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Wiltshaw & Robinsons' Carlton Ware Nankin print

Wiltshaw & Robinsons' Nankin print

Below is an example of the centre of a Worcester plate printed with what is called the Worcester Willow pattern. Clearly the Carlton Ware Nankin pattern is a copy. This leads me to suggest that Nankin was introduced by Horace Wain shortly after he began to work for W&R c1912.  Wain was adept at copying eighteenth century patterns from well-known potteries such as Worcester, Swansea and Lowestoft.  Worcester Willow is thought to be a copied from Chinese porcelain imported from Nanking in the eighteenth century. An example of a similar Nanking import is also shown below.

Modern Willow type patterns

Jump almost three centuries forward for a new take on the Willow-type patterns and we have the pagoda replaced by the Tardis and the birds by Daleks. Another is inspired by computer games, a cross between PAC-MAN and Space Invaders! Willow keeps on running.

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