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Valuations can be difficult for us to make without handling ware.

Consequently, Carlton Ware World does not give valuations over the Internet.

If you are looking to sell a piece of Carlton Ware, provided the condition is good and that it is not damaged or restored in any way, your pot should find a buyer at its market price.

Its value will depend on condition, scarcity and desirability. A piece that was made in large numbers will command a lower price. As a rule of thumb, the more highly decorated it is the more desirable it will be. This applies to most makes of pottery.

There are many price guides; often, these are over optimistic and inaccurate. They can quickly become out of date, so use them with caution.

Have a look for something similar that has already sold on eBay, bearing in mind its condition. This should give you an approximate up-to-date idea of what it might be worth.  Asking or starting prices are not a good guide. Sometimes these are highly speculative and may not reflect condition. Avoid any listing with poor pictures, which can be a sign that the seller is trying to hide a flaw.  These days with high resolution cameras in the ubiquitous smartphone there is little excuse for poor or blurred images.

We can offer three words of advice on value that applies to most pottery, whether it is earthenware, stoneware, china or porcelain.

    Condition, Condition, Condition!

There are several options open to you for selling your Carlton Ware.

1. Place the items into an auction house, though this is getting more difficult here in the UK, unless the items have a high value. It is important for you to set a reserve price. Note that auction houses, who often have high overheads, make their money from commissions from both the seller and buyer, known as vendor commission and buyer's premium. They also have other fees such as photography and storage. In the UK, all are subject to 20% Value Added Tax. Combined, these charges can absorb a sizable portion of the selling price.

2. Finding a dealer who would buy from you, though this is increasingly difficult since the antiques trade has been decimated by eBay and other online auctions.

3. Placing it on eBay, though this is labour intensive, because ware must be carefully photographed, listed, packed safely and then taken to the post office to be posted. If you are lucky, this might produce the highest results. Again, you should think about setting a reserve price.

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