ones in this pattern, sell for more. I love this pattern and have a couple of pieces, a REVO tray and a footed bowl. Super colours and design.





Carlton Ware HANDCRAFT Chevrons 3657 candlestick S918

HANDCRAFT Chevrons 3657 candlestick S918.

Also from the same seller is a lovely Modern Ware shape candle holder in Chevrons 3657. As long term readers will know the masterspy used to bemoan his lack of a piece in this pattern on a regular basis, but thanks to the amazing generosity of a friend, I now have a piece. I did have a whole coffee set pass through my hands once, but I was only acting as a postman between seller and buyer. Hmmmmm. I wonder if he wants to sell it yet??? Hmmmmmm indeed hmmmmm. Stop daydreaming masterspy – ed. Getting back to the matter in hand, this candle holder had a couple of chips and significant wear to the silvering (as is common with platinum lustre) but it still attracted bids from 3 eBayers and finished up at £77.26. Not bad this time for cpm1947.

Carlton Ware NEW CHINESE BIRD & CLOUD 3322 vase S217



I would be remiss (and far be it from me to be accused of being remiss!!! lol) if I did not mention the 6” 217 shape cylindrical vase in NEW CHINESE BIRD & CLOUD 3322 which came up this month. This was listed by rdilla of Welsh Wales and half of Australia seemed to bid on it. The winner paid only £112.99 however, which I think reasonable for a pattern which is so rich in colour.





Carlton Ware Egyptian Fan 3696 cigarette box

Egyptian Fan 3696 cigarette box.


I know who won this ciggy/trinket box for £194.99 in Egyptian Fan 3696 cos she posted on Facebook about it. Lucky lady. I am sure seller knots_mayfield is less happy with the transaction than is the buyer. Not far from Bargain of the Month territory methinks considering the popularity of this pattern and the shape.




Carlton Ware Moonlight Cameo Border 2979 MELON shape sugar bowl.
Moonlight Cameo Border 2979 MELON shape sugar bowl.


Sophisticated, restrained and rarely seen is Moonlight Cameo Border 2979. Two (?) sellers from the same area sold different pieces of a coffee set this month. This open sugar bowl made £14.50. It could be back one day, or perhaps the rest of the set will surface slowly bit by bit over time. Who knows?



Carlton Ware BELL 3792 vase S406

BELL 3792 vase S406.


Well, this month has been much livelier and varied on eBay with more rare pieces coming up than for a long time and consequently this is one of masterspy’s longest blogs ever. I could easily have included another dozen items (thank gawd you didn’t – ed). To finish off I give you a wonderful 6” 406 vase in BELL 3792 on powder blue. Only slight rim gild wear on this excellent example led to well-known Canadian seller/collectors harwil trousering a well merited £284.35.




A terrific piece to finish on. Let’s hope next month is as good.  As always, if you have any comments they are most welcome. Please use the response form provided.

Happy eBaying.

eBay Masterspy

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February 2015

It’s still all go go go in the masterspy family. This time it is my 19th birthday in a few days and our 40th wedding anniversary soon also (Errrr, how does that work exactly? – Ed….. Easy Ed, just call me Dorian). Before you ask, I have indeed lavished many rubies upon my beloved Mrs Masterspy!!! We are trying to find somewhere exciting to go to celebrate this auspicious event in our history (???). Any suggestions (costing less than 50p, as the aforementioned rubies have emptied the masterspy kitty) gratefully accepted.

Anyway……. here we go for another New Year and it has been a promising start with a couple of big ticket items coming up on our favourite selling platform (sharp intake of breath)!

Mad Item of the Month

01-feb-15-200Well, another easy one again this month readers. Seller countryclutter44 of Cheltenham decided that he or she could sell a Crown Devon saucer broken in half for at least £3.50 plus p & p to somebody. Guess what? Yuuup. He or she was 100% wrong. Good try though. Ya gotta laff, doncha?

Over Optimistic eBayer of the Month

Carlton Ware POLKA DOT 4418 RITA coffee cup

POLKA DOT 4418 RITA coffee cup

This one was also easy. A single cup was offered by kellieturpin84 in POLKA DOT 4418 for the incredible price of £1278.49 (AU$2500). “A fantastic rare peice of history to the right buyer !!!” and “one of a kind !!!” (Not my spelling or spacing – EM) said the seller. Wouldn’t dickturpin have made a better eBay name? It was withdrawn a few days later due to an “error in the listing”. biglols.


