October 2012

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness,

Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun;

Conspiring with him how to load and bless

With fruit the vines that round the thatch-eves run;

To bend with apples the moss’d cottage-trees,

And fill all fruit with ripeness to the core;

To swell the gourd, and plump the hazel shells

With a sweet kernel; to set budding more,

And still more, later flowers for the bees,

Until they think warm days will never cease,

For Summer has o’er-brimm’d their clammy cells.

John Keats – Ode to Autumn, penned 19th September 1819

This is undoubtedly one of the top 20 poems in the history of English poetry and at this time of year a more than appropriate introduction to my blog. Keats was one of the great tragic figures of English literature, dying of Consumption (TB, or the Poet’s Disease as it was known) at only 26 years of age. His gravestone in the Protestant Cemetery in Rome bears the words “Here lies one whose name was writ in water.” Sad. Think about it. Hopefully, however, you will have had a mellow and fruitful September of eBaying (unfortunately I haven’t – hey ho).

Over Optimistic EBayer of the Month

Tendrillon 3858

Tendrillon 3858


When a seller lists an item with a Buy it Now price almost twice that of the highest price achieved by any piece in the same pattern in the last 3 years on eBay it is fair to say they are being seriously optimistic. This month, an Aussie seller wins the “Golden Plonker” with a sterling effort. He or she tried to get £385.00 for a 466 shape 8” vase in Tendrillon 3858. Nobody bit on this expensive morsel – quelle surprise.



Undecorated POPPY butterpat

A pretty good runner up though was  another Aussie (what’s got into you this month, my friends?) who launched a plain white glazed undecorated butter pat dish from the POPPY floral embossed range (only 65mm in diameter) at a ludicrous price of A$1599.00 – no doubt hoping to find a mug. After a couple of days the price was altered to A$9.99. Unlucky, no mugs about, but it didn’t even sell at A$9.99 either.

Mad Items of the Month

You have got to admire the nerve of an eBayer who finds a tired and tattered old photo (preferably one with little or no artistic or significant historical interest) and lists it at a huge price to see if there are any idiots out there. One such is serial offender ampnoise who has found another such photo less than 5” x 3” in size and asked $99.99 for it. Not this time, Gromit.

An honourable mention also has to go to megabooks-uk for their book listing entitled “Never Marry a Woman with Big Feet”. Lol – ok, but why not?

This Month’s Goodies 

FAN 3558 gondola

In the early hours of the month a GONDOLA in FAN 3558 completed its run on eBay. Seller preciousbargains had quite properly drawn attention to previous fairly poorly restored damage and the final price reflected this. It cooled down at £145.99 after a 10 bid battle. I predict this will be with us again at some point looking in an apparently better state. Let’s hope the seller displays the same honesty about the condition as preciousbargains did.

Heatwave 4092 tubelined vase

An unusual, if not rare, 5” vase in shape 1156 with Heatwave 4092 pattern was auctioned by seller prosandsqs and went for the bargain price of £62.00. I bet the buyer breaks out in a sweat of pleasure to have won this hot little vase for such a cool price. I have a friend in the South East of England who has a piece in this pattern and I think it is very underrated – damn – I shouldn’t have said that, now you will all bid up the next one. Forget what you have just read. It is a rubbish pattern!


Late Woods orchid decoration 1980s

Last month might have been a juggy sort of month, but this month is very boxy! The first box which I noted was a one from the 1980s, listed as in perfect condition. I am not sure of the actual pattern name or number, but it certainly went at a massively modest price, only £6.55! I am sure the seller, alexcunliffe007 must be more than a little disappointed.


Next on my radar was a SKETCHING BIRD 3890 box listed by max313gerry, which flapped its wings majestically up to £365.00. A very high price paid for this one and no mistake, but equally speaking, a really good example. The matt glaze has the benefit of not suffering the same crazing seen on so many gloss pale yellow/cream pieces of such patterns as SKETCHING BIRD, Summer Flowers and the Mandarin (Tree and Chatting) patterns.

