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Carlton Ware, made at the Copeland Street Pottery in Stoke-on-Trent, was in production for almost one hundred years. During this time, the pottery kept pace with current tastes and styles, and its output records the many changes that took place in commercial potteries over most of the twentieth century. It was one of many medium sized family-run potteries, with few exceptions now sadly gone.

Carlton Ware World's mission is to record the legacy of pottery made by Wiltshaw & Robinson and Carlton Ware from 1890 to 1989, with emphasis on the many designers whose work made the pottery so appealing.

We aim to provide an accessible and accurate picture of the pottery’s significant contribution to the British ceramics industry over what is arguably one of the most creative periods in pottery history.

Recording the legacy of this prolific pottery is a tall order, but we see this as an important task so that its history is not lost. We believe that the skills and techniques employed by those who made it deserve to be acknowledged and appreciated and this is also one of our aims.

A website is an excellent vehicle to achieve these goals since it can be constantly added to and when necessary corrected.

Carlton Ware World is run by a voluntary steering group of collectors and enthusiasts, who hope that you will find our site interesting and stimulating.

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