Bargain of the Month

Carlton Ware WORCESTER BIRDS 2196  charger

WORCESTER BIRDS 2196 charger

Once again the buyer of this item was ably assisted by the seller’s poorly focussed photos in the listing. A 12” charger in the striking “Puke Yellow” colourway (so beloved of my lovely friend DB who christened it thus) in WORCESTER BIRDS 2196 pattern was copped by a lucky buyer for only £64.80. Surely a veritable bargain, m’dears. That’s a lot of pattern and colour for your money, buyer and on an early piece too. Are you happy with it? Do tell us.


The Month’s Goodies

Coming close in value for money (VFM) terms to the bargain winner were the following 2 pieces:

Carlton Ware CHINALAND 2948 floating flower bowl

CHINALAND 2948 floating flower bowl


Firstly there was a 12½” Floating Bowl in CHINALAND 2948. Sadly the interest in this was severely restrained by some scratches in the middle of the orange sky. I would have thought it restorable however. In any case I would think seller tarka6 would have been pretty disappointed with an outcome of £60.00. Perhaps all those CHINALAND fans out there may see it again one day, who knows?


Carlton Ware Scimitar 3651 bowl

Scimitar 3651 bowl – cracked & worn


Secondly, I was also struck by the VFM obtained by the buyer of our first big ticket item. This was a 3 footed 9¾” bowl in Scimitar 3651, which (get your hankies out ready readers) had a 4” long crack. Nooooooooo!!!! I know it was cracked and also had a little wear to the gilding in the bowl, but when will you see a piece this large in this pattern sell for £102.00??? Never, I venture to suggest.


Carlton Ware NASTURTIUM 3565 jug vase S496

NASTURTIUM 3565 jug vase S496

I am gonna need that hankie in a minute readers, so keep it handy please. Yankee seller tyler95 listed a jug vase in NASTURTIUM 3565 for £196.50 BIN. I had been the underbidder when he bought it and I still wanted it, but the postage and customs fees took it well out of my reach. I was hoping it wouldn’t sell and maybe he would list it again at a lower price, but ‘twas not to be. Some evil swine went and bought it. Booooo hoooo sobbbbbb. So near and yet so far (blows nose hard, takes a raggedy deep breath and just about gets a grip again).

Carlton Ware Moonlight Cameo 2946 vase S217

Moonlight Cameo 2946 vase S217



Sniffle. Harrumph. Anyway…. Shelley China lover swillyrules of Plymouth often demeans himself by resorting to selling Carlton Ware (Pardon? – Ed) and listed a 217 shape 8”er in Moonlight Cameo 2946 which only made £113.66, so I guess the seller was underwhelmed, but this is the market now. The seller insisting on listing and relisting a ginger jar at £450.00 is gonna wait a long time to sell it, methinks.



Carlton Ware Diamond MELON shape coffee cups

Diamond MELON shape coffee cups

Masterspy loves Diamond pattern and seller thebluenile offered 4 cups and saucers in green, yellow, red and blue. Why was there so little interest? Are you mad out there? Only 2 bids? £80.24? Surely the red and blue ones are worth almost that much on their own? Incidentally readers, I have been to the River Nile and one thing you can rest assured about is that it ain’t blue! Trust me!!! Not even close (except for those people unfortunate enough to have blue – brown colour blindness of course).

Carlton Ware Nankin 2021 tobacco jar

Nankin 2021 tobacco jar


Nowt like a little piece of Nankin 2021 and several bidders thought so too. Seller shapely_puma offered a screw top tobacco jar, sadly with chips on the lid, but it still made £34.55. You aren’t listening to masterspy on this pattern are you readers? Nankin is worth more than it sells for I reckon.



Carlton Ware AUTUMN TREES & FERNS 3517 REVO tray


Cranleigh boy barryplumber1 found he had a small 8½” REVO in the very pretty AUTUMN TREES & FERNS 3517. This was another piece which has had an accident at some time in the past and consequently has a small chip on the rear edge as properly described and pictured clearly. Perhaps the seller should have bunged some Plumbers’ Caulk into the chip??? Lol. Happily for barryplmber1 a single bidder felt it was worth £60.00 without resorting to such things…. and so do I.