PERSIAN 2882 hairpin box

Next up was seller wonoften who had a tiny crimp-edged hairpin box from the HERALDIC CHINA range in PERSIAN 2882. Unfortunately this box has a few chips. Otherwise it would have made lots of money, but this time it only went to £29.89. Pity.


Moonlight Cameo 2944 round box


Back to Aussie seller 1080prospecting who this time mined a beautiful round little gem of a circular box in Moonlight Cameo 2944. 9 bidders dug deep into their pockets and raised a figure of £141.93. Again, I believe we may well see this again one day.



GARDEN GATE 3863 box

Another pattern I believe to be undervalued is GARDEN GATE 3863. I have described it in the past as mysterious, asking the question, what lies behind the gate. I still see it as very enigmatic, but this perhaps belies its simple and stylish prettiness. Unsurprisingly, a good CW box will attract solid money, but I imagine creamofdevon will have been well happy to trouser £161.78. Perhaps, this pattern is growing on you lot too.

WAGON WHEELS 3813 octagonal box


Lancashire lad potteryvillage-dot has been doing a bit of decorating and I don’t mean wallpapering the bedroom!!! He has made and painted a lid for a WAGON WHEELS 3813 octagonal pot (a sort of box, hey, cut me some slack here) which came without its original lid. After a considerable amount of interest and 27 bids it sold for £280.00.  Were you happy with the outcome, seller, or are you going to the pub next time and getting a man in to do the diy?


Parkland 3523 biscuit box


While with the same seller and the diy theme another interesting “sort of” box was sold simultaneously. This one made £155.00 and had the benefit of a real lid of the correct size and type which was repainted to suit. Were you happy with your Parkland 3523 biscuit barrel, buyer? Do let us know.






I know many of you like WATERLILY & DRAGONFLY 4492, which uses a black ground. A more traditional, used-to-be a ciggy box, but now it’s a “trinket box” was auctioned by maisy-patcheye. Even at today’s price for baccy the buyer could have bought him or herself a fair few boxes of the evil weed for £303.61. That wisp of ciggy smoke has got in my eye I think reader, because my eye is watering. Oh, hang on a minute, it might just be the mega price that’s doing it!

RIBBED STONEWARE box with decoration 3845


To bring to a close my focus on boxes a RIBBED STONEWARE box with decoration 3845 in matt pale muted tones is not a high flyer, but the box sold by seller swillyrules was a real bargain for the singleton bidder at £14.99. I told you this month was boxy. Now do you believe me? Would I lie to you?


Hedgerow 3862 vase

I would have loved to have been in there fighting grimly to the last bidder for the lovely mottled ruby ground 5” 467 shape Hedgerow 3862 vase, but the item was located in South Africa and I couldn’t find out how much customs duty would be due, so I kept out of it. I regret it now, of course (I always do). Paisleylon of Pretoria still pocketed £204.35 without any help from me, though. Sigh.



PERSIAN GARDEN 3892 conical bowl

Another one I lusted over (stop right there masterspy, you know I don’t want you over exciting the ladies) but had to see go elsewhere was the 9” conical bowl in Blue PERSIAN GARDEN 3892. I have a similar sized normal bowl in gloss black which is amongst my 3 top pots. It would have looked lovely right next to it. Oh dear, oh dear. Sigh. My bottom lip is quivering as I write. clarendon_house27vx has £273.88 in the back bin to console him or her. I don’t. Sob!




Sometimes a small amount of wear or damage will bring an expensive pattern into range for us poor folk and this was exemplified when shamworcs listed a 9½” 406 shape CHINESE BIRD & CLOUD 3275 vase. This piece, uncommon in this size, has a bit of staining and crazing and a short hairline inside. From the outside it looks as good as new. The price reflected our fastidiousness about such things though and the hammer came down, luckily missing the vase by a hair(line)sbreadth, at £92.73. Is it a bargain, buyer? Tell us. Perhaps another one we will see again, who knows?

