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July 2014
Pretty Polly!

It's the silly season here in the UK and so I couldn't resist showing the picture below.

Alluding to the famous "Dead parrot" sketch, a giant 'deceased' parrot was unveiled on London's South Bank to mark the broadcast of the final live Monty Python show.

50-foot 'Norweigan Blue' on London's South Bank.

There is of course a Carlton Ware link.

The Carlton Parrot
Carlton Ware PARROT 3016 vases shape 217.
Two views of PARROT 3016 on vase shape 217. The ground colour was called LACQUER GREEN.

Carlton Ware PARROT humidor and baluster vase.
Left - an unusual cigar humidor with PARROT 3071.      Right - baluster vase with PARROT 3037.

Carlton Ware PARROT borders
Borders from PARROT. The upper two are printed in black, the lowest one printed in gold.
Pretty Border
As with many Best Ware patterns, PARROT had its own border. PARROT BORDER was used on its own on coffee ware and sandwich plates.

In total, 27 variants of PARROT were listed in pattern records. The first, 3016, as shown above with the green ground, I estimate was introduced in 1925. The strong and bright colours used on many of these variants were adventurous for the time. Their vibrancy is not lost on us today. ❑

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