September 2012

Another month has passed by and the masterspy’s life has taken yet another stunning turn. This may surprise you all. It sure as hell surprised the masterspy. I will be a grandfather for the second time in March next year (my eldest daughter this time, who obviously thinks there is “no show without Punch”)!!! At the risk of repeating myself…. OMG!!! What the hell next? Another ebay masterspy junior???? Errrr, perhaps not (Too bally right, masterspy, no chance – Mrs Masterspy)!

At this time of the year all our thoughts turn to the bucket and spade and Mr and Mrs Masterspy are no exception. After scoffing and supping mightily at the CWW BBQ in Haywards Heath (many thanks to hosts Ray and Heather) we drove straight to North Norfolk for a few days of R & R. We had never been there before and found it very pretty. We crammed a lot in to our short visit including trips to many of the coastal villages, to Holt (where there are a large number of antique shops), to the Broads, to Sandringham House and finally (on our way home) to Burghley House. Anyway, I feel after writing this blog for so long I know you all quite well now, so it is time I finally showed myself. Stands back in amazement! Sound the trumpets. Here is a photo of the masterspy in the wilds of Norfolk.
So now you know what I really look like (well, at least my fingers, anyway)! Ha ha. You really thought you were finally going to find out who I am? Unlucky! Perhaps next month…. who knows?

I needed the time off to recuperate after almost going cold turkey on ebay, which was again fairly quiet until late on in the month. Perhaps all the UK based sellers are saving their best things for the CW Fair which takes place on the Saturday of the Annual CWW Meeting at Stoke in October. Come one, come all – pots to buy, people to meet and even TV celebrity Will Farmer will be there on the Sunday to give us a talk! We even hold our meeting in the room which was Josiah Wedgwood’s own bedroom 250 years ago. Unbe-flipping-lievable!

Without further ado then, let’s see what can be made of the month’s listings.
Mad Item of the Month (this month dedicated to blog reader Halina from Oz)
Photos for sale on ebay are always a rich source of wonder to me. If we were talking about a 20” x 30” full colour glossy of Niagra Falls, the Taj Mahal, or maybe Ayers Rock, I could see the attraction to the world at large, but a 3¼” x 2½” faded black and white picture of a bald bloke with a trainee moustache on a beach holding his belly in and looking into the distance, I think not. Let me tell you that US based ampnoise feels you should pay him £12.58 + £3.82 postage for it! It didn’t sell. I wonder why?

Over Optimistic Ebayer of the Month

A clear winner this month, in fact this seller won more easily than Usain Bolt. UK seller swan_antiques who has often attracted my attention for exorbitant pricing, seems to think there are buyers for a lidded Armand Lustre FLIES 2134 11” vase with some scratches and gild wear at a price of £895.00 BIN/ONO. Yeah, right. Anybody fancy paying that much? No? I thought not, me neither. To be perfectly honest, I could have picked any of half a dozen of this seller’s listings. They are all similarly overpriced. Late news – it has gone back on at ONLY £495.00. Still way too dear, mind.



An Up and Down Month

So then, what did change hands this month? The month did start well with the listing of a piece in the highly prized WAGON WHEELS 3813. It was a little octagonal pot but without its lid. Who rolled these wheels onto ebay? Why, it was catstealer of course. He pocketed £225.00, which I would think he would have been less than delighted with. Were you disappointed, Cat?





There was at least one meteoric sale this month. Scottish seller inspiration54 launched a somewhat crazed Shabunkin 3971 3½” cylindrical lidded pot into the ether and we all grabbed our telescopes as it rose and rose to £995.00. I have said in this blog that some pots have sold at £100 per inch; well this one reached almost 3 times that amount. Wowee! I bet this one is right at the front of somebody’s cabinet. 




mackems1 sold a lovely 8” vase in Rabbits at Dusk 4257 for £225.00. I have to tell you, buyer that you nearly didn’t end up with this piece, as the seller offered to swap it for my lovely new granddaughter! It was a close run thing as Wellington famously said. Only kidding, and so was mackems1, obviously, but, hmmmm, now I think about it, hmmmm…… S





humex of Caerphilly in Wales used to own a nice large charger in Persian Rose 3975, but sold it for £147.01 after only 2 bids. Somebody got a really good deal there, methinks.




Whilst we are on the subject of good deals, another of the same was made by the buyer of the coffee pot in Crested Bird & Waterlily 3530 BINned by Patrick.s.j for only £125.00. I bet the buyer’s fingers were trembling as he or she hit the BIN button as fast as possible. Cheap cheap (or possibly cheep cheep – or whatever noise Grebes make).





I have often said that Medley 3599 is a pattern offering good value for money as it is a Marmite pattern (which means you either love it or loathe it, for non-uk based readers). It can also be quite prone to the on glaze blue oxidising, which can reduce both the enjoyment and the price. However, maggiebob08 found a 10” REVO tray to place on ebay which made a fair price for Medley, but perhaps a bargain to a REVO collector. What do you think, buyer?

Sticking with bargains, some friends of the masterspy purchased a complete PARISIENNE coffee set in a banded and cross hatched decoration 4088 from doncaster-collectors-emporium after an all too brief 6 bid battle for a mere £155.00. I happen to know that they are pretty smug. I wonder why! It is a lovely deco set, that’s why. 

This month’s ebay CW MIA (it went “Missing in Action”) item is a lovely Summer Flowers 3926 9” vase. It may well be the largest size of vase made in this shape. On screen it looks a very good vase, but I have a 7½” example and the pattern is so well suited to this shape as it can spread out like a landscape across a canvas. Gawd knows how exciting a 9”er would look! However, seller b4yesterday withdrew it as no longer available. I wonder what happened to it?  

This month was a juggy sort of month, with everything from a plain yellow example with a chip and crazing (only £3.20 though) to magnificent pieces in both matt and lustre. Just 5 examples for you to drool over……… Firstly I want to mention a Rabbits at Dusk 4247 7½” jug which has a simply stunning shape. I bet most of these handles have been off long ago and just look at the fantastic colour of the inside of the jug. No wonder it was snapped up, even at the high price of £377.38.

Next was a 6” 769 shape jug in SKETCHING BIRD 3890. This shape stands well when given a little prominence. I have a couple of larger pieces in this shape myself, so maybe I am a tad biased, but hey, there you go. In this case the bird has had a bit of a smack on the beak and has suffered a rather obvious chip. The seller, flowerpower910, has now failed to sell this twice, once with a start price of £100.00 and lately with an auction with an unreached reserve, which rose to only £70.00. As a piece which needs complicated restoration due to the nature of the pattern at the site of the damage, this is probably how much it is worth. If the buyer pays too much, the risk is all his or hers after all.

Now what did I say about Medley 3593 being value for money? Here we have a 7” jug vase in shape 496 which made only £52.00 for Northern Irish seller weeshred.  I know one thing for certain, if I had owned a jug vase in such nice condition as this one and seen it sell for this price I wouldn’t have needed to go to the tap to fill it with water, my tear ducts would have done the job mucho rapido!


call94 has been hiding a 7” jug vase in the highly dramatic Metropolis 3420. What a jazzer, and I use the phrase in more ways than one. Not only is it reminiscent of American skyscrapers and jazz music, but also in the Manchester vernacular, it means a real beauty! Mind you, to make it truly Mancunian I would have to type “Wo’ a jazzoh” and leave it to you to try to say it like a Mancunian (however I should point out that it takes a great deal of practice and a bad upbringing, or being born in a 10 mile radius of eastern Manchester to say it “proppoh”). The buyer paid the bargain price of only £176.15. I wonder if he or she is dancing round it right now accompanied by a spot of deafeningly loud jazz. 

I could easily have also written about a Will o’ Wisp 3939 jug, or one in Hollyhocks 3973. As I said it has been a juggy sort of month, readers. I suppose I have been indulging myself a little so far, readers, and guess what, I am going to continue just a little bit longer. You know I like Rayure 3955, well a couple of pieces came up this month, including this rinky-dink little cream jug. Sold to you madam for £72.00. Every time I see this pattern I think of Poirot’s apartments. Superb art deco. Say no more. Sometimes less is more as they say. Such simplicity of line. Wow. 

 Ok enough of the jugs. What next? Keeping with less is more, Oz based debscornucopia (good name) BINned a little 3½” GUM TREE 3790 vase for a creditable £221.22.