Asymmetric Flower bookends in decoration 3535


Seller sportycooper81 presumably likes his deco because up came a pair of Asymmetric Flower bookends in decoration 3535, again with a little chip on one corner and again the price reflected this, ending up at only £51.51.

Unfinished 9½” bowl in SKETCHING BIRD 3891
A finished example is shown on the right.

An unfinished 9½” bowl in SKETCHING BIRD 3891 missing its bird came to eBay (on foot of course, no bird, no wings, right?) via the hen coop of laughteristhebestmedicine. Somewhere on this there will be a fault, which explains why is was not completed. This also explains its low price of £16.01. Probably won’t fly if it goes on eBay again, readers. What do you think?

Toff bell


I think the little Ringmaster bell from a series of table bells is great fun. The “Toff” bell here made 2 appearances this month. Chelmsford seller debbier7414 sold hers for £50.00 to a singleton bidder. The other one didn’t sell at £155.00 (now going round again at £145.00). I doubt if it will sell this time either without a serious reduction.




Floral Comet 3405 tobacco jar

Matt blue and mauve Floral Comets 3405 pots are suddenly appearing across the night sky. Quintessentially deco and one of my favourite patterns. It has to be seen as a masterpiece really. Up there with WAGON WHEELS, BELL, FLOWER & FALLING LEAF, Sunflower Geometric, JAZZ etc for me. A 5” tobacco jar with a restored chip to the underside of the lid fetched a stratospheric £311.00 for seller jamesmiles2012. Lucky James also has a footed 2 handled REVO tray which will finish early in October and another seller has another identical piece which also finishes in early October. Not only that, but a 6” globular vase also appeared briefly, but went MIA. Watch this space next month for an update.

Wind & Flower 3508 HANDCRAFT candlestick


I haven’t previously noted the presence on eBay of HANDCRAFT pattern Wind Flower 3508, but a candlestick blew into town early doors from Canada and despite a rather average bit of restoration still made £34.68 for seller the_lion_passant. A good buy at this price I would say, considering the rarity.



Canada makes another appearance in the form of harwil from Calgary. A lovely 9” lamp base in the teal green Moonlight Cameo 2969.

Moonlight Cameo 2969 tablelamp

Again, this must be one of the rarest variants of Moonlight Cameo which should have overcome the price inhibiting effect of a small chip on the base at the back. All the more surprising then to see it only make £96.92. Are you happy with the outcome, harwil? Are you blind, buyers? It is a cracker!

Pansy 3424 HANDCRAFT REVO tray

Chuckin’ another HANDCRAFT pattern into the mixer, whinstanes sat back and waited for the bids for a Prickly Pansy 3424 REVO. Despite a chip on the back of the rim, unlikely to be seen on display, it rose to treetop height and realised £77.00. I had made my mind up to bid, but by the time it came to the moment of destiny to put my money where my mouth is the price had exceeded my expectations. Another sigh.

Fantasia 3406 jug vase

I have a small but perfectly formed collection of 3 (yes, three) jug vases, so when I saw a 7”er in dark blue Fantasia 3406 listed in the USA by kpstreet1 I sat back and watched the action with bated breath. Fortunately for the seller, 9 of you didn’t just sit and watch you made solid bids to £405.94. I believe an American may have won this one (little consolation for the battering the Yankees suffered in the golf tho’, ‘cos runner up in a field of two is, errrr, basically rubbish ha ha ha).

Mandarin Tree 3719 jug vase

Heron & Magical Tree vase









To finish this month I regret to inform you that collector/seller lujesjaz has unfortunately lost his marbles. Nothing short of this could explain why he has sold 3 gems from his collection. He has sold a superb 7” jug vase in Mandarin Tree 3719 for £300.00, a 5” Heron & Magical Tree 4160 flared vase, also for £300.00 and a Sunflower Geometric 3334 12” x 7½” footed and twin handled tray for £550.00.

Sunflower Geometric 3334 rectangular fruit bowl

All were in excellent condition. I had planned to kidnap his wife and children and ransom them for the Sunflower Geometric tray, but, oh well….. (Biggest sigh yet and a bunch of racking, anguished sobs and shudders for good measure). Why oh why did I have to start collecting this stuff?

So I am another month older (but not much deeper in eBay debt since I haven’t bagged anything of consequence), but at least I still possess all those important little bits a man doesn’t want to be without! I think you might just get my drift without having to spell it out any more graphically, readers. I hope you have all had a more productive month, collecting wise than I have and that you also still possess all the bits you hold dear!!!

Don’t forget. This is an interactive forum and I welcome any and all your comments. Feel free to make them, be you a new contributor or a seasoned one.

Good luck in October (as always, unless I am bidding of course),

Best wishes,

eBay masterspy.

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2 Responses to October 2012

  1. Toni says:

    ” SPRING AWAKENING” by Lily Baker
    Spring is the magical time
    When the rainbow lorikeets hum and the honey suckles
    When I actively bounce down the sand dunes
    And onto the pea green grass,
    The waratahs and the wattles bloom,
    And my heart opens to the riot of spring.
    I love this time when everything comes to life,
    Nature triumphs in the trees, swaying freely in the wind,
    Stealing my train of thought
    And making my imagination run wild.
    I am inspired by this heavenly kingdom,
    The tranquillity of dew droplets falling,
    The mastery of the rain.
    I feel connected.
    Tree sap trickles down the bark of native gum trees
    I examine this , calmly, curiously.
    Sometimes the wind whispers to me at dusk
    Giving me confidence within my body
    I promise
    I will always make the most of springtime.

    Written by Lily Baker, an Australian child in a masterclass on the 4 Seasons:

    Hey there Masterspy, it isn’t Autumn down here, it’s Spring ! Today the weather was glorious, the birds incredibly vociferous and Day Light Savings, which started last weekend in Victoria, means that at 7.00 pm we are still shrouded by fading sunlight and about to dine alfresco with a chilled glass of Australian Chardonnay on the verandah ! ( mind you we had snow last week just an hours drive from here, typical Spring in our neck of the woods ! )
    To add to your Autumn theme however, I have acquired a delightful almost 6 inch vase with the Autumn leaf pattern number 3766. I am struck by the intensity of the subtle colours in real life. They are quite different to other finishes in that they have an almost watered down, ink pigment quality, really surprisingly lovely.
    I didn’t realise you were such a fan of the Garden Gate pattern. I love it also and as a kid my favourite story was ” The Secret Garden”: By Frances Hodgson Burnett. I so wanted to be the little girl Mary Lennox. When we moved to our current home, 13 years ago, we created a Secret Garden for our eldest daughter which has 2 wrought iron Garden Gates! I guess I will have to fight you for this pattern if it crops up again.
    Thank you for yet another great Carlton Ware blog, with much appreciation for the time and effort required to produce it each month.
    Thank you also for including many lovely handcraft patterns. I love the simplicity of them.
    Cheers, Toni

    • ebay masterspy says:

      Hi Toni,
      Ah-hah… we are to have a poetry fest are we?
      Mind you, I would rather be quoting from spring poems than autumn ones (you lucky people, summer to come for you).
      Yes, the piece you have bought is very good. You never know, it could feature in the next blog (but now I have told you and several thousand others I will have to kill you all. Sorry).
      I have friends in the South who have a bunch of Garden Gate pieces. I don’t think they intend to sell, but you never know. Perhaps the rising prices for GG will persuade them to cash in?
      Thank you again for the kind words about the blog. You are most kind.
      As a matter of interest to all readers, sometimes the blog is a bit late, but that isn’t surprising because it often takes me around 12 hours or more to write it and Harvey the same amount of time to prepare it for the website.
      I often think that if I was going to have a transplant of any bodily parts it wouldn’t be the obvious I would choose, it would be 8 more typing fingers!! No seriously, I try to create something that has a direction, but has variety, includes pieces people might miss and of course the mad items and so on for fun. So I don’t write it at typing speed, it takes much more thought than that.
      Best wishes,
      ebay masterspy

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