Carlton Ware Babylon 4125 RITA coffee pot

Babylon 4125 RITA coffee pot – damaged



The same seller will also no doubt have been much cheered by attracting a bid of a more than hefty £210.50 for his base-chipped coffee pot in Babylon 4125. Why would a chipped Babylon coffee pot make more than a cracked Scimitar bowl? Go figure.



Carlton Ware Devil’s Copse 3787 bowl

Devil’s Copse 3787 bowl


Finally, yet another £99.00 went into the barryplumber1’s back bin when a buyer made his move for a 4” Devil’s Copse 3787 bowl in powder blue. Those 3 pieces add up to almost half a plumber’s day rate don’t they readers??? Lol.




Carlton Ware Medley 3587 bookends

Medley 3587 bookends



I like this seller name, sew-n-sew2010 auctioned a lovely pair of bookends in Medley 3587 and as seems to be a theme this month attracted just one bid of £75.00. I paid more than this privately for mine…. Grrrr. This is too good for £75.00. Simple as. Lucky buyer.



Carlton Ware TEMPLE 2929 baluster vase

TEMPLE 2929 baluster vase


What does £80.00 buy you these days readers? Well, I will tell you. It buys a lovely 8½” baluster vase in TEMPLE 2929, a striking gloss bright blue in colour with matt black frieze, that’s what. A very attractive piece indeed. I have a large floating bowl hung on the wall in this colour and pattern combo at Chateau Despair, readers and it looks spanking I can tell you, so I reckon the buyer will be pretty pleased with snagging this vase.




Carlton Ware FLOWER & FALLING LEAF 3948 diamond

FLOWER & FALLING LEAF 3948 diamond

FLOWER & FALLING LEAF 3948, I said FLOWER & FALLING LEAF 3948!!! Lordy, lordy, lordy, but masterspy likes this pattern. Fortunately, I have my piece already, so I didn’t resort to tears again readers. Seller wallsco2 trusted to the magic of eBay and obtained a creditable £95.50 to send this restored finned diamond tray swimming down the M5.

Carlton Ware Floral Comet 3422 MERIDIAN fruit tray

Floral Comet 3422 MERIDIAN fruit tray

A long fancied, but unrequited love of mine is for Floral Comet 3422 on the pale blue ground. One day perhaps….. one day. A seller name which I cannot relate to in respect of Carlton Ware is that of surplus2reqts and to sell a very rare MERIDIAN fruit dish in FC is inconceivable to me. Even though its spindle had at some time been broken off and re-glued (with some bits still missing) some blooming rotten space cadet bid £207.01 for it. So rare, it’s worth this much and more and easily restorable in competent hands. Just send it to me buyer and I will return it to you in much better condition, he said kindly, honest…. eventually.

Carlton Ware PERSIAN GARDEN 3893 jug S786

PERSIAN GARDEN 3893 jug S786


Isn’t this a gorgeous piece readers? What is? Oh yes, sorry…… This lovely 5” jug in PERSIAN GARDEN 3893, that’s what! I positively salivated over it. Even the inside is bally magic. It was all I could do to keep my pudgy fingers off the bidding button, which is a good job cos it made an excellent £292.85 for mackems1. It would only have made me miserable again.



Carlton Ware Mandarins Chatting 3653 OXFORD bowl with stand

Mandarins Chatting 3653 OXFORD bowl with stand

Hey, come over here and keep it down ok? Seller weeshred sold a 9¾” bowl on its original stand in Mandarins Chatting 3653 for a very cheap £338.00. What a stunner. I was surprised it didn’t go for more, I must say. Lucky buyer. It wasn’t me of course, readers.

Carlton Ware WAGON WHEELS 3813 bowl

WAGON WHEELS 3813 bowl

OMG arabis208 you are kidding me? A 9¾” bowl in mottled pink WAGON WHEELS 3813? It went cheaply too for only £436.00. How come the masterspy never has any cash when this sort of thing turns up?

Carlton Ware Rainbow Fan 3700 cigarette box

Rainbow Fan 3700 cigarette box

Another cherished but missing pattern in my collection is Rainbow Fan 3700. Not surprising really as only rich folks or bank robbers usually need apply. This time though a ciggy/trinket box only made £501.00 for adieff64. The last one back in 2011 made £983.00 despite having a little chip under the lid.


Carlton Ware JAZZ 3353 vase S467

JAZZ 3353 vase S467

Now look arabis208, you is tekkin t’mick ‘ere. Not content with launching a WAGON WHEELS bowl on poor unsuspecting masterspy, now you list a JAZZ 3353 4½” vase as well. What are you trying to do, give me a heart attack? I am a sick old man you know? I can’t take shocks like that anymore. Don’t do it again. Oh go on then, if you have any more, launch ‘em. A no doubt happy buyer paid £510.00 for it, which is a good price to buy JAZZ vases at, even 4½” ones.


Carlton Ware Jagged Bouquet 3457 jug vase S496

Jagged Bouquet 3457 jug vase S496



After a 5 way 15 bid battle a buyer snagged this Jagged Bouquet 3457 7” jug vase for £670.00. Seller opal22503 had previously tried to BIN it at over £1200 somewhat optimistically, but an auction got it sold.



Carlton Ware Scimitar 3651 rectangular FOOTED FRUIT S184

Scimitar 3651 rectangular FOOTED FRUIT S184

No prizes for guessing the name of the happiest eBay seller of the month. All I have to do is say the Queen of Cleveland sold a twin handled and single footed comport in Scimitar 3651 for a mere £1600.00. Say no more. Where does she get them from readers? I wish I knew….. I would be just leaving as she got there. Lol.

After that there is nothing else to say except have a good month eBaying and see you again next month. Feel free to send your comments via the usual form.

Best wishes,

eBay Masterspy

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Masterspy’s Annual Review of 2014

2014 wasn’t overly kind to the mastermind. He lost some relatives, he lost some friends. One or two things haven’t gone swimmingly well in more run of the mill life situations either, but hey, he is still here and kicking. Older and hopefully wiser. Time to gird my loins and get on with it, I think. After all, at least little Oliver is well and hopefully will outgrow these fits he has been having (none for a while now  thank goodness). My little Erin is doing well too, so no problems there either. Wot’s that? Stop moaning masterspy. Ok, readers. You are right. I should be so happy and thankful and I am.

In 2013 I added around 40 pieces to my collection, but 2014 only brought half that number. Oh well, at least Mrs Masterspy has stopped threatening me with my Katana (for the moment). Phew.

02-2014Mad Item of the Year

Runner up this year came from way back in February seller theantiquestorehouse listed a set of armour which had been assembled from various parts and asked an astronomical £24500 for it, regularly refusing offers for it over a period of months. Mad. Daft. Stubborn. Choose your own epithet.





And the winner is… the totally knackered armchair offered by eggmanofthewest back in March for a staggering £285.00.



04-2014Over Optimistic Ebayer of the Year

Back in my October blog I reviewed an OVEN WARE covered dish which was listed at an unbelievable £399.00. When I saw the price I nearly fell off my chair. Good try, but still the runner up.


Last month I blogged about the set of recently made Gollies offered for £995.00. This is an outstanding case of over optimism and a winner galloping away from the field without the need of a whip.




Bargain of the Year

Needlepoint 3815 is pretty rare. It averages around one piece per year on ebay. Ignoring a ruby gondola (a much larger piece in the other colourway) sold last year a fair average might me £200ish. £68.00 is just a steal readers.




Another fairly rare pattern is RIVER FISH 3970 which has only appeared on ebay once or twice in the last four years and can hook buyers at almost £1000 on occasion. An undamaged piece should not be dragged over to the bank for £215.40, now should it? Well, it was!




The Year’s Best Stuff

Well, time for masterspy’s drool of the year. Way back in the April blog I told you all about the lidded vase in pink Rosetta 3505A temple jar listed by lavender1940 which sold for £645.00. It well deserves its Bronze Cuthbert award, both because it is possibly unique, but also because it could easily have been up for the Bargain award too.



Runner up and owner of the Silver Cuthbert Award is the WAGON WHEELS  Gondola ebayed by glad-findings and fought over by some big players and carried off for the hefty sum of £1850.00, sadly, all the way to Oz. A fantastic piece. I bet the buyer is deliriously happy to have won it.


10Finally, we come to the winner of the Golden Cuthbert Award. Those who know me will not be surprised that I have chosen the 8” Mondrian 3570 ginger jar sold by ramseycowell for £1067.00. Not only my favourite pattern, but a nice big piece too and another bargain.

As usual feel free to post any comments through the usual channels.

I wonder what 2015 will bring…….. All excited!!!

eBay masterspy

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