Another sparely designed deco pattern is Modern Ware 3887. It is unusual to see a cruet complete with its tray on ebay. Yankee seller grandgalleries ran across one and stuck it on our favourite auction platform. Unfortunately one piece has a tiny chip, but I am sure it will be restored easily enough. The buyer bought this set so incredibly cheaply at a mere £21.09 that I am reminded of the sombre words of the Theft Act 1868 “A person is guilty of theft if he dishonestly appropriates property belonging to another with the intention of permanently depriving the other of it”. I think that just about covers it, don’t you readers? You should be ashamed of yourself buyer (but I bet you aren’t, I bet you are rolling around the floor with tears of laughter springing from your eyes and pains racking your chest from the ceaseless effort). 

In complete contrast to a spare design style, mackems1 emptied out all her many valuable baubles from her GARDEN 3501 trinket box sitting innocently on the dressing table (hope she doesn’t lose any of the good stuff) and watched while the CW heavy hitters knocked each other about for 8 rounds until the price reached a dizzy £224.99. A goodly prize purse, to be sure (and well worth the missing teeth). 

Oh, so you want complex patterns do you? I got complex patterns……… dunnhoardin40 (another clever name) auctioned a 6” vase in Heron & Magical Tree 4160. Luckily for the buyer the world’s leading collector of this pattern already has this shape, so this one sold for only £376.66. 

A blog reader sent me this item, which is very lucky or I would have missed it whilst on my holiday in the land that time (or at least the internet) forgot – North Norfolk. An almost mint 13½” gondola in Fantasia 3421, it was BINned for £472.17 by lalacanucks. 


And finally, another blog reader sent me this item which avoided me missing another of my favourite patterns Rosetta 3505. On this occasion the item in question was a lovely lidded preserve pot and saucer sold by wallsco2 in excellent condition. The buyer will no doubt forgive the pun that she is a jammy sod! 



Even in this quieter period I could have included perhaps a dozen other pieces which caught my eye. If you have any suggestions for me to look at in my blog which I do not normally comment on, or if you have any response which you wish to make to issues or items mentioned in the blog, feel free to do so on the form provided. Happy ebaying till next month.

Very best wishes,
ebay masterspy

PS Our webmaster apologizes for the layout this month – it takes ages to get everything to fit properly and he is short of time this month. Getting pictures in the right place at the right size is very time consuming!

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8 Responses to September 2012

  1. Barbara USA says:

    I am very pleased with my Garden trinket box. My friend Deb was also quite pleased with it, so much so it has migrated over to her house! So many pieces of CW and so little money to purchase everything I want! I do wonder who ended up with that Shabunkin lidded pot?
    And congrats pappy Masterspy on another grandchild on the way. Your girls are certainly competetive! Are we hoping for a boy this time?

  2. ebay masterspy says:

    Hello Barbara,
    I am sure your friend will take good care of it…… she better had!! Ha ha.
    I know the ebay CW feeling – too many pieces and too many patterns come up, just when you don’t actually want them to. I have bought 3 pieces this month which, between them, for me at least, cost a fair bit of money.
    The outcome is that the masterspy is right in the doghouse!!!
    Mrs Masterspy was not best pleased when the 3rd one turned up.
    I may have to “lie doggo” as the old saying goes, for quite a while. You watch, loads of great stuff will come up now.
    As for the Shabunkin, I wonder that, too.
    Whoever he or she is, they have a lot more money than me!!!
    Best wishes,
    ebay masterspy

  3. Jack says:

    Gooday Masterspy,

    Hope all is well, good to hear another masterspy junior is on its way I bet you must be over the moon!!!!!!
    Well mate I will tell you a little secret the Shabunkin vase has landed in Australia?????
    Cheers mate

  4. Jack says:

    Hello masterspy,

    I never said it was me all I said it is in Australia, there is no way I would pay such high price for such a small pot,

    Cheers mate!!!

  5. Peter Gay says:

    Hello Mr Masterspy, I believe that the Heron & Magical Tree 464 6″ Vase was not in very good condition. By enlarging the pictures it was plain to see extensive crazing and gilt rub. I recently paid over £120 more for the same vase in excellent order. I considered bidding on this one to make a pair but the condition put me off. So my point is that at £376 i think the vase sold at a very good price. Regards Peter Gay.

    • ebay masterspy says:

      Hello Peter,
      Thanks for your comment.
      If it is in worse condition than the one you bought earlier it would have sat there in the cabinet leering at you in that knowing way that says “You made a really poor decision there, he he he.”
      Never good, eh?

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