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Publications about Carlton Ware
Listed in chronological order
Compiled by Harvey Pettit

Essential Art Deco
Carlton Ware begins to be mentioned in publications when the Art Deco era was appraised in the late 1960s.  Examples were included in the one of the first exhibitions on Art Deco, held in Minneapolis in 1971, and shown in all its glory in the illustrated catalogue.  Subsequently, it was mentioned in many general books on the period.  These are far too numerous to list here, so we concentrate on publications specifically about Carlton Ware, or on those with significant sections devoted to it.

The first publication dedicated to Carlton Ware was in the form of a magazine, called The Carlton Times, published in New Zealand by Jules Smith and Pita Gregory, who started the first Carlton Ware Collectors Club in 1993.  Five Issues were produced by them.  Due to other commitments and the difficulty of accessing information from the other side of the world, in 1994, Jules and Pita passed the baton to Helen and Keith Martin, who were based in Kent in the UK.

The club was re-launched under the name of Carlton Ware Collectors International.
Over about eight years, CWCI continued to publish The Carlton Times.  With considerable enthusiasm, Helen and Keith published much about the pottery, assisted by Harvey Pettit and Peter Cochrane, who were able to provide factory pattern and shape names, having collated this information during their many visits to the pottery during the 1980s.

It appears that much subsequent written material, in print, or on the web, has been taken directly, or indirectly, from CWCI's magazines and Carlton Ware World's publications, The Carlton Comet, and its website. Until 2012, these were the main source of original material.
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(CWCI ceased in 2001 and the baton was passed to Carlton Ware World, which was started by a group of former CWCI members a few years later.)

Inevitably, there are errors in many publications, especially with valuations, which is always dangerous territory, but all words are grist for the mill.

Listed in chronological order

Useful Note - The pictures of book covers below show their relative sizes.

Crested China, the History of Heraldic Souvenir Ware
Crested China - the History of Heraldic Souvenir Ware (hardback)
288 pages.
by Sandy Andrews.
Published by Springwood Books in conjunction with Milestone Publications, 1980.

The first comprehensive (and astonishing - ed) work on the many makers of Heraldic Souvenir China with a large section on Wiltshaw & Robinson's Heraldic China. ❑

Carlton Times 1  Carlton Times 2  Carlton Times 3  Carlton Times 4
The Carlton Times (paperback)
Various contributors, but predominantly Helen Martin for Carlton Ware Collectors International, (CWCI), a Club dedicated to Carlton Ware. Published by CWCI, 1993-2001.
The content of of these magazies, which ran to 30 Volumes, formed the basis of many publications that followed.

CWCI club magazines, which ran to 30 volumes, four are shown here. ❑

All Fired Up - Carlton Ware in the Art Deco Age

All Fired Up - Carlton Ware in the Deco Age
(paperback) 32 pages.
Published by Hawke's Bay Cultural Trust, 1994.

The catalogue to the first exhibition devoted to Carlton Ware, held at the Hawke's Bay Museum, Napier, New Zealand, 8 February - 20 March 1994. Curated by Jules Smith & Pita Gregory. ❑

Collecting Carlton Ware 1994

Collecting Carlton Ware
(paperback) 120 pages.
Published by Francis Joseph Publications, 1994.

The first book on Carlton Ware. ❑

Christies Collectables

Christies Collectables, Art Deco Ceramics,
the Connoisseurs Guide
(paperback) 80 pages.
Jane Hay.
Published by Little Brown & Co., 1996. ❑

Art Deco Ceramics
Art Deco Ceramics,
(paperback) 40 pages, 35 colour illustrations, 25 b&w illustrations.
Greg Stevenson.
Published by Shire Publications Ltd, 1998. ❑

Clarice Cliff contemporaries

Clarice Cliff and her Contemporaries:
Susie Cooper, Keith Murray, Charlotte Rhead &
the Carlton Ware Designers
(hardback) 192 pages.
Helen C. Cunningham.
Published by Schiffer Publishing, 1999.

The information on Carlton Ware was provided by Helen & Keith Martin. ❑

Collecting Carlton Ware 1999

Collecting Carlton Ware
(paperback) 144 pages.
by David Serpell.
Published by Francis Joseph Publications, 1999. ❑

Carlton Ware Collectors Handbook

Carlton Ware Collectors Handbook
(paperback) 104 pages.
by David Serpell.
Published by Francis Joseph Publications, 2000. ❑

Carlton Ware Collectors Handbook

Ian Harwood & Jerome Wilson's newsletters from Canada

Edited by Ian Harwood & Jerome Wilson - various contributors.
From October 2000 to 2014, approximately quarterly.
Originally sent by email. Now distributed through this site - Carlton Ware World. ❑

Carlton Comet introduction
The Carlton Comet - Introductory Issue (paperback) 12 pages.
Compiled by Harvey Pettit, Peter Cochrane & Helen Martin.
Published by Carlton Ware World Wide, 2004.

Beautifully produced fully illustrated booklet serving as an introduction to Carlton Ware. ❑

Carlton Comet 1 Carlton Comet 2
Carlton Ware World club magazines.
The Carlton Comet - Issues 1 & 2 (paperback) 16 pages.
Various contributors - edited by Harvey Pettit & Helen Martin.
Published by Carlton Ware World Wide, 2004. ❑

British Toast Racks for Collectors
British Toast Racks for Collectors (paperback) 72 pages.
by Peter & Margaret Crumpton.
Published by Richard Dennis Publications, 2004.

