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The backstamps in this column represent those most used though there are many more.

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At the end of 2023, for technical reasons, as well as constraints on my time, I took this website down after running it for 15 years. Due to the many kind comments about how it would be missed, I have reconsidered my action and have reinstated most of the site.

I will expand the popular parts of the site and make additions such as those on the Types of Ware page, which now includes more categories and also shows a wide range of backstamps.

With the exception of the Carlton Ware World Facebook Group that I also run, much of the information I provide on this site will not be found elsewhere on the Internet (unless copied and pasted from here) or in the many publications on Carlton Ware.

The relaunch heralds the inclusion of " Barb's Borders", details below.

Note : Some pages are not available but will be reinstated when I have time.

Barb's Borders

Wheel Borders

2024 is the Year of the Dragon. But here at Carlton Ware World,
it is going to be the
Year of the Border.

Over the next months, courtesy of Melbourne based Barbara Anne Lee, I feature the many borders created for Carlton Ware's Best Ware patterns. Some of these were highly elaborate.

We begin with the general borders that were used on many patterns over decades. Be impressed by Barb's excellent work by a
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Bunny teast label


Read about the Carlton Ware
Our Treasures toy tea sets. Featuring Princess Elizabeth, who became Queen Elizabeth II.
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Bee finial

Bee suprised!

Harvey Pettit, writes about

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