Illustrates over 1000 ceramic toast racks from the eighteenth century to today with many by Carlton Ware. The authors are dedicated and enthusiastic toast rack collectors. ❑

ckyk pocket guide

A Pocket Guide to Carlton Ware
(paperback) 224 pages.
by Czes Kosniowski & Yvonne Kosniowski.
Published by ckyk publishing, 2005. ❑

Carlton Comet 3 Carlton Comet 4 Carlton Comet 5 Carlton Comet 6
Carlton Ware World club magazines.
The Carlton Comet - Issues 3 to 6
(paperback) 16 pages.
Various contributors - edited by Harvey Pettit & Helen Martin.
Published by Carlton Ware World Wide, 2005. ❑

ckyk price guide

Carlton Ware Catalogue & Price Guide (paperback) 116 pages.
by Czes Kosniowski &Yvonne Kosniowski.
Published by ckyk publishing, 2006. ❑

The Vine Pottery
The Vine Pottery, Birks Rawlins & Co. (hardback) 222 pages.
by Peter Goodfellow.
Published by Antique Collectors' Club, 2006.

First book devoted to the Vine Potteries, which Wiltshaw & Robinson bought in 1928, covering 40 years and four generations of the Birks family and their involvement in the modelling, sculpting and artistry for the production of pottery and porcelain in North Staffordshire. ❑

Comet 7 Comet 8 Comet 9 Comet 10
Carlton Ware World club magazines.
The Carlton Comet - Issues 7 to 10 (
paperback) 16 pages.
Various contributors - edited by Harvey Pettit & Helen Martin.
Published by Carlton Ware World Wide, 2006. ❑

Art Deco Ceramics
Art Deco Ceramics in Britain (hardback) 264 pages.
by Andrew Casey.
Published by Antique Collectors' Club, 2007.

"A unique approach to the subject, bringing together recognised experts, museum curators and specialist authors from across the world, for the first time."  The section on Carlton Ware is written by Helen Martin & Harvey Pettit, the leading experts on Carlton Ware. ❑

Design Gallery Catalogue
Carlton Ware - The Art Deco Years (paperback) 20 pages.
Compiled by Harvey Pettit.
Published by The Design Gallery, 2007.

Beautifully produced fully illustrated catalogue of The Design Gallery exhibition. ❑

Comet 11 Comet 12 
Carlton Ware World club magazines.
The Carlton Comet - Issues 11 & 12
(paperback) 16 pages.
Various contributors - edited by Harvey Pettit & Helen Martin.
Published by Carlton Ware World Wide, 2007. ❑

Walking Ware,a Collectors Guide
Walking Ware, a Collectors Guide, (paperback) 110 pages.
by Julia Michell.
Published by Walking Ware publications, 2007.

An authoritative and well illustrated guide on the Walking Ware designs by Roger Michell and Danka Napiorkowska, many of which were produced by Carlton Ware. Essential for aficionados and for avoiding fakes. You can view some sample pages by clicking here. ❑

The Guide to Guinness Collectables
The Guide to Guinness Collectables, (hardback) 256 pages.
by Nick Fairall and David Hughes.
Published by Liberties Press, 2008.

Published to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Guinness, detailing Guinness collectables of all types including, clocks, bottles, bottle openers, ties, etc etc.
Of particular interest to us is the section on items made by Carlton Ware, the majority of which are listed and illustrated - we were only able to detect twelve that are not portrayed. The illustrations, over the 15 pages devoted to Carlton Ware, make this book especially useful at avoiding fakes, which are always inferior to the originals, or indeed identifying, by omission, the large number that were never made by Carlton Ware. ❑

Carlton Ware TheĀ  Complete Guide
Carlton Ware The  Complete Guide (hardback) 272 pages.
by Czes Kosniowski & Yvonne Kosniowski.
Published by ckyk publishing, 2010.

This is the third and largest book on Carlton Ware published by the authors. It contains over 700 pictures, each with a valuation. Lists of shape and pattern numbers at the end of the book will be useful to collectors, though inevitably, there are errors with pattern numbers and names. The book also shows some of Carlton Ware's pattern records from The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery in Stoke-on-Trent. ❑

Carlton China

Carlton China

A Collectors Guide to the History & Patterns of this unique Carlton Ware Range.

(available in hardback & paperback) 100 pages.
by Arthur J Puffett BA
Published by 2012.
Compiled by Arthur J. Puffett, Carlton China a guide to the history and patterns of this unique Carlton Ware range. Arthur had collected Carlton China for some twenty years and knowing that few factory records survived relating to Carlton China he embarked on recording as many china patterns as possible. With the help of other collectors, especially Derek and Jane Towns, who run, the book offers a reasonably comprehensive list of known china patterns, most of which will be by the much acclaimed designer Violet Elmer, who began her design work at Copeland Street in 1928. ❑

To buy Carlton China, somewhat expensively priced for a digital print, available in hardback or paperback at £45.39 £39.99 respectively click here. it is also available as an Ebook or in Apple iPad format for £10.99.

Cast Aside the Shadows

Cast Aside the Shadows
Violet Elmer & the Carlton Works, Copeland Street, Stoke-on-Trent.
(hardback) 174 pages.
by Barry & Elaine Girling.
Published by Leiston Press, 2012.
This well-researched book centres on the life and work of Violet Elmer, who began her design work for Carlton Ware in 1928. Other designers are also featured. The book focuses on Best Ware and Handcraft made between 1928 and 1938. Carlton China from the same period is also featured. A brief history of the pottery is included, as well as a section on decorating techniques and social and economic influences. ❑

This list of published works is provided by The Cochrane & Pettit Archive of Carlton Ware. Last edited March 2